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PYTHON PROGRAMMING: GO FROM BEGINNER TO EXPERT IN 30 DAYS OR LESS (Python Programming, Python, Computers, Computer Science, Programming, Python Language)

by Matt Kewel

Congrats On Wanting To Learn Python Programming! 

In this book you will learn:

  • How to go from a beginner to a pro python programmer 
  • What is python programming?
  • Why you should learn python programming?
  • The applications of python programming
  • Why python programming is popular and will remain popular
  • Much more


Here is a sneak peek:

If Ñ?оu аrе wiÑ?hing tо lеаrn Ñ?rоgrаmming аnd Ñ?оu wаnt tо bе an еxÑ?еrt bÑ? lеаrning thе basics аnd dеvеlоÑ? a better understanding thеn Ñ?оu muÑ?t rеаd thiÑ? bооk. ThiÑ? bооk iÑ? Ñ?еrfесt fоr thоÑ?е people whо wаnt tо Ñ?еlf-tеасh withоut enrolling thеmÑ?еlvеÑ? in a сlаÑ?Ñ? fоr lеаrning whаt Ñ?rоgrаmming iÑ?.

Thе bооk hаÑ? got a flеxiblе Ñ?сriÑ?t whiсh makes it еаÑ?iеr fоr thе Ñ?еrÑ?оn tо undеrÑ?tаnd the bаÑ?iсÑ?. A Ñ?rоgrаmmеr саn Ñ?tаrt frоm Ñ?сrаtсh and bесоmе a Ñ?rо with timе with thе hеlÑ? оf thiÑ? bооk. ThоÑ?е whо wаnt tо gеt a gооd griÑ? оf whаt programming lаnguаgе iÑ? Ñ?hоuld gеt thе PÑ?thоn bооkÑ?.

Evеn a bеginnеr саn gеt a good griÑ? оf the fundаmеntаlÑ? оf Ñ?rоgrаmming with thiÑ? bооk аÑ? it соvеrÑ? аll thе аÑ?Ñ?есtÑ? оf thе lаnguаgе in dеÑ?th. All аrеаÑ? that аrе еÑ?Ñ?еntiаl fоr a bеginnеr tо lеаrn hаvе bееn еxÑ?lаinеd.

Those whо knоw Ñ?rоgrаmming can аlÑ?о be bеnеfitеd frоm thiÑ? bооk аÑ? thеÑ? саn Ñ?оliÑ?h thеir Ñ?killÑ? and rеviÑ?е thе concepts. A bеginnеr wоuld nееd to gо through аll the соntеnt but if Ñ?оu аrе an еxÑ?еriеnсеd Ñ?rоgrаmmеr, Ñ?оu саn аlÑ?о Ñ?kiÑ? thе Ñ?есtiоnÑ? thаt Ñ?оu аlrеаdÑ? know. 

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Arduino: Mastering Basic Arduino: The Complete Beginnerâ??s Guide To Arduino (Arduino 101, Arduino sketches, Complete beginners guide, Programming, Raspberry Pi 3, xml, c++, Ruby, html, php, Robots)

by Steve Gold

New To Arduino? This Is The Book For You! – NOW INCLUDES FREE GIFTS! (see below for details)

The Arduino boards and software were designed to make creating your own electronic masterpieces as simple as possible. Whether you need a simple motion sensor or want to build a spectacular light display, Arduino can help you to do that!

Whether you’ve just bought yourself your first Arduino or you’re thinking of buying one and would like to know more before taking the plunge, this book will provide you with all the information you need to take the first steps into the amazing world of Arduino!

Written with the absolute beginner in mind, we’ll be covering all of the essentials and answering all of the questions an Arduino “newbie” is likely to have. First, we’ll look closely at areas such as:

  • Why choose Arduino – What it is and why it’s the platform to go for
  • Getting to grips with the components of your Arduino
  • The operating systems that your Arduino will run on
  • The multitude of uses Arduino is suitable for
  • A thorough breakdown of the anatomy of an Arduino board
  • An introduction to the various Arduino models available and the differences between each
  • How to set up the software required for the operation of your Arduino
  • How to set up the board
  • How to install the required drivers
  • Launching the Arduino board
  • Creating your first Arduino sketch
  • Uploading sketches to your Arduino board
  • Troubleshooting when things don’t go smoothly
  • Your first Arduino project! – A step by step guide to your very first Arduino project!
  • Arduino survival lingo – All of the technical terms you’re likely to encounter in the world of Arduino
  • Essential resources and further reading

Next, when you’ve covered the absolute basics:

  • We’ll get you to the position that you can start writing and saving your own sketches. You no longer need to be limited by the sample sketches that you downloaded with the software or coding that you have had to beg, borrow or steal to get – you will be able to write it yourself from scratch!
  • You will learn some of the coding language that you will have to know and how to write the code so that your Arduino board is able to make sense of it.
  • We will go through the difference between analog and digital pins and how they are used on your Arduino board. We will also go through how to set up your workspace and the tools that you need to have.
  • You will learn how to incorporate various sensors, like a simple motion detector, and how to program the system to use the sensors in a useful way, like how to dim the lights, etc. with plenty of sample sketches that you can use to learn from.
  • You will learn how your Arduino board can produce sound and how you can use it to create tunes and control external music players.
  • You will learn how to plan your projects in a logical and organized manner so that they have the best chance of success from the outset. You will be taught about breadboarding and how it can make your life a whole lot easier.
  • And, last but certainly not least, you will learn how to build your own basic robot from scratch in a matter of a few hours!

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Building and Optimizing High Converting Landing Pages: Practical tips for creating successful landing pages that will help you generate more leads.

by Petia Koleva

The first landing page was created back in 2003 to boost the slow sales of a product. The company was Microsoft and the product was MS Office.

Since then, the landing pages flourished and spread widely. There isn’t a single successful online campaign without a dedicated, beautifully designed and optimized landing page.

In this guide, we will dig into the structure of great landing pages by looking into the rules, best practices and successful examples. We will also dive into the components that make users purchase a product or a service. This guide also will give you useful insight of optimization and testing of landing pages.

JAVA: PROGRAMMING ESSENTIALS (Bonus Content Included): Learn web & app development today! Design your very first java apps in less than 24 hours (Java, Javascript, Programming)

by Programming Academy XL

Develop Apps in Today’s #1 Programming Language!

How would you like to start creating POWERFUL java-based apps?

How impressive would it be to know how to code in Java?


(Exclusive to Amazon Customers Only)

(find most of them throughout the book!)
Android. Google. GMail. LinkedIn. Amazon. Facebook.
All these apps and site – plus many more – use Java.
It’s no denial that Java is the most popular programming language today.
To jump start your programming career or business,
you NEED to learn Java.
And learn FAST.
So are you ready?

Flip through the pages and learn:

  • Java’s unique programming syntax and structure (IMPORTANT to learn!)
  • Java’s advantages compared to other programming languages
  • Java’s many development tools – including JDK, JRE, and more
  • Common programming errors in Java – are you going to end up with these?
  • Setting up your system to code in Java
  • your FIRST PROGRAM in Java!
  • and Much, much more!

Take action TODAY

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and Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

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Subnetting For Beginners: IP Subnetting And Binary Math For Beginners – Learn How To Easily Pass Your CCNA!

by Chester Mckinney

Subnetting For Beginners (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

IP Subnetting And Binary Math For Beginners – Learn How To Easily Pass Your CCNA!

Do you want to master subnetting? Are you preparing for CCNA exam? If the answer of both of the above questions is yes, then you are at the right place. This book will help you out in mastering the subnetting process as well as to get good grades in the exam.

If you are a newbie, but still want to learn the subnetting process than this guide is here to serve you. This book will tell you about all the basic concepts of subnetting in an easy and concise way.

After reading this book, you are ready to do subnetting or to appear in CCNA test. It will give you information about all the basic concepts of subnetting. Read this book and try subnetting.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of Networking and Subnetting
  • Rules of IP addresses
  • Subnetting Basics and Advantages
  • What is Supernetting and Variable Length Subnet Mask?
  • IPv6 for New Generation

Download your copy of “Subnetting For Beginners” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Are You Sure You Can Manage?: Software Engineering Management from the Software Engineers’ Perspective

by Marcus Tomlinson

As an engineer, ever found yourself asking the question: “What the heck is my manager doing?!”. I have, many times. Perhaps you’re on your way to becoming a manager yourself, in which case you might be asking: “What the heck am I getting myself into?!”. Of course, if you’re a manager already, chances are you’ve asked yourself at least once: “What the heck am I doing wrong?!”.

No matter how you put it, the question on all of our minds at some point has been: “What should the manager be doing?”, and the only good way to answer that question, is to first answer the elusive: “What do great engineers expect from their managers?”.

Which brings us to the topic of this book.

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