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The Sugar Babies

by O.M. Faye

The Sugar Babies are cousins, closer than best friends, and spend all of their spare time in the kitchen, working on recipes and, generally, making a mess. Tess is witty and, well, stubborn. Maybe even a little testy. Evy is meek and responsible, the voice of reason. Ollie, the youngest, is carefree and full of spirit.

Their Junior year is tough, this was a given, what with boys, cliques, and the seemingly never-ending-ness of it all, but this was nothing compared to what was coming next.

Marc, Tess’s brother, is diagnosed with heart disease.

Tess doesn’t know what to do. Ollie and Evy keep her . . . almost . . . sane, and there’s that new guy who never really talks . . . but who knows exactly how she feels.

Family, high school, unrequited love, and the power of friendship.

Recipes included!
Free chapter of O.M. Faye’s next release, Hope’s Gift, Piney Crest series #1!


by Matthias Drawe

BESTSELLER ON GERMAN AMAZON (Kindle Edition) — “There’s a great sense of humor, a true gift.” — “Hard to put down; a nicely constructed read with a good tempo.” — “Wild Years in West Berlin will make you wish you had been there!” (Reviews on Amazon)
The trials and tribulations of young squatters in walled-in, cold war era West Berlin. Love, betrayal, and street riots. Hope, tears and rock ‘n roll. And among it all ‘special needs Heiner’ who desperately wants to fit in. â?? Welcome to one of the weirdest places on earth.
(Also available in German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.)

Libros para niños: â??Cómo Capturar a un Monstro â? (Libro de imágenes ilustradas para niños de 2 a 8 años (Spanish edition): How to Catch a Monster (Children’s Picture Book in Spanish)

by Michael Yu

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*** Este libro de imágenes vívidas, cuenta con diseños a todo color con Kindle emergentes de texto ***

Eric odia tomar un baño. Eric odia cepillarse los dientes. Eric odia ponerse el pijama. Seamos realistas, Eric odia prepararse para ir a la cama.

Afortunadamente, la madre y el padre de Eric tienen el plan perfecto para ayudar a su pequeño. Averigüe lo que un plato de galletas con chispas de chocolate y un monstruo, tienen que ver con eso.

Cómo atrapar a un monstruo es un libro divertido y bellamente ilustrado con un final sorprendentemente dulce que todos los lectores seguramente disfrutarán. Esta es una encantadora historia para los niños y seguramente se convertirá en uno de sus favoritos.

All-time favorite Michael Yu children’s book!

Todo el tiempo favorito de Michael Yu libro infantil

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