Free religious fiction Kindle books for 27 Aug 17

Weed and Water: Bringing the Resources of God to a Teenager

by Ian Dexter Palmer

A mysterious stranger helps a teenage boy called Ethan rescue his mentor, an elderly father-figure, from drowning when their canoe capsizes in a flooding river. A star athlete, Ethan later gets involved in unsafe sex, which leads to drugs, and gets him blackballed by jealous and gossiping team-mates. The boy is going down, and at times hates himself for it and for hurting his mom who is a caring, loving, and beautiful woman.

After another disastrous episode, where Ethan might have died, the river-stranger turns up again to confront him about his life choices. However, even after rehab, the boy’s condition is marked by a yo-yo attitude which causes massive emotional heartache for his mom.

The river-stranger, after sharing his own amazing history, suggests taking the fight to another level which draws on the resources of God. This begins a new and fascinating sequence of events, including a tornado, which get Ethan’s attention.

The book is a captivating story, packed with adventure in the desert Southwest and in the rivers and lakes of the Midwest USA. But it is also a goldmine of spiritual wisdom for teenagers. The mystery that permeates the story is compelling, and the thrilling ending may call for a tissue or two.

Blind Faith

by Joseph Wozniak

Thomas is one of the best high school football players in the country. He has dreams of playing in the NFL one day like his father. When tragedy strikes, and he loses his eyesight do to an accident on the football field, he not only loses the one thing he has to have to pursue his passion, but also his faith. With the help of a friend and tutor at the school for the blind he must attend, he learns how God can use troubles to bless us. But, when tragedy strikes again, and he is met with a decision that will not only affect his life, but the lives of everyone he knows, how will he respond?

You and Me, Baby

by Jenn Faulk

Aiden Pearson is out of work and out of luck. When he loses his prestigious job as a PR executive, he’s forced to go back home to the middle of nowhere and plan his next move. As soon as he gets there, though, he begins to discover that the life he’s been living wasn’t as fulfilling as he thought it was. As he gets to know and help Laurie, a girl who he knew in high school, he finds that his dreams are changing along with his heart. You and Me, Baby is a love story about coming home, finding redemption, and becoming someone new in Christ.

Shoot for the Stars (The Stargazers Trilogy Book 3)

by Summer Lee

As the world heads closer to the Tribulation, Solomon awakens from months of being hooked up to a virtual reality machine. During his recovery, he clings to his faith but doesn’t know which are the VR memories and which are his real ones. He even worries that his real memories may have been altered, but he has important work to do: God’s work.

The Bible foretold that the sun, moon, and stars would show signs in the sky during the end of days. Since Solomon’s specialty is mapping the stars and finding their connection with the Bible, he feels he must warn the world about the impending catastrophes in the end times.

Solomon believes that NASA has the missing information he needs, but will the head of Project Interstellar take him seriously? As people from his virtual reality start showing up in Solomon’s reality, his safetyĆ¢??and his sanityĆ¢??are at risk, especially when he’s told that certain adversaries want to ensure that he never reaches Project Interstellar.

When Solomon is pursued by God’s powerful enemies and warned to stay away from the stars, he knows there’s only one place to turn for help. But will he solve the mysteries of the stars in time to save people’s lives? Or will he die in his quest to help others?

SHOOT FOR THE STARS is the third novel in The Stargazers Trilogy about the impending end times on Earth by acclaimed Christian author Summer Lee.

Scent of Danger (Secrets of Rios Azules Book 3)

by Alexa Verde

To find her missing sister, small-town cop Maya Hutchinson risks her life by posing as her glamorous twin. Under escalating attacks, Maya accepts protection from dashing senator’s son Connor McNamara. Cop turned PI, Connor McNamara has his own secret mission and is forced to choose between family loyalty and love. When the scent of danger draws near, will Connor and Maya survive long enough to forgive and accept each other?

Secrets of Rios Azules series: sweet, wholesome books about faith, love, and murder. Welcome to Rios Azules, a small Texas town where rivers and emotions run deep, and the secrets are deadly.
Prequel River of Danger (Jacob and River), Book 1 Color of Danger (Luke and Mari), Book 2 Taste of Danger (James and Soledad), Book 3 Scent of Danger (Connor and Maya), Book 4 Touch of Danger (Ivan and Julia).

The Other Highland laird

by Riley Moreno

When Marion attended a wedding at Bothwell Castle she didn’t know that it was a set up and that she was being screened by Robert – the man she had been promised to by her parents. When her eyes fell on his brother, however, her world spun around. From a marriage that was forced on her to a kidnapping, and then to lost love, Marion is taken on journey of passion and intrigue that culminates in a shuddering climax.

A White Rose

by Bekah Ferguson

Dakota Reilly was fourteen when she lost her virginity.

It wasn’t romantic in the slightest. If anything, it was a basic case of statutory rape; but she preferred to tweak the memory here, twist it a little there, until it really did seem exciting and amorous to recall.

Now a successful florist with her own shop, Dakota is used to going from one hunky man to the next. Until she meets Jason Sinclair, a local artist and apparent stoic; a locked door. She is determined to win him, however, and a precarious friendship is forged, despite vast differences in their belief systems. When a gruesome loss shakes her very foundation, she discovers a treasure hidden in the pages of ancient history, and a love she never knew could exist.

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