Free science fiction Kindle books for 27 Aug 17

Determination (Best Laid Plans Book 5)

by Nathan Jones

The people of Aspen Hill have been forced to flee into the mountains. They’ve left their town to be occupied by the Gold Bloc forces, who’ve come to surround the remnants of the US military holed up in the Utah Rockies and end the war once and for all. Lewis Halsson leads the town’s defenders as they struggle to keep the enemy from following them to their mountain refuge. And, if he can manage it, he aims to bring the war to those who’ve threatened his loved ones and stolen his home, in any way he can.

Trevor Smith and Matt Larson lead the volunteers sent down to fight alongside Sergeant Ethan Davis along Highway 31. Not so far from their loved ones back home, but an impossible distance to cover as they brace for the attacks heading their way.

The Gold Bloc forces have already shown they are without mercy, killing or capturing any US citizen they find. The US military, the people of Aspen Hill, and all the civilians who’ve gathered in the mountains for protection have nowhere left to run. They must hold their ground here and win, or fail and watch their country be taken by the enemy, with a horrible fate awaiting any who survive the fighting.

They must win.

The Love Auction

by Boom Shikha

Garisha is no one special. She’s from the untouchable caste in a future that is distorted and dystopian. A future that is bleak for anyone who isn’t of the Aryan race. For some reason, she’s travelling through time and space to meet up with iterations of the same people over and over again. Why is this happening? Is she the Messiah, or is she just a nobody stuck in some inter-dimensional feud? A love story, wrapped up in a Science Fiction adventure novel, wrapped up in a time-travel dystopian future. It’s a fast-paced thriller that will have you turning the pages for sure.

This book is also being applied to the pentopublish2017 contest.

Fallen Star (Project Gauntlet Book 1)

by Richard Turner

A sudden and brutal attack on a coalition training camp in Iraq wipes out all but two survivors: Captain James Grant and Australian SAS Sergeant David Maclean. Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska. The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that something dangerous is going on and not everyone is as they appear to be.

Destructive Interference

by Michael Christopher Carter

What if a seemingly harmless choice had the power to take away everything you love the most?

When Matthew Morrissey takes an innocent stroll to his local convenience store to buy batteries for his daughter’s Christmas present, he doesn’t know it will change his life foreverâ?¦

But for every choice we make, the alternative is lived out in a parallel reality. When the choice is small, the realities quickly merge, like split ends in a shampoo commercial.
More weighty decisions can result in a whole new life existing at an entirely different frequency.
When life on one frequency is at a peak whilst in another it’s in a trough, they can converge for a fleeting moment with unpredictable consequences.
This is destructive interference.

Matthew Morrissey is about to discover just how destructive.
Can he save himself and his family before it’s too late?

If you like a twist in your tale, this latest voyage into the paranormal world of Wales’s premier writer of supernatural fiction is the most remarkable yet!

Buy it today. You can be sure it won’t be like anything you’ve read before.

Angels and Wormholes

by David Shultz

A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoners to be ‘excommunicated’: hooked into a neural simulation of eternal torment.

Captain Rolland Barron leads the Sol Federation Starship Excalibur on a diplomatic mission. He plans to rescue the prisoners of the Catechumen, despite his orders. Cassia LaCroix is a freelance wormhole hunter, scouring uncharted space for valuable tunnels through space-time. Prince Zoojin, a psychic alien from a distant galaxy, must prove himself worthy of the throne of Paxis Prime by confronting a great and unknown evil. Captain Wojtek is a mercenary outlaw, using illegal cybernetic technology to enhance his abilities and become one with his ship. Their paths all converge while the Catechumen legion sweeps across the galaxy.

Can the mechanical menace be stopped, or will Captain Rolland be forced to choose between death or torture in a neural-simulated hell?

The Secret Kings (Soul Cycle Book 3)

by Brian Niemeier

Campbell Award finalist Brian Niemeier’s highly acclaimed Soul Cycle speeds toward its climax in the thrilling, Dragon-nominated sequel to Dragon Award winner Souldancer, The Secret Kings.

The god of the Void is free. Aided by a Night Gen fleet, Shaiel’s fanatical Lawbringers spread his Will throughout the Middle Stratum and beyond.

Teg Cross, whose mercenary career took him to hell and back, finds the old world replaced by a new order on the brink of total war. A fateful meeting with a friend from his past sets him on a crusade to defy Shaiel’s rule.

Meanwhile, Nakvin strives to muster a last-ditch resistance in Avalon. But can worldly kings and queens stand against divine wrath?

A Journey into the Center of the Earth (Dream Classics)

by Dream Classics

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a classic 1864 science fiction novel by Jules Verne (published in the original French as Voyage au centre de la Terre). The story involves a professor who leads his nephew and hired guide down a volcano in Iceland to the “center of the Earth”. They encounter many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy.

Prepare…. or Die: No Water

by John Sullins

A scientific experiment goes bad and causes havoc with the hydrogen molecules in the air which results in a severe drought. People get desperate for water and do what they can to survive.

Family Law (Family Law series book 1)

by Mackey Chandler

People love easily. Look at most of your relatives or coworkers. How lovable are they? Really? Yet most have mates and children. The vast majority are still invited to family gatherings and their relatives will speak to them.

Many have pets to which they are devoted. Some even call them their fur-babies. Is your dog or cat or parakeet property or family? Not in law but in your heart? Can a pet really love you back? Or is it a different affection? Are you not kind to those who feed and shelter you? But what if your dog could talk back? Would your cat speak to you kindly?

How much more complicated might it be if we meet really intelligent species not human? How would we treat these ‘people’ in feathers or fur? Perhaps a more difficult question is: How would they treat us? Are we that lovable?

When society and the law decide these sort of questions must be answered it is usually because someone disapproves of your choices. Today it may be a cat named in a will or a contest for custody of a dog. People are usually happy living the way they want until conflict is forced upon them.

What if the furry fellow in question has his own law? And is quite articulate in explaining his choices. Can a Human adopt such an alien? Can such an intelligent alien adopt a human? Should they?

Of course if the furry alien in question is smart enough to fly spaceships, and happens to be similar in size and disposition to a mature Grizzly bear, wisdom calls for a certain delicacy in telling him no…

Time Seer: A Space Fantasy Saga (The Chronicles of Cael Book 1)

by Cassia Meare

Praise for Time Seer:
“Reading this was like reading that book you don’t want to end.”
“Adventure, fun and romance.”
“Wonderfully written, innovative concept, fantastically flawed characters that you will adore.”

When the bravest girl in five planets meets the snarkiest young emperor in the system, they’re in for a rollicking ride — and so are you…

Genetically-engineered to a high degree, Prince Gaius Lucius Drusus has defied technology and fate to return from exile and claim the throne of Cael. Now everyone believes him to be the Promised One.
Everyone except Captain Valeria Tylia.
For when Valeria travels to Cael to warn the emperor that the barbarians are coming, he’s not impressed by her news. In fact, he really doesn’t care if the worlds end, taking humanity with them.
And Valeria just can’t let that happen.
Her reckless decision to kidnap the sarcastic emperor, take him to a derelict Earth and force his hand throws them onto an unexpected path of adventure and discovery.
Through the dark alleys of old abandoned cities, sunken palaces, deserts and icy wastes, the two aliens battle bounty hunters, human-animal hybrids, inconvenient suitors, mad scientists and try to control a new kinetic power of Gaius’ in a desperate race to put a mega weapon together.
As the love between them grows under the fabric of space-time, Valeria begins to understand that Gaius may after all be the promised prince, and the key to mankind’s salvation.

Vivid, original characters, an epic quest, a race against time: if you enjoy the fantasy in Star Wars, together with its adventure, humor and romance, you will love Time Seer.

A series for adults and teens above 15, The Chronicles of Cael is the saga of the brilliant Gaius and the brave Valeria: of their remarkable destiny and their undying love.

Os Dias da Peste (Portuguese Edition)

by Fábio Fernandes

O que teria acontecido aos computadores do planeta? Um gigantesco e bem-articulado ataque hacker? Um vírus alienígena? Ou finalmente o surgimento da inteligência artificial… e o fim da humanidade como a conhecemos? Os Dias da Peste são os diários de Artur, técnico em informática e escritor frustrado, em sua odisseia para entender o que está acontecendo – e tentar sobreviver.

Lançado originalmente em 2009 como um dos poucos expoentes do cyberpunk no Brasil por um de seus maiores estudiosos, tradutores e acadêmicos, o esgotado Os Dias da Peste é relançado em e-book em versão revista pelo autor, com um prefácio exclusivo do lendário escritor e músico Fausto Fawcett.

“Esse é um livro seminal, fundador, Gênesis dos novos tempos. Fábio Fernandes, com brilhantismo e humor, mapeou a partir de um diário de sua própria vida os caminhos que atravessamos, atravessaremos, rumo às perturbações e perigosas delícias engendradas pelas simbioses, sinergias, saturações, sinestesias, surubas urdidas pelo relacionamento Sapiens-Inteligências Construídas, Máquinas Vivas. Onde começa um e termina o outro? Ainda Sapiens?” â?? Fausto Fawcett

“Os dinossauros viveram por cento e vinte milhões de anos e desapareceram. Não há qualquer garantia de que o mesmo não acontecerá com nossa espécie, que está no planeta há míseros duzentos e cinquenta mil anos. Pra permanecer por mais duzentos e cinquenta mil anos, muitos ficcionistas sugerem que teremos que aceitar a simbiose homem-máquina. Essa é a premissa do romance Os Dias da Peste.” â?? Luiz Bras / Nelson de Oliveira

“A narrativa de Fernandes é um tesouro da ficção científica nacional, despojada, direta e cheia das oralidades típicas dos nossos tempos. Poucos conseguem se despir dessa bagagem gigantesca de referências para narrar histórias tão fáceis de navegar. Em Os Dias da Peste, destaque para o uso inventivo das notas de rodapé, que situam o leitor do futuro com impagáveis explicações arqueológicas de nossas gírias e costumes.” â?? Santiago Santos

“O tom informal da escrita deixa a leitura muito leve e fluida. Poucas vezes vi isso num romance de ficção científica.” â?? Davenir Viganon

Publicado originalmente em 2009, Os Dias da Peste é o romance de estreia de Fábio Fernandes. Jornalista, professor e tradutor, ele é autor de dezenas de contos publicados em antologias no Brasil e no exterior, e dos livros Interface com o Vampiro, A Construção do Imaginário Cyber, No Tempo das Telas (com Polyanna Ferrari) e L’Imitatore (Itália). Ganhou duas vezes o Prêmio Argos de Literatura Fantástica. Traduziu diversos clássicos da ficção científica, como Laranja Mecânica, Neuromancer, Fundação, 2001 e Snow Crash. Estudou na Clarion West Writers Workshop de Seattle, tendo como instrutores Neil Gaiman e Samuel Delany, entre outros. Ã? slush reader da revista Clarkesworld, e membro da British Science Fiction Association e da Horror Writers Association. Ã? professor de Narratividade e Roteiro do curso de Tecnologia em Jogos Digitais da PUC-SP.

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