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The Imagery of Essence: A Walk Within the Artistry of Nature

by Abby M. Cruse

The Imagery of Essence is a poetry collection filled with artistry to draw the reader into the true, deep, and beautiful meaning of mother nature. Nature is compiled with energy and elegance that we rarely take the time to think observe and appreciate. I desire for readers of this book to read the poetry with deep thought and open your eyes to the intriguing artistry that provides the true meaning of what the poem is portraying. It allows us to sit back and think about the blessings that have be bestowed upon us, life’s true nature. I invite you to close your eyes after reading the poetry, most importantly focus on the art it brings to satisfy your adventure.

Blood Pressure Protocol: 17 Days To Safe And Healthy Blood Pressure

by Meriane Vict

Blood Pressure Protocol program is for anyone who has high blood pressure and would like to find a way to relieve it in a natural way. In which the author Meriane Vict promises to show you how to achieve a dramatic difference in your blood pressure.

The book promises that if you implement the techniques you will achieve success in only 17 days. That might sound crazy, but the claim is that within 17 days of following the techniques in the book you will be able to improve your long term health and lower your blood pressure. After all, the number one contributor to high blood pressure if lifestyle and we can reverse our lifestyle changes and reverse hypertension by making changes to certain elements of the way we live our lives.

About Blood Pressure Protocol

What is the program really about and what makes it different than other blood pressure programs? The Blood Pressure Protocol claims to work by relying on vitamins, natural foods and supplements rather than blood pressure medication. The book is all about changing your diet so that you can transform your overall health. It considers itself an alternative to conventional medicine.

Here are some things that you should know about the program before you choose to download it:

+ The book suggests that a secret ingredient called coenzyme Q10 is crucial to blood pressure and is able to lower it naturally.
+ The health tips in this book come from an American researcher called Dr. Channing, who spent much of his career in Brazil learning from the Yanomamo Indians. He studied them for 10 years and he started to realise why they had no reported cases of high blood pressure. He wanted to know why.
+ Channing realised that the natural diet of these Brazilian indigenous tribes was very high in coenzyme Q10, which was protecting them against high blood pressure.
+ Some of the foods that are suggested in the program include nuts, shellfish, pork, beef, chicken, dark leafy greens and coldwater fish such as herring, tuna and salmon. If you can incorporate more of these books into your diet, the book claims that you will be able to reduce your blood pressure naturally.
+ The book isn’t just about how to cure high blood pressure, it is actually a guide to improving your health in general through proper nutrition.

Learning Mathematics: From Basic To Advanced (Illustrated)

by G Hardy

Learning Mathematics: From Basic To Advanced.
The Best Book To Grasp some most Fundamental Knowlegege of Mathematics Starting from Simple Numbers to Advanced maths Topics Like….
Limits, Functions, Complec Numbers, Integrals and Most fantastic one…. Differentiation and integration from the family of Calculus.

This book is prepared in a most simple language so that every student can use it as an Reference book and Textbook of Mathematics ranging from School to College.
This book is rich with full of self learning examples which will gradually expand your ability to solve all knds of mathematical problems ranging from simple maths to complex differentiation and Integartion problems.

Hope, that this book will help you to learn the Complex subject like mathematics in a most simple and easy way…

Here is some of the most prominent topics which are covered in the book.
1. Fuctions and limits
2. Real Variables
3. complex numbers
4. Integrals and Derivatives
5. calculus
6. diffrentiation and Integral calculus
7. Finite series
8. infinite integrals
And Much more…

Blockchain: Step-By- Step Guide to Understanding and Implementing Blockchain Technology

by Paul Laurence


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Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Implementing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain networks are a radical departure from the way most companies and entities currently structure their systems. Rather than having a single point of control, the network uses a decentralized distributed ledger system, the ramifications of which could radically alter a variety of different industries.
If you’ve been considering how blockchains could function in your company, now is a great time to start gathering information. While there are quite a few blockchain-specific start-ups, larger corporations are only beginning to see the value of this technology, which could give smaller operations a chance to get in on the cutting edge.

This book will cover the following topics:

  • Understand the Basics of Blockchain Technology
  • The benefits of blockchain networks
  • Potential use cases from a variety of industries
  • The steps to implementing blockchains in your own company
  • Potential problems with blockchain implementation and how to overcome them

If the blockchain is a concept you’re having trouble wrapping your head around, you’re not alone. The use and significance of this style of peer-to-peer interaction is just starting to gain wide-spread attention. The information in this book will help you get in early on this potentially world-changing innovation.

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