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Alexander Hamilton: A biography of Alexander Hamilton, one of Americaâ??s founding fathers

by Andrew Knight


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This book serves as a biography of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers.
Inside, you will learn all about Alexander Hamilton’s incredible life, including how he emerged from humble beginnings to reach an ultimate position of power in the government.

This book details Hamilton’s many contributions to the development of the United States, as well as the scandals and controversies he was involved in throughout his career.

At the completion of this book you will have a good understanding of the amazing life that Alexander Hamilton lived, and have a true appreciation for the incredible impact he had on our political and legal systems.

Here Is What You’ll Learn About…

  • Hamilton’s Early Life
  • The Jefferson Feud
  • The American Revolution
  • What Alexander Hamilton Gave Us
  • Hamilton’s Many Scandals
  • Hamilton’s Demise
  • Alexander Hamilton’s Legacy
  • Much, Much More!

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Emotive Writing. I, writer by chance

by Giovanni Tommasini

My story, a writer by chance. 
A deep reflection on the readers comments. Its pages touched me My writing, your reading, routes covered together. A journey inside ourselves from our daily experiences always in search of a meaning, passing through the memories, to emotions. This is the story of a writer by chance, me, and my discovery of a method of expression. The texts creation, which is present inside of us, that needs to be rendered in order to make our life experience a way to propose and follow.
The emotive writing and reading. 
Giovanni Tommasini

“An uncommon and curious setting that makes the tale, or the poem, intriguing; the whole book is a poetry treatise. I cant put it down; its never slow or too descriptive.

“A writer by chance… yet not so fortuitous in the end: Giovanni Tommasini writes for all, using an experiential language full of his own past experience and rich in reflections, thoughts, translations of feelings. I recommend this book to those who want to get in touch or meet again with and in a beautiful person.  

Tom Brady: The Incredible Story of Tom Brady â?? One of Footballâ??s Greatest Players!

by Jordan Lowe


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This book serves as a biography to date of Tom Brady, the NFL superstar. Inside, you will learn just why Tom Brady is considered to be a legend of the game.

You will soon discover all about Tom Brady’s younger years, and how he was molded in to one of the best players the NFL has ever seen. You will also discover his greatest career moments, and what kind of performances and records he will be most remembered for.

This book also takes a look at Brady’s life outside of football, and what might be next for the superstar.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About Insideâ?¦

  • Brady’s Younger Years
  • Making The NFL
  • NFL Career To Date
  • Records & Achievements
  • Most Notable Moments
  • Tom’s Life Outside Of Football
  • What Tom Brady’s Legacy Will Be
  • Much, Much More!

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Appreciating Angels – Sarah’s Story: One girl’s journey of self discovery through adversity

by Sally Asling

This is a harrowing, yet heart-warming true life story of Sarah’s life, transitioning from an adolescent teen to a young woman who lived with a spirit attached to her. Sarah’s experiences of rape, drug abuse, self harming, anorexia and bulimia draw the reader on a dramatic and moving journey which captures the attention from the moment you turn the first page. It is hard to imagine that anyone could emerge from such a process sane, never mind with the intelligence and bravery to share her story. Despite the frightening events of her youth, Sarah’s spirit is powerful and a testament to the strength of human energy in the struggle against adversity. Sarah’s story is a reminder to us all that challenges are placed in our paths to help us grow and evolve. Along the way, if we listen and pay attention, we are never far from guides and angels and true love. Appreciating Angels, Sarah’s story, will take you on a powerful journey demonstrating pain, loss, love, self discovery, intimacy, friendship and a deep appreciation of the people who cross our paths and touch our hearts.

Amazon ReviewThis is a book which should be read by all those young people who are in that age bracket where they are beginning to venture out into nightclubs and urban nightlife. It explicitly highlights the dangers of binge drinking and the false sense of security which it can lull the individual into. In this particular instance, a young girl was brutally raped during her first ever visit to a club. This one night had a far reaching affect on her life for many years to come.

The book is an excellent snapshot of the culture of alcohol, substance and sexual abuse which is rife amongst vast swathes of the young today. The book asks the reader to consider key issues including anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, low self-esteem, sexual promiscuity and depression. The central character attempted to bury her ordeal instead of dealing with it at the time of the incident and as a result, got caught up in a whirlwind of psychological and physical health problems.

The book is extremely well written and I genuinely cared for the central character, Sarah. As she slipped deeper and deeper into a quagmire of abuse and health problems, I wanted to shout out and bring her back from the cusp of complete mental and physical breakdown. The story is one of an immense struggle in which the main protagonist had to cope with the effects of a brutal crime almost singlehandedly.

I was compelled to keep turning the pages, I wanted to discover what was going to happen to Sarah and therefore, the book is readable and very accessible. It is graphic, brutal, violent, but completely necessary reading. I wasn’t overly enamoured with the new-age spiritualistic symbols and references which I encountered fairly frequently; but that was only a minor grumble and one which certainly does not detract from the book’s overall message of silent suffering.

Buy it, read it, and if you think it appropriate, share it with a young person to highlight the dangers of urban nightlife.

De Carpintero a Terrorista: Libro de Alias Ã?angas lugarteniente de pablo escobar (Spanish Edition)

by Luis Fernando Acosta Ã?angas

“De Carpintero a Terrorista” es el libro de ñangas o mejor dicho historia de Luis Fernando Acosta alias “ñangas” lugarteniente y hombre de confianza de Pablo Escobar el cual cuenta en su libro su testimonio y su historia en el cartel de medellin. Una historia de la guerra contada por uno de sus autores. Alias ñangas quien fue el responsable de las bombas colocadas en bogota y autor de la fuga de la prisión de mas alta seguridad del país en ese entonces cuenta toda la historia desde su punto de vista.

Serial Killer: Roy Fontaine – The Killer Butler

by W Lacky

Roy Fontanie: The Killer Butler

He could have stepped out of a cruel comedy, but Roy Fontaine, the killer butler, was no joke.

Roy Fontaine, elegant, cultured, well-spoken and with perfect manners, was straight from the pages of Jeeves and Wooster.

Few would have guessed that under that façade of breeding lurked a cunning and devious crook who had spent half his life in jail. Fewer still would have believed that in the later summer of 1977 Fontaine, the phoney aristocrat, would turn killer, eventually murdering five people and burying their bodies in the Scottish countryside.

Most of Fontaine’s life had been a sham. Despite the cut-glass accent, Fontaine lad been born Archibald Hall, son of a post office worker, in a grimy tenement on Glasgow’s South Side in 1924.

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