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100 of Your Toughest Business Emails: Solved: Plug and Play Ideas From a Seasoned Corporate Communications Manager

by Megan Sharma

Even the savviest office workers struggle with awkward, sticky and downright tricky business emails. How do I politely tell a colleague that their request isn’t my job? What do I say when I’m behind schedule or over budget? What if I hate working with that person? “100 of Your Toughest Business Emails: Solved” has all these answers, and more, from an experienced Corporate Communications Manager.

Most business people, aside from executives, don’t have the luxury of leaving their most critical business emails in the hands of trained professionals.

What about the rest of us?

In “100 of Your Toughest Business Emails: Solved: Plug and Play Ideas From a Seasoned Corporate Communications Manager”, author Megan Sharma draws on her years of experience as a professional ghostwriter for a fast-paced IT company to help others who may struggle with word choice in business emails.

The language of corporate America is complex and often filled with potential landmines, which Sharma helps readers stealthily avoid.

“100 of Your Toughest Business Emails: Solved” outlines questions to ask yourself before hitting â??Send’, and provides concrete examples in six categories:
1.The Work
2.Spill It! (Questions)
3.Survey Saysâ?¦ (Answers or Statements)
5.Gripes (Complaints)
6.All the Feels (Feelings)

Readers need only find the sentiments for what they wish to say and then choose an appropriate alternative from Sharma’s curated lists.

For anyone who sends email in our ever-globalizing working world, this is crucial guide.

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How To Talk To Anyone: 6 Easy Tricks To Building Confidence, Learning How To Talk To People And Skyrocketing Your Self-esteem (How To Talk To Anyone Book 1)

by Steve Robinson

Do you find it hard to TALK TO PEOPLE?

Do you dread small talk, tremble and sweat when meeting new people and would like to overcome shyness and low self-esteem?

Ever tried to memorize hundreds of lines only to end up running out of what to say at the very beginning of a conversation?

Do you want to communicate effectively and talk to anyone like a TV STAR?
If these questions tapped into something deep within you, then this book is written for no else but you!

Look! I know how it feels to want to be a people person and talk to anyone but your mouth is tied up to your throat!

I know how it feels to have a crush in someone but have no courage to approach them and wish you could soak up a magic pill to instantly improve your social skills!

I know it is so stingy when you too want to shine in public but your tomato-sauce-face always stands in your way. 

I’ve been right where you are at this very moment, shy, lonely, lacking confidence and a dead loss with people.

But the good news is that people tactics are learnable. In fact, very easy to learn.

–    You will love and appreciate yourself more.
–    You will feel at ease and confident around people.
–    You will talk with power and confidence.
–    You will improve your social skills without too much effort.
–    You will just wave a warm goodbye to your old self and welcome the new people person you.
–    You will no longer be fearful, shaky and sweaty around strangers!
–    Small talk and approaching new people will no longer be a nightmare for you but a blessing worth cherishing.
–    Ease, calm, charisma; these and more are what will define you from then on.
–    Forget about stalking people’s attention. A magnet doesn’t do that! And you too will be one by the last line of this book. 
–    You will learn how to literally stop giving a fck about what people think of you!

Excited? Welcome aboard! Fasten your seatbelt and let’s go!

The Psychology of American Capitalism: The Human Mind as It Navigates the American Economy

by Thomas Winterbottom

This book examines how the human mind, in particular that of the American working class, navigates the various cultural factors that have composed the American economy.

The Long View IV: Selfie-nomics; the business school of Buffy; how to stop speaking like a corporate robot; and more (The Long View: Essays in optimism Book 4)

by Marc Sidwell

A sparkling collection of essays in defence of liberty and free markets. In this stimulating cocktail of pop culture, wit and historical and cultural range, Marc Sidwell interrogates the timeless questions behind contemporary issues in business, economics and politics.

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