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Imagine Me

by burl johnson

There is nothing more open and imaginative than a child’s mind. Imagine Me feeds that mind with positive feelings about themselves, the environment, and all animals, big or small. Plant seeds of pride, caring, and love, and watch as they begin to understand the special place we all have on this beautiful Earth.
Imagine Me is easy to read with unique poems that keep their attention, beautiful original watercolors from award winning Nikki Robbins, and a powerful message you will want to instill in your children. It will be a favorite again and again.
Imagine Me is destined to become a children’s classic.

KTJH & ME: Life about junior high school students


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:Magical Musical Notes Cartoon Illustration Notebook: Magical Illustration Notebook for Kids Age3-11

by Sweet Heart :Lee

This is a book related to a magical illustration notebook which covers up cartoon story,music,dream,love and courage

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