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Credit Score Repair: How To Repair Your Credit and Boost Your Score Fast – Delete Judgments, Inquiries and Negative Accounts – The Complete Credit Repair Edition For 2017

by Dana Lee

Your Credit Can Be Improved Faster Than You Think..

I wrote this book because so many Americans think their credit report is not in their control. I speak as someone who’s credit score averaged in the 400’s for almost my entire 20’s, and seriously held me back in normal things like buying a house, car loan, credit cards, reasonable interest rates and renting decent apartments.

However, I was able to change all of this when I challenged the credit bureaus and creditors using the vast and complex Fair Credit Laws. I can speak with confidence that severe negative credit can be improved faster than you think! In fact, I can almost say that our credit system is simply rigged to profit the most out of people who have less than fair credit and never challenge it or do anything about it.

Roughly 30 percent of all Americans are dealing with a poor credit score and more are falling into the trap of bad credit on a daily basis. When you are at the bottom of a debt-shaped hole it can appear as though the deck is stacked against you and that you have no way of climbing your way out.

This is quite simply not the case and Credit Score Repair: HOW TO REPAIR YOUR CREDIT AND BOOST YOUR SCORE FAST – DELETE JUDGMENTS, INQUIRIES AND NEGATIVES IN 2017 can show you how much power you really have when it comes to improving your situation in as little as a few months’ time.

It doesn’t matter what type of debt you have accrued, the amount or how recently it has happened, there are numerous different ways of removing it from your credit report ASAP, all of which are discussed in detail inside including step by step instructions and even sample letters when applicable. You will find ways for dealing with credit card debt, late payments, liens, and judgments, even foreclosures in the quickest and most effective means possible. While creditors will lead you to believe otherwise, there are actually a wide variety of options available to those who are simply aware of their rights and are willing to fight to work out the best deals for themselves as possible, all of which are discussed in detail inside.

Don’t let creditors push you around or let your credit score languish below 700, be proactive, take control of your financial future today.

Inside you will find
-A detailed explanation of all three credit reports, their similarities and differences.
-The only true way to get all three reports online.
-All the laws that you need to know to protect yourself from unscrupulous creditors.
-The easiest ways to boost your credit score no matter your past credit history.
-A step-by-step process to removing black marks from your credit report no matter the cause.
-Credit repair tips for any scenario and any amount owed.
-Surefire ways to stop creditors in their tracks.
-Tips for maintaining positive credit once you have restored your pristine record.
-Identity theft and fraud prevention tips you haven’t heard a thousand times before.
-Cyber Threats And Prevention

Simple Business Ideas: Ways to Make a Living Through Online Marketing at Home. Product Dropshipping, Facebook Ecommerce & YouTube Selling

by Jacob Arroyo

Here’s how you can start a new internet marketing – work at home business as a side-hustle

You don’t need huge capital, business experience or technical knowledge to implement any of these business models.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– How to get started with almost no capital
– How to find products that are guaranteed best-sellers!
– The exact guideline to use to find the perfect product
– How to set up your simple store in 30 minutes or less… even if you don’t have any technical skills!
– How to advertise on Facebook for as low as $5 per day
– How to never worry about inventories and shipping again
– The exact FB AD set-up to follow if you want winning campaign!

– How to get started in this business for as low as $5!
– How to find the best trending topics to target
– How to find products to sell online
– The 4 step criteria to follow when choosing a product to promote
– How to create a shopify store from scratch
– How to set up your product line and write a compelling listing
– How to run a Facebook Ad from scratch
– How to go from zero to whatever your income goal is…fast!

– How to find the best keywords and products to target
– How to create a video review that sells the product without being pushy whatsoever
– The exact tools you need to do a video review
– How to use these 2 cheap services to rank faster in Youtube and Google
– How to upload your video for maximum ON PAGE YOUTUBE SEO power… this is the secret to higher rankings on Youtube

Don’t hesitate and delay your own success.

Download Your Highly Discounted Copy Today!

The Eden Project: Humanity’s Last Chance

by DP Fitzsimons

There was only one rule: NEVER LEAVE THE DOME.

Inside the dome, 117 tube-born kids lived free of contamination. Trained since birth, they were almost ready to launch their ships and leave the dying planet behind. They were humanity’s final hope to avoid extinction. Their mission would be to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy seeking out a habitable world free of the C-1 virus.

They tried not to think of conditions outside the dome where the virus had driven the last of the uninfected into the ground, into dark bunkers where they waited to be rooted out by cannibalistic hordes. Streets had become boneyards. Weeds grew inside long-forgotten government buildings.

Fifteen-year-old Genevieve Fifthborn knew all this, she was fully aware that the world was coming to an end, but on the island of The Eden Project she had much bigger problems, boy problems. Only her first love might risk far more than a broken heart, it just might bring about the end of our species.

NIGHT WITHOUT END (Book Two of The Eden Project) now available

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