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Parenting Teenage Boys: How to form a Bond, Turn Problem Behaviors, Communicate and Listen to your Teenage Son (parenting,teenager, teen, teenager issues,teen behaviour)

by Sebastian Jones

Let’s talk about how you can form a bond with your teenage son by establishing boundaries and have him trust you enough to communicate with you. Sometimes, it’s hard to have a line of communication with your teenager son and this book can help you learn how to listen to his needs. This is an essential guide for parents of teenage boys.

We’ll also examine a recent teachable moment in the media and how it can help you face-to-face with your teen to underline the values you’re hoping to instill in him.
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Yunlin My Lovely Home: The home you comes from and you live in

by Lily Wei Holidays

To know where the place you comes from. Do you know where are you from ?

FUN ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH YOUR KIDS: Includes 50 Fun Things To Do For Parents and Children

by Jennifer Love


This book is filled with 50 fun activities to get your kids, teenagers, and you! These ideas are tested and proven to work with all personality types, ranging from the most introverted to the most extroverted types of personalities. Of course, every child has different interests. Therefore, this book will show you 50 different ways to have fun!

You’ll Soon Find Out:
– Fun things that you can do with your children

– Exciting things that your children can do by themselves

– Entertaining things for your children to with their siblings or friends

– And Much More!

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