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Guardian of the Light

by D. Thrush

It begins with a dream…

A past love in a place of light. A seductive man in a dark world. A sacrifice for eternal power. Has Holly fallen through a crack in reality? As she grapples with middle age, loneliness, and regret, she sinks deeper into the mire of despair and clings desperately to sanity. Where does the dream end and reality begin?

If you like Visionary fiction that ponders the meaning of life and a captivating spiritual adventure story, this book will draw you in and make you realize the power of your choices.

“Riveting and compelling, this psychological drama touches on important aspects of the spiritual journey… A spiritually complex and satisfying read.” -Vicky Thompson, editor of New Connexion Journal

“The story was a page-turner, but it was also one that you will want to savor and read slowly… It’s beautiful, mysterious and enchanting. A must-read!” -Kelly Smith Reviews

The Final Ride: A Circle Bar Ranch Novel (Circle Bar Ranch Series Book 2)

by Linda W Yezak

With her duties for her best friend’s wedding finally behind her, Patricia Talbert looks forward to discovering what “normal” will look like at her new home in Texas. She owns a ranch now, is in love with its foreman, and is ready to assume her duties. Discovering what those duties entail isn’t an easy feat for a displaced socialite from Manhattan.

But when her aunt Adele arrives on a mission to bring her back to New York by hook or by crook, Patricia’s primary duty is to deflect the bumbling and bullish attempts-until one of Adele’s tricks takes her by surprise.

All of Talon Carlson’s dreams for the Circle Bar Ranch are coming true, along with another dream he never expected to be fulfilled-a chance to love again. Patricia is everything he ever wanted and more, but he made a promise to her not to ride bulls again, a promise he may have to break.

His desire for a better end to his riding career is intensified by vicious rumors about why he quit. If he rides again, he may provide the ammunition Adele needs to make Patricia leave. If he doesn’t, he’ll prove the gossips right.

Patricia or Talon. Which one will take The Final Ride?

Focusing on God: 31 Days of God’s Glory and Grace (Positive Action Devotionals Book 4)

by Frank Hamrick

Taken from lessons in Positive Action’s secondary Bible curriculum, Focusing on God features 31 daily devotions to help you and your family seek God’s majesty in His Word, in your life, and in your teaching.

Produced by Positive Action for Christ, a nonprofit publishing ministry dedicated to helping teachers magnify the majesty of God.

The Seventh Seat: Pt. I (The Balance Battles)

by Cody Taylor

January 14th, 1990, The Dark King’s apprehension and fear spilt onto Earth in what has since been deemed “The Purge.” Twenty years later, Wesley Anderson does something that no one else would have done. Was it worth it? Will it keep the balance between light and dark? Or, did he make a deadly mistake of which the consequences no one has ever known?

Wisdom for Parents: A Daily Devotional from the Book of Proverbs (Positive Action Devotionals 2)

by Frank Hamrick

Anyone who has been given the privilege of raising children knows that parenting requires great wisdom. Earthly wisdom is available everywhere you look, but in this 180-day devotional from the Book of Proverbs, Frank Hamrick challenges you to seek God’s wisdom as you reflect His love to your children.

Produced by Positive Action for Christ, a nonprofit publishing ministry dedicated to helping teachers magnify the majesty of God.

Songs for Your Path: A Daily Devotional from the Book of Psalms (Positive Action Devotionals 3)

by C.J. Harris

Your life abounds with decisions. Some are simple, others complicated. Some are meaningful, others mundane. And some determine the very direction and legacy of your life. In the midst of all this, God intends that your life be filled with singing, not with fear, doubt, and confusion.

Songs for Your Path guides you on a 180-day journey through the Book of Psalms. You will see the stark contrast between God’s wayâ??the path of righteousnessâ??and the way of the wicked. Through it all your eyes will be pointed again and again to the God of your path and the glory of His majesty.

Written by C.J. Harris.

Produced by Positive Action for Christ, a nonprofit publishing ministry dedicated to helping teachers magnify the majesty of God.

The Spanish Violet: Inspirational Historical Romance Novella

by Grace Fisher

Caught between her desire to fit in and a new intriguing friendship…will she follow what her head tells her is right, or will she follow her heart to a fresh new beginningâ?¦

Violet has always known she wanted to be a schoolteacher. When she finds herself exactly where she wants to be, doing what she wants to do, and living in a town that has accepted her as one of their own, she cannot help but feel her life is perfect. Until a mysterious stranger and his son comes to town that throws Violet’s plans for a loop.

Julian has stolen the heart of his school teacher with his bright wit and keen mind. His father, on the other hand, is not quite as accepting. Gabriel finds himself coming face to face with Violet and little did he know that his heart could change in such an instant. Could he learn to love again? Will Violet and Gabriel let their love evolve into a beautiful union or will the townspeople win in their disapproval of such an unlikely match.

Find out if Violet and Gabriel can truly overcome the odds, or will their differences pull them apart into a lifetime of doubt and regretâ?¦


Native Americans: Explore the History of Native American Tribes, Culture, Traditions, Religion, Mythology and More (Native Americans, American History Book 1)

by Michael C. Torres

Explore the history of America’s first inhabitants

“Ultimately, this country has a rich history stemming from its vastly diverse cultural roots. Our country is built and made more special by its people’s diversity. Therefore, we should learn to embrace and celebrate our differences.

A lot of valuable lessons can be learned from the history of Native Americans. If we pay attention to their culture and traditions, we may learn a few things on how to become better citizens to the land that they tried so hard to fight for. Looking back at their incredible resilience, we should have more appreciation of what we have today in this nation.”

In this book, Michael C. Torres dives into the history of the great Native Americans tribes that once inhabited all of mainland America, exploring facets of their culture, traditions, tribal structures, mythology, religion, and more!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn about…

  • Tribes and Cultures
  • Notable Warriors and Battles
  • Notable Chiefs
  • Religion and Mythology
  • …and more!

Grab this short and informative ebook today for only $0.99 and read on any device!

Tags: Native Americans, Native American History, Native American Culture, American History

The Texas Bride: Mail Order Bride Collection

by Ponderosa Publishing

â??â??Get 36000+ Words Of Heart-Melting Clean Western Mail Order Bride Romance With NO Cliffhangers!â??â??

These collection includes:

A Baby For The Bride

The Crippled Cowboy

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

The Barren Bride

Download these collections now and treat yourself to this inspirational heart-warming collection!

Heart For Auction: Clean Western Romance

by Paula Mabbel

This is a Clean Romance story, with no explicit scenes or cliff hanger, and 40 FREE Bonus Stories Included!

Poverty is a lifestyle that Josephine Cantwell is well aware of.

She has spent her life scraping by. Working one job here and another job there without ever much to show for it leaves her with no hope for the future.

Eventually, she is told by her boss that her current job is going to end.. With her health slowly failing and no money to her name, going to the doctor is out of the question.

Finding herself in a hopeless place, Josephine puts an ad in the paper for a mail order bride.

A wealthy, handsome Texas man responds, and Josephine is launched into a whole new world. She has no idea that there are such things as mansions and servants in real life, but even all the money in the world can’t improve her health.

She is finally forced to go to the doctor, where the prognosis is grim. She faces surgery with little chance of survival, and her husband is faced with losing all of his wealth.

Is he going to choose to risk everything for his wife? Will she be able to pull through? And what is this surprise that awaits them on a cold, winter morning?

Cornfield Confessions: Amish Romance Box Set

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 32000+ Words Of Heart-Melting Clean Amish Romance With A Free Bonus Included!**

These collection includes:

Sisters of Faith

The Amish Arrangement

Rumspringa Break

Download these collections now and treat yourself to this inspirational heart-warming collection!

Westward With Love: Mail Order Bride Collection

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 32000+ Words Of Heart-Melting Clean Christian Western Mail Order Bride Romance With A Free Bonus Included!**

These collection includes:

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Barren Bride

Download these collections now and treat yourself to this inspirational heart-warming collection!

The Barren Bride

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a sweet/clean romance with no explicit scenes, with a surprise BONUS inside!

For Ellie Barnes, life was good. She was married to a wonderful man, they lived in one of the greatest cities on the planet, and they were a young couple full of dreams.

It seems as though the only thing that would make life better would be a child, but Ellie can’t have any. She tries to make the most of it, and live a happy life with her husband, but she just can’t shake the feeling that she wants to be a mom.

Then tragedy strikes, and she is faced with all kinds of trials. Follow her journey as she deals with the loss of her husband, marriage to a complete stranger, and the move of a lifetime.

Will she be able to cope with the pain of her loss, and the changes that await her? Or will she always be trapped in a life of hardship?

A Cure or Something Better (A Series of Powerful Excursions Through Hope Book 2)

by Rhiannon Tibbetts

What do you get when a Christian/transgender woman confronts transphobic bigotry, a weather catastrophe, the stresses of a friendship with someone who has schizophrenia, her own internal conflicts of being both transgender and Christian, some supernatural phenomena, some ongoing mysterious health concerns and some romantic affairs gone awry? Well, you quite simply get “A Cure or Something Better”. This book is a part of a series of stories that chronicle the adventures of an often intrepid transwoman named Hope Amorouse. This is the fourth volume to be completed in this anthology but it actually falls second chronologically in this series. You will find this series both enlightening and entertaining as well as quite timely and topical in nature.

3 Dimensions of the Word

by Kayode Crown

In the world we live in, things more or less exist in three dimensions. All solids exist in three dimensions. The trinity, the Godhead, is also in three forms of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The regenerated man according to scriptures is a tripartite being having the spirit, the soul and the body.
The Word is Jesus Christ; he is the communication of God to humanity. The word can also describe the flow of God’s knowledge, wisdom and understanding to men through the medium of verbal words.

God wants to speak to the three dimensions of man, so that all aspects of man’s personhood are reached by God who loves us whole-heartedly.

Therefore just as God is in three dimensions, so does his word come in three forms to speak to the three parts of man- the spirit, soul and body.

Come along to explore and unveil these things in detail.

Path to Love: An Amish Romance

by Hannah Weaver

Emily’s husband has just left her, and she feels hopeless. How did she get to where she is now: alone, scared, hurt, and depressed. Her parents set this pattern of destruction for her. She blamed them. But that just made her twice as angry. There must be some way out of her misery, so she decided to take a vacation in a Bed and Breakfast out in the country.

Elijah and his sister Elizabeth own the Bed and Breakfast. They are both Amish, though they have been shunned. They too have had to do soul searching; Elijah’s wife passed away not long ago, leaving him with their only child, Molly. Working hard to keep his guests happy keeps him occupied and the pain at bay.

Emily is far more beautiful than any girls that had stayed at his B&B before, and he immediately feels an attraction. But when he learns about her past, he wonders if interfering is the right thing to do?

This is a clean Amish Romance with a Christian message.

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