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by kimberly Shursen

Renowned surgeon Dr. Vince Monahan has been charged by God to save the innocents born into sin by those who disobey the 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not enter into covenant with those of a different nation.”
In Atlanta, Georgia, someone is abducting little girls and returning them three days later, the only reminder of the kidnapping a small scar on their abdomen.
Forty miles south of Atlanta, when his daughter commits suicide, Zeb Parrish takes custody of his six-year-old granddaughter Lillie.
Devastated and angry at the man who left his beloved, deceased daughter behind pregnant and heartbroken, Zeb sets out to find Lillie’s father.
when Zeb finds T.J. Bennett in prison, his life,a road map of bad decisions, hie heart softens and he opens up his home for the recently released con. With nowhere else to go, T.J. takes Zeb up on his offer.
And when Lillie goes missing, T.J. has little time to find the child who has taught him the meaning of family before undergoing the operation that will take from her what Lillie will never have back.
Reviews of praise for Conviction:
“I have read all of this authors books I have been knocked over with each one.”

“Once again, Shursen’s creativity, writing abilities and research make for a fast-paced, exciting and fun read.”
“Well-written story with lots of great characters.”

“Shursen took a controversial topic and voiced herself beautifully as she penned of the Parrish family from Justyce, Georgia.”

“Even the villain is written so well that you understand him, knowing that no one is all bad or all good.”

Christmas Wish (A Snow Globe Christmas)

by Rose Verde

When a wish comes true…
Debbie Regan finally gets to enjoy Christmas in a snow globe world like the one she always dreamed of. Only the Christmas shop owner, Preston Campbell stands in her way. But she hasn’t come this far to let go of the dream.
Preston is biding his time until his mom’s shop sells and he can move on… Except the Yuletide is bearing down on him with no buyer in sight. He is forced to hire vivacious Debbie Regan to help for the season. Both of them find themselves wanting things they had never let themselves desire before.

The Andersen Saga – Expectations (The Andersens Book 11)

by Jacie Middlemann

Livia Andersen was a woman who held her family together with a quiet smile and an iron will. It’s only been months since her death and the four children she leaves behind continue to grapple with the shifting changes in their lives now that she’s gone. Disappointments she kept to herself are coming to light. And the grandchildren she adored are struggling for answers not easily found.

Adam Andersen has had his future plotted out for him almost from the day he was born. Now he is faced with the realization that the future others have set him on the path for isn’t the one he wants. Worse, he’s uncertain about what it is he does wants. As he looks out over the lake he wonders if here in the seemingly middle of nowhere he might find the answers that have so far eluded him.

Chris Andersen is the living image of his father. But unlike his Dadâ?¦and his brother, he has always looked at life as an adventure and the unknowns just around the corner as an unexpected challenge to be explored. Also in contrast to his brother his thoughts have little to do with his future. But during the unexpected visit to their aunt his future seems unexpectedly mapped out for himâ?¦if it’s what he wants.

Patrick Andersen needed to talk with his youngest sister. He wasn’t going to do it over the phone or any of the other more convenient means. He wanted to see her reaction when he told her what he’d found and the conclusions he’d drawn from it. That meant another trip to where she’d taken refuge to after the death of their mother. Within twenty-four hours of making that decision he was on the road with his two sons for a week long visit to her lakeside resort. He needed to understand why she’d handled things as she had. Made the choices she’d made. But before the end of the first day of their visit Patrick realized there were far more important reasons for spending a week in the tranquil safe haven that Claire now called home.

The Andersen Saga is a story of family. It is a story about joy and loss, hope and sorrow, betrayal and regrets, unconditional forgiveness, high expectations, and unwavering loyalty. It reminds that at the heart of who we are is the family we come from, the family who stands behind and beside us and at times against us. And who we become isn’t just a result of those still with us but those too that we’ve lost along the way. It is about the twist and turns every family deals with, the conflicts from within, and the never ending desire for acceptance and respect.

Expectations is the eleventh book in the ongoing Andersen Family Saga. Other books in the Andersen Family Saga include Betrayal, Resolute, Broken, Found, Choices, Regrets, Remember, Forgiven, Truths, and Always.

Radar Love

by Aileen Friedman

Peggy, Audrey, Dorothy, and Maisy; Four young ladies, four young friends studying Physics at University get recruited to join the Special Signal Services to serve their country as Radar Operators. At twenty years old they embark on exciting, sad and nervous times during World War II. They fall in love, they dance, they get challenged in many ways, but mostly they are bonded together by a tight camaraderie with the other officers serving at the Silversands and Hangklip Radar Stations.
The story begins when Audrey, Dorothy, and Maisy sit under a Weeping Willow tree in a park opposite the cemetery. They fondly remember Peggy, their precious lifelong friend of sixty-two years. Their grandchildren, are sent to look for them but instead of taking them home they sit on the luscious grass under the Weeping Willow tree and get transported back in time as Audrey tells them one of the greatest love stories of all time. Audrey tells them the love story of Lt. Harvey Newsome and Sgt. Peggy Hatcher.
But it is so much more than a love story between two people. It is a story of faith, hope, happiness, tragedy and immense despair. It is a story of a group of people that depend on God to bring them through trying times and to remain faithful when it seems impossible.

The Rapture: Misunderstood

by Jason E. Royle

The scriptures explain the end of the world with prophecies and symbolism that can be mind-numbing and confusing. If you are searching for an unbiased, uncomplicated overview of the end times, this book is for you. When finished reading it, you will go away better prepared to talk about what you know and what you believe about the end times.

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