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Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns: the complete guide to growing oak trees from seed

by Catherine Copp

Learn To Grow Oak Seedlings From Acorns With This Complete Guide!

Have you ever wanted to grow an oak from an acorn?

If so, “Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns” by Catherine Copp, PhD is the best book for you!

The author is a former reforestation tree-planter, tree seed collector, and tree nursery owner with experience growing oaks and many other species of native trees and shrubs. Her easy-to-understand guide will lead you through all the steps to growing oak seedlings from acorns. It covers all the major oak species in North America – both Canada and the USA. This book is a great resource for all landowners, and can be a fun and educational family project with your children! You will learn not only what to do with acorns, but the reasons behind the steps. This will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of native oak trees and their place in the natural landscape. Anyone can grow oaks from acorns and it’s fun!

Includes a handy chart showing the pre-treatment requirements for acorns of all the North American oaks!

You Will Learn The Following:

  • Tips to identify the oak species
  • How to forecast oak crops
  • How to determine acorn maturity
  • How to get acorns to germinate
  • How to grow and transplant your oak seedlings

Get this complete guide today and head for the trees before the squirrels get there first!

You will learn all the secrets to growing acorns and you will be amazed at how quickly you will become an expert grower.

Download This Guide Now!

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Cannabis: 2 Manuscripts – Growing Cannabis, hydroponics & aquaponics

by Monica Jacobs

2 books that will teach you in the full process everything you need to know about growing Marijuana!

This bundle of books will give you complete information about:

  • The history of marijuana in the

    • How to Grow Marijuana in Your Home

    • How to Grow Marijuana in Your Garden

    • What is hydroponics, what benefits it will produce, and how you can easily build a hydroponic system to grow your cannabis

    • Aquarium, it has a lot more to offer aside from its beauty.. How do you build an autonomous and economical system for raising fish, and growing marijuana!

    Growing Cannabis

    “Cannabis is illegal in most parts of the world due to its addiction potential. This makes the plant quite difficult to find and can be purchased only by traders who have access to the dried form of the plant. But do not worry if you do not have access to cannabis, as it is quite easy to grow your own!

    Whether you are an amateur gardener or a skilled one, you will be able to grow the plants both indoors or outdoor. We will look at the different ways in which cannabis can be grown in the confines of your home. Weed is a hardy plant and not disappoint you!”

    hydroponics & aquaponics

    “This book has been written in a very simple manner, which will inspire anybody who reads it to try hydroponics. No matter why you grow the produce, you will find everything you need to know to get a working hydroponics system set in your house.

    This book spares no expense at providing you with all the knowledge that you need to know to understand the subject better.

    In order to obtain the best results from this book, it is imperative that you read the chapters in the order that they have been written so you get the best out of your hydroponics and aquaponics system.

    The book will guide you every step of the way and will also provide you with important information that will affect some of the decisions you make.”

    Get your copy of this 2 powerful books today and start enjoying the full power of marijuana today!

    â?º Get This Ebook for 100% Free When Buying The Paperback!

Preparing To Ace Anatomy

by Seth Jump

Would you like to ace anatomy? Inside, I share various strategies, tips, tactics, and ideas to help you ace your course and learn anatomy effectively and efficiently. First, I will share study tips and strategies and how you can train yourself to perform well on a test. One of the most challenging things I dealt with as a professor was having a student who truly knew the material and appreciated the content, but for whatever reason, it did not translate to a great performance on the exam. I knew they knew the material (I would even personally quiz them the day before). Second, we will start to learn some anatomy. I will help you learn the language of anatomy. Any subject has its own lingo that you have to learn. Anatomy is no exception. You need to know this language and the key terms; otherwise, to be honest, you’ll be lost. Third, we’ll look at the names of structures, muscles, regions, blood vessels, nerves, etc. and how the names tell you where they are and/or what they do. Lastly, I will share how I’d like to help you learn. I have my own ideas, and I’ll share those with you, but I would love to get your feedback so I can create valuable content that will help you.

Aids to Acute Medicine: A highly informative and mostly note-type discussion of selected common topics of acute medicine for easier learning

by Bimalendu Pramanik

This book contains highly informative and easy to understand presentation of selected common topics of acute medicine. It is written mainly for trainee doctors of internal medicine (eg, Interns, Residents and Registrars) to make their learning of efficient care of acute medical problems easier and faster.

To provide high-quality care of acute medical conditions, a more comprehensive knowledge of the management of commonly encountered acute medical problems is very important. A single study material where adequate information needed for the high-quality care is available in a highly integrated and easily understandable format is very desirable. But in many areas of acute medicine, available study materials have some obvious limitations in this regard; either they do not have sufficient information required for these doctors or it is time consuming to find the necessary information in them because of their presentation styles. â??Aids to Acute Medicine’ is intended to minimize these problems.

This volume contains infectious disease, and electrolyte and acid-base disorder related chapters. The topics in this book have been selected considering the potential need of trainee doctors of internal medicine.

Target audience:
1) The main target audience is the trainee doctors (eg, Interns, Residents and Registrars) enrolled in Internal Medicine department. This book would also be very useful to non-consultant doctors of other medical disciplines who regularly manage acute medical problems.
2) Other intended audiences include junior doctors of all disciplines; general practitioners/ family physicians; nurses; senior medical students; clinical pharmacists; and physicians’ assistants. They will find a lot of useful information on the topics discussed in this book. Also, senior doctors, especially of medical disciplines, will appreciate this book as a very useful material for quick refreshing of their knowledge and teaching juniors.

Key features:

1) The content of the book is designed for high-quality care that is going on in hospitals or health systems with adequate facilities. However, in some cases, separate suggestions have been included for health system with limited resources.
2) A vast amount of clinically useful information on the discussed topics is available in an easily understandable format; so users do not need to go through too many sources spending a lot of time for the required information on those topics.
3) Reliable information: The most common sources of information are Medline indexed journal articles and publications of well-known professional bodies (of developed countries) relevant to the topic. During preparation of the manuscript, when any information appeared doubtful, alternative sources were checked for accuracy before including that in this book. The whole content has been revised carefully several times up to this final version.
4) Required information can be found easily. There are enough headings and sub-headings; the presentation is mostly note-type, avoiding long paragraphs; question and answer style has been used in some cases; abundant tables and flow charts have been used; treatment portion of all chapters has an additional â??treatment summary’.
5) Specified references: Each chapter has a reference section at the end. The referencing style that is commonly seen in medical journal articles (numbered citations) has been used in all chapters to specify the information sources.
6) Junior doctors will be less dependent on their seniors for their learning if they go through this book carefully.

How to Analyze People: Reading People, Body Language, Recognizing Emotions & Facial Expressions (Analyzing People, Body Language Books, How to Read Lies, Reading Facial Expressions Book 1)

by Bradley Fairbanks

How to Analyze People

Reading People, Body Language
Recognizing Emotions & Facial Expressions

Learning how to analyze people is a very worthwhile and important pursuit that most people should undertake. When you know how to read people, an entirely new world of possibilities opens up before you. Human psychology is a subject that is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but understanding a few simple facts about body language will greatly improve your skills in reading people. Here are some key points you will learn in this guide:
Why does Body Language Matter? For someone who is new to this subject, it might be a mystery why body language matters very much. After all, we developed speech in order to communicate, and that’s all we need, right? Actually, speech is only a tiny part of communication, and most of what we say is done nonverbally. Someone can say one thing, for example, in a tone that communicates something entirely different. Learning the difference is of crucial importance in life.

Before you Analyze People: It’s exciting to start learning how to read people’s cues, but there are some things you need to know about before diving in. For example, are the conditions right for reading someone? Do you have any biases that may color what you are observing and interpreting? Have you established a baseline for that person’s personality? If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, you will learn in chapter three. All of these are worth considering before you start trying to analyze the people in your life.

Foolproof Techniques for Reading Body Language: After you have gone through the motions of preparing to read someone, how do you actually do it? What do certain movements of the eyes, legs, and arms mean? What does it mean if someone is blinking a lot? Every motion means something different.

When someone Likes you or is Lying: Who hasn’t wanted to be able to know when someone they like returns their feelings? Who hasn’t been curious about being able to tell when someone is lying or being truthful? Taking it upon yourself to learn how to analyze people and read their nonverbal cues will help you in this area, as well as in many others. In the last couple of chapters of this book, you will get a quick and simple guide to being able to tell when someone thinks favorably of you, as well as signs that they are not being honest with you.

Other topics we will cover in this book:
-Body Language
-Facial Expressions
-Hand Gestures
-Reading People
-Reading Minds
-Body expression
-People Reading
-How to Read People
-Recognizing Emotions
-How to Analyze People
-Mind Reading
-Analyzing people

Whether you are trying to read a stranger or someone you know, the tips and techniques in this guide will help you along the way. If you’ve ever wanted to know when someone likes you, or know how to spot someone telling lies using simple methods of reading facial expressions and nonverbal cues, this book is for you. The sooner you learn this valuable information, the sooner you can put it into practice and start benefiting from it. Once you learn these techniques, the cues will start to be obvious to you, and you will find it much less common that you’re mystified by the actions or facial expressions of people around you.

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