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Big Bad Bodyguard

by Terri Lane

BWWM Bodyguard Romance

A stand-alone short story with guaranteed happily-ever-after!

Everybody has that one thing that they had always wanted to try, that one experience that they knew they didn’t want to leave earth without getting, mine was having a white dude f**k me until I was too weak to walk.

The white dude in question came in the form of my hot sexy bodyguard, he may be intent on guarding me from harm’s way, but I wondered who was going to guard him from my way.

Every time we are in the same room, my skin tingles with anticipation, gone were the days where the woman sat back meekly and waited for the man to do the courting, I was determined to seduce this tall glass of strong, hard-looking, sexy milk.

I hadn’t counted on my last job as a bodyguard being this interesting. When I first met the hot caramel beauty who’s safety I was entrusted with, she told me she wanted me with her eyes, and tried to seduce me with her body, I had knownâ??even if I had refused to admit it to myselfâ?? that she was going to be more to me than just a quick f**k.

So now I have two options, stay away, or let things play out as they may.

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This is a short story filled with mature contents and flaming HOT love scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

Storm Rising: (Liberty or Death – 1)

by Gary Naiman

This is a gripping story. It captures you from the first page to its explosive ending…JRW  Well written and believable thriller. I hope it makes its way to a miniseries or movie…Goldfinger            
Great and thoughtful read. It is a story you pray will never happen…Jim R.
The last quarter of the book is fantastic in the tradition of the best military thrillers…AC
It’s the 2020 election year. The United States is torn by political paralysis, middle class decay, civil unrest, and hopeless overseas wars. Our enraged citizens cry out for a new direction, and she has come.
Storm Rising follows a combat reporter from the bloody Middle East to his unexpected alliance with Claire Minton, America’s fiery third party presidential candidate, a war hero who has captured the nation’s soul. With Minton on the verge of the greatest upset in U.S. political history, the reporter flees for his life after uncovering a plot rivaling The Manchurian Candidate except it is not communists we must fear, but America’s rising third party, the Heartlanders.
                  “The seeds of revolution are sown.”
                                                     Claire Minton
Books 2 & 3, Heartland & Electron, have been released on Kindle.
Gary Naiman has written thirteen novels. His background includes twenty years at Paramount Pictures and classified projects within the chemical and weapons industries. One of his novels is being considered for a motion picture.

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