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Taxes: For Small Businesses LLC Sole Proprietorship Startup Taxes and Everything In-Between – 2nd Edition

by Clint Leopold

***2nd Edition***
Your Quickstart Guide to Taxes!
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The only guide a young business needs for overcoming taxes

In Taxes: For Small Businesses QuickStart Guide – Understanding Taxes For Your Sole Proprietorship, Startup, & LLC , you’ll dive into the world of taxes, and find out why it is so important to ensure that you file accurate tax returns. Taxes are one of those necessary evils that exist in the world. Our society would be very different without them, but none of us would really like to pay them. To add insult to injury, they are usually complicated to understand and take a long time to prepare and file. That is where this book comes in. Within the pages of this book, you will find: –

-The different types of small businesses that you can create
-The pros and cons of owning different types of businesses
-How the IRS calculates your taxes
-The four different taxes that small business owners are expected to pay
-How to calculate tax deductible business and capital expenses

The key to understanding small business taxes is finally presented in this book. Increase your avenues of wealth creation. Gain a better understanding of the federal tax system and increase the likelihood of paying lower taxes}

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Discover the difference between business and capital expenses, as well as the definition of a business asset. You will also find out how to calculate the asset depreciation value and how you should keep, accurate tax records}

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Turn Right: A Journey to Purposeful Careers

by Inez Natalia

Are you looking for answers? Do you want a career that gives you fulfillment and endless development?
If you deeply care about your career development, your career success, and the sense of contentment, then this book is for you.

Turn Right is not a motivational mumbo-jumbo telling you to “just follow your passion no matter what”. It is also never intended to be yet another book from an individual who wants to influence you to be something you are not. This book is about you, about your own journey in living your purposeful career.

Through stories, questions, journal writing, and practical activities, Turn Right will facilitate you exploring your authentic self and your journey to purposeful careers. You will get to an understanding that with the right design and approach, pursuing a career is not the same as paying the bills. Instead, a career can be the right vehicle for you in realizing the reason for your existence while at the same time reaching your own personal goals – goals that are essential for your life.

“You are invited to be not only a reader,
but also the writer, creator and designer of your own story and journey.”

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