Free history Kindle books for 29 Aug 17


by Richard Hooke

JFK Researchers Richard Hooke and Larry Rivera provide the most detailed, structural and conclusive analysis of the Altgens6 photo that has ever been done; undeniable and indisputable proof, based upon sound scientific reasoning and particular examination of the photographic record. Having broken free from the shadow of the JFK conspiratorial BIG LIE of the 20th Century, and the Power of Officialdom that decreed for 50 years Billy Lovelady was Altgens6 Doorman, Richard Hooke, employing personal computer technology and direct reasoning, has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald was in the Texas School Book Depository doorway, on November 22, 1963 at 12:30 pm, and thus was not a shooter of President John F. Kennedy. Hooke and Rivera decipher the myriad of mystery, within the Altgens6 photo, and expose the ‘Lovelady fraud’ and deception perpetrated by the U.S. Government upon the American people. Veteran researcher Larry Rivera separates the alteration from misinterpretation, in Altgens6, once and for all: Fedora Man and Smiling Woman with Child, Obfuscated Man, Black Tie Man, Black Profile Guy, Buell Wesley Frazier and the Lovelady fraud, the BIG LIE perpetrated on the American people by the Warren Commission. Will forever change your view of the murder case that altered the course of American history. Never again will you ever consider Oswald an assassin but, rather, a misguided patsy who was sacrificed, by his U.S. Intelligence over-lords, to shoulder the blame for the murder of JFK; a good man who resigned himself to carry out his assignment for his country – to the bitter end.

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