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by Antony Melville-Ross

Frozen fingers, broken bones, shattered heartsâ?¦ the situation could not get worse.

Or so Lieutenant Peter Harding thought.

The Trigger has just left UK shores and is on its way to northern Norway when the relentless storm hits.

Harding’s crew are barely surviving the Artic conditions which face them. The ship is slowly dying and cracks are beginning to show, in both the ship and in relations between the men on board.

The navy of Nazi Germany are under orders to destroy The Trigger, but how much will it take before Harding and his men surrender to the enemy?

A thrilling, nautical adventure, Command presents a heart-warming tale of the loyalty and brotherhood of the Royal Navy in their courageous fight against German forces.

For fans of Alan Scholefield and Philip McCutchan comes another classic naval adventure from Anthony Melville-Ross.

Praise for Anthony Melville-Ross

“A thriller of unusual quality” – The Independent

Anthony Melville-Ross was born in Hastings, East Sussex on November 11 1920. He published six novels between 1978 and 1985, all inspired by his background as a sub-mariner in the Second World War. He had an extremely successful career in the navy, rose to command his own boat and transferred into the Secret Service after the end of the war. He died in his hometown on January 10 1993, aged 73.

A Treasure to Die For (Books to Die For Book 3)

by Richard Houston

There is a treasure high in the Colorado Rockies waiting for someone to find it. Jake Martin couldn’t care less. Since the death of his wife, all Jake wants is to be left alone in his mountain cabin where he and his dog, Fred, can get on with life. But when it becomes known that the location of the treasure is encrypted in a message left by a 19th century miner, people begin to die, and Jake’s good friend and neighbor becomes the number one suspect.

The old miner used a copy of Tom Sawyer as a key to his coded message, and the real murderer wants that edition so bad, he’s willing to kill for it. Can the amateur sleuths decode the message and stop the murderer, or have Jake and Fred finally met their match?

The Gold Hunters: A First-Hand Picture of Life in California Mining Camps in the Early Fifties

by J.D. Borthwick

The Gold Hunters offers a unique look at the life in the gold camps of the nineteenth century American West â?? the different cultures attracted by the discovery of gold, how they related to one another and their contrasting food, clothes and entertainment. 

John David Borthwick (1824-1892), born in Edinburgh, Scotland, to a prominent physician, was a nomadic Scottish journalist and author who received both a gentleman’s and artist’s education. In 1845, an inheritance was settled on him, and when he turned 21, he set out to see the world. It is also speculated that he was one of the sons of Peter Borthwick, a descendant of Baron Borthwick, but there is no evidence to substantiate this claim.

The Shrine of the Genius

by Kevin Aldridge

The door to her bedroom creaked open and Miley’s heart jumped to her throat. “No, not tonight. He never comes tonight!”

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