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Public Speaking: The Best Tactics To Master The Art Of Speaking And Presenting In Public (Social Skills Book 4)

by Cameron Laws

In this book, Public Speaking: The Best Tactics To Master The Art Of Speaking And Presenting In Public, you will be provided with valuable tools and techniques that will allow you to achieve success in any occasion in which you are called to speak in front of a crowd.

We will discuss how to properly prepare for the occasion beforehand. This includes everything from:
-How to construct an appropriate outline for the speech
-How to properly rehearse
-As well as how to prepare yourself mentally for success

This book also includes effective techniques and methods to utilize while you are actually speaking. We discuss:
-How proper posture gives unspoken assumptions about yourself to the listeners
-Small physical cues to avoid at all cost
-And what your thought process should consist of as you face the crowd

Year in and year out, public speaking consistently sits at the top of the list of fears of Americans, even ranking higher than death! This is undoubtedly the result of false preconceived notions about public speaking, as well as the lack of knowledge about how to prepare and deliver an effective speech or presentation. With the material found in this book, you will be able to rise above the majority of your peers, do away with unnecessary fear and apprehension that plagues human beings at the thought of speaking to a crowd, and become a confident, effective speaker capable of persuading an audience, driving home whatever point you are attempting to make, and moving them emotionally as you describe something you are passionate about!

How To Start A Business: 2 books in 1 – Passive Income Generator & Rental Property Investing (Financial Freedom)

by C.J. Elliott

This book teaches you everything you need to know to get started toward financial freedom and passive income. This book includes two books: Passive Income Stream Generator & Rental Property Investing.

Passive Income Stream Generator: 10 Ways to Financial Freedom
It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an escape from your 9-to-5 or looking for a way to save for retirement, passive income is the answer. It definitely takes more than wanting it to make it happen, however, which is why so many people give up before they have seen a single red cent. If you are looking for a way to turn your dreams of a successful passive income stream into reality then Passive Income Stream Generator: Top 10 Ways to Financial Freedom is the book that you have been waiting for.

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to passive income streams is that they don’t require any work in order to get up and running successfully. Unfortunately, this is not the case which is why inside you will find a breakdown of how to not only choose the right passive income stream for you, but also the easiest way to actually see it through to fruition. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something conventional such as investing in dividend stocks or real estate investing, or something more up to the minute like authoring eBooks or advertising on Instagram, Passive Income Stream Generator: Top 10 Ways to Financial Freedom has got you covered.

When you are in the midst of setting up a passive income stream it can be easy to lose sight of the end goal amidst the hard work. It is important to stay the course, however, and to keep in mind that the ends are certainly going to justify the means. You don’t need anything special in order to set up a successful passive income stream, you just need to commit yourself to the process and see it through to completion. So, what are you waiting for, stop dreaming about financial freedom and start working to make it a reality. Take control of your future and buy this book today!

Inside you will find
-The secret to finding the type of rental real estate that can be converted to passive income with little to no ongoing work on your part.
-The best types of stocks to invest in if you are looking to generate passive income in the long term.
-How you can utilize Amazon to outsource a majority of the work required to run a successful online store.
-The easiest solution when it comes to marketing any product you want and getting paid to do so.
-The simple trick to investing in real estate without having a massive down payment on hand.
-How you can play eBay and Amazon against one another and make a profit in the process.
-The simple way to turn a marketable skill into a long-term passive income stream
-Two simple secrets that ensure you can be a successful eBook author without writing a single word.
-Two different ways to turn your love of taking photos into profitable passive income streams
-And moreâ?¦

Rental Property Investing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your First Real Estate Property
Real estate is a tricky business. Buy this book so you don’t make the same mistakes everyone else does who jumps blind. This book will help you navigate your journey to your first rental property. Learn all about how to begin your journey, renovating, picking the right tenants, becoming a landlord, all the do’s and don’ts, plus extra tips to maximize your profits!

New Job: 73 Proven Tips To Jumpstart Your New Job Or Interim Assignment: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Show You EXACTLY What To Do To Rock The First Days, Weeks And Months At Your New Job

by Peter van Geest

“Discover A Surefire System That Guarantees A Highly Successful Jumpstart To Your New Job”

Starting a new job can be both exciting and nerve wrecking. What to expect? Will you be thrown into the deep end? What will your new colleagues be like? Will you still have this job after four weeks?

These questions are perfectly normal and valid. You don’t start a new job or interim assignment every day. Not knowing what to do and where to start, can make you feel uncomfortable and this takes away all the fun and excitement of starting your new challenge.

Fortunately, successful interim professional (since 2005) Peter van Geest developed a surefire system that guarantees a highly successful new job jumpstart.

In his career as an interim professional he has experienced multiple starts of a new job or assignment. Some of those starts were easy, others were painfully difficult. Van Geest took a lesson from each and every job start (and those of others), and developed a perfect New Job Jumpstart System.

73 Proven Tips To Jumpstart Your New Job Or Interim Assignment
Is written so it will help others in enjoying the start of their new challenge. You will find extremely valuable tips that guarantee a great new job jumpstart, but you will also discover the surefire New Job Jumpstart System

Everybody knows that the first weeks of your new job or interim assignment are crucial:
* You don’t want to get fired
* You want to make a smashing impression
* You want to have fun starting your new challenge
* You want to make a great start to make it easier to ask for a higher salary or fee in the months to come
* You want to know how and where to start

In this book the New Job Jumpstart System is revealed, so you can make a highly successful jumpstart too!

The contents of this book are:

* Why I Wrote This Book
* How This Book Will Benefit You
* The Eleven Pillars Of Jumpstarting Any New Job
* Discover The 9 Most Important Jumpstart Basics (TIP #1 – TIP #9)
* 6 Fundamental Techniques To Getting Started (TIP #10 – TIP #15)
* Fail To Do This – And Fail Your Jumpstart (TIP#16 – TIP #26)
* How To Use The Power Of Questions (TIP #27 – TIP #32)
* Knowledge Is Power – But Only If You Do This (TIP#33 – TIP #38)
* Little-Known Tricks For Getting Started At Blinding Speed (TIP #39 – TIP #44)
* Manage This And Your Jumpstart Is Guaranteed (TIP #45 – TIP#49)
* 5 Proven Tips For Short And Long Term Success (TIP #50 – TIP #54)
* The Secret To Your Success Is Simply A Matter Of Visibility (TIP #55 – TIP #58)
* The Art Of Keeping The Homefront Happy (TIP #59 – TIP #61)
* How To Deal With Nervousness (TIP #62 – #65)
* 8 Bonus Tips (TIP #66 – TIP#73)
* The New Job Jumpstart System
* Summary And Conclusion

Feeling insecure and not knowing how to start your new job successfully is perfectly normal. This book provides 73 proven tips that guarantee a highly successful new job jumpstart – tips you certainly won’t find on the internet.

This is what you will discover:
* The very first thing to start with (this is very important)
* How to create instant rapport with your new co-workers
* Getting to know your new tasks at blinding speed
* How to do what your manager really wants you to do (but what he didn’t tell you)
* How to deal with nervousness during your initial days
* How to deal with sink or swim training
* Tricks to get to know the company very quickly

In the author’s experience, most of the times your co-workers are very busy and not able to explain things appropriately. Don’t worry. The tips in this book will provide more than enough information to not only survive but thrive during your first weeks at the job.

So go ahead and download now your copy of
73 Proven Tips To Jumpstart Your New Job Or Interim Assignment

Good luck jumpstarting your new job!

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