Free fiction Kindle books for 30 Aug 17

The two of them meet

by Trasi Kridvig

If you look at my profile, it says that I’m writing a InuYasha/Naruto fanfic and that it’s going to be a long fic. Well this little announcement is to tell you that this fic is NOT that fanfic.

The Ominous: Heroes play it safe. They don’t

by Boss Kelly

The story starts with six teenagers. Each recently finding out that they were born half human and half alien. The teenagers are invited to the mysterious Zen Academy, an institution that is kept secret from the rest of the world. There they meet the alluring Chancellor Thorne, the pure alien head master that informs the teenagers they are safe and her true desire is to help them control and understand their strange abilities. This, however, is her biggest lie.

The teenagers soon discover that many of the students that fail the training portion of this Academy have started to go missing and the true colors of the good Headmaster begin to expose themselves. As teenagers escape the clutches of Zen Academy, they gradually we find out the Chancellor’s true motives and the depths she will sink to achieve them.

Despite their conflicting personalities, the teenagers must come together not only for their survival but also for the fate of the world.

They are dangerous. They are threatening. They are The Ominous.

Murder at Harlan Lake

by ML Michaels

Dana Hope returns to her hometown of Harlan to bury the only family she had. But the death of her Uncle Roy starts a chain of events that will change Dana’s lifeâ??and the people of Harlan Townâ?? forever. As she tries to piece together the mysterious circumstances of her uncle’s death, Dana turns to the only person who loved her uncle as much as she did, and the only person who can break her hear into a million pieces: Jason, her former high school sweetheart. Dana and Jason tentatively rekindle their relationship, but their love and their lives are in jeopardy as they uncover a devastating and deadly conspiracy that spans decades.
This is a short storyâ??a complete romance with NO cliffhanger. The publisher has included several bonus novellas and short stories as a thank you for downloading this book.

WARNING: Some of the bonus stories contain mature themes and language and are intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

You will love this romance if you enjoy:

– Mystery Fiction
– Romantic Suspense
– Cozy Mysteries
– Hometown Romances
– Law Enforcement Romances
– Second Chance at First Love Romance
– Protector Romances
– Women’s Fiction
– Action and Adventure Romance Fiction
– New Adult and College Romance

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