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Life is Crazy: Laughing My Ass Off Album #2

by Veronica Jewel Farley

Veronica Jewel Farley, known mainly and formidably by her official monikers, Samantha Komodo and “Cheezi D”; formerly known by her past pen names of Jennifer Gisselbrecht, and Mwezi Desoto, is a female African Striped Hyena and an American author/rapper/lyricist.
She has been writing series of more than many fiction/action/thriller series
book since the tender cub age of five; with her most famous hits apparently
being “Lone Wolves” and her most recently self published, all anti-villain
main cast crime drama saga, “Lobo Thunder/The Hystericals”. So far, her
current writing ambitions include writing to express not only her
own physical emotions into his works, but also those maybe of other animal
beings around her in the world as well.

Twitter: @CCheetah

Amores de pasillo (Spanish Edition)

by Sergio Smisah

“Amores de pasillo” trata de una colección de poemas que fueron escritos en los pasillos de una universidad.

Cracks in the Foundation: Personal Free-verse and Spoken Word Poetry

by C.A Wolfe

Life is challenging enough without the added pressures of reality. Personal free-verse and spoken word poetry that can hopefully speak for those who feel they have no voice.

Tequila River

by JAnn Bowers

Just the words
That fell from
My soul
Onto the screen
With a touch
Of Tequila River Brew

This book of poems was written in binges while I was writing my novella, “It’s Now My Time: Coffee, Poetry & The Past.” As I wrote my novella, I had to take time and binge write poetry to keep my head in place while I wrote about terrifying events in my life. This book is an ending result of my pain and agony as I wrote. Some of the poems have a sense of love, but also with a hidden atmosphere of a broken girl searching for life in general.

I connected with myself on every level while I wrote. Some of the emotions and anger you feel in this book stems over from “It’s Now My Time” especially with respect to my father, Jim, my sister Kim and my brother, James. I had to have a way to release this anger and frustration as I wrote my novella or all of this insanity I was feeling would over power my mind, body, and soul. More than likely I would not be sitting here if truly allowed my entire past to capture and hold me. I fight these demons daily on a very low level, some days or nights they have a tendency to creep in on a higher level of stress and anxiety.

However, this anthology is more-less another capture of my dark soul and twisted thoughts among the world of words. There is nothing better than to take words and twist them into poetry that is written from the bottom core of s poet and that is exactly what I tried to do with this anthology. Hope you enjoy each poem and please leave a review!

Ð?еÑ?елÑ? на кÑ?Ñ?не: СÑ?иÑ?и и песни (Russian Edition)

by СÑ?олбов Ð?ладимиÑ? Ð?гоÑ?евиÑ?

Ð?ожеÑ?, бÑ?л и для Ð?енина Ñ?ай,
Ð?едÑ? не всем же Ð?ладимиÑ?ам â?? дÑ?ба.
ТÑ? игÑ?ай на гаÑ?моÑ?ке. Ð?гÑ?ай,
Ð?илÑ?й мой голÑ?бой кÑ?окодайл.
На видÑ? пассажиÑ?ов ТÑ?анссиба
Я в Ñ?еÑ?ол Ñ?ебе кинÑ? спасибо.
Но не дай мне моÑ?ива.
Не дай.

La trasparenza del corpo: Poesie (Italian Edition)

by Diego Salvadori

La trasparenza del corpo è l’approdo a ciò che resta della materia, delle emozioni, della stessa carne. Un’esperienza tangibile eppur sospesa, in bilico tra assenza e presenza, negazione e rivalsa, dove il visibile e l’invisibile si annullano, nel tentativo di superare i limiti della vita e del linguaggio.

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