Free business and investing Kindle books for 01 Oct 17

How to succeed in a job interview: Great tips and techniques to be successful in a job interview

by David Redondo

In this eBook you will find different tips and recommendations that I have learned for the last five years after working as a recruiter for a multinational company based in London. This is how job interviews works nowadays and nobody told you this before. Tough and specific questions like:

– Why was I rejected in the last interview?

-What do I need to do to be confident and get my dream job?

-How can I answer all those questions and stand out from the rest of candidates?

You will find in this eBook everything that you need to know before, during and after interview!

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Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 01 Oct 17

Husband Killer Shari Tobyne

by Ana Benson

When it comes to female killers, the most common type of crime is mariticide or murdering their husbands. There are many motivations behind taking someone’s life but killing a person so close to you is often fueled by passion, financial gain, jealousy, or betrayal. The case of Shari Tobyne is the perfect example of a woman scorned. Her husband of thirty-five years wanted to divorce her due to the financial problems she caused by mishandling the couple’s finances.
So one day before he was set to leave their rented house and move on, Shari snapped. She simply couldn’t allow him to leave after so many years they spend together. Shari continued to live her life normally, but Arizona police started uncovering body parts from counties surrounding the city of Phoenix and they couldn’t determine the exact identity of the deceased man. Worried Tobyne children alerted the law enforcement that their father was missing and this is where the story started to unravel.
It will soon be discovered that a loving mother and a grandmother murdered her husband in cold blood because leaving him was simply not an option.

Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility (The Mobility Series Book 2)

by Amy L. Bovaird

When adventurous overseas traveler, Amy, is diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, she has no idea what difficulties lie ahead. After finishing mobility training from the Bureau of Blindness, she thinks her problems are solved, but when Amy tackles the streets with her white cane, the real fun begins. Determinedly sweeping away her fears, she starts to celebrate the reality of vision-impaired independence. Join the chaos and laughter in this series of uplifting anecdotes as Amy looks to the lighter side of mobility.

Note: The Mobility Series books are stand-alone and do not need to be read in sequence.

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Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 01 Oct 17

Telling Lies (A Sam Mason Mystery Book 1)

by L. A. Dobbs

The small police force of White Rock, New Hampshire, is still reeling from the death of Officer Tyler Richardson when they are called to the scene of the accidental drowning of an out-of-town camper.

But Chief Sam Mason and Sergeant Jody Harris soon discover the drowning was no accident. Someone murdered Lynn Palmer and staged the scene to make it look that way.

With a pool of suspects who aren’t telling the truth and a corrupt mayor who wants the case solved yesterday, Sam and Jo follow a puzzling trail of clues with a surprise ending. And when a stray dog points them in the right direction, Sam discovers the killer is closer than he thought.

Just when Sam and Jo think they can rest after having solved Lynn’s murder, a shocking discovery proves that sometimes even those you trust can be telling lies.

The Royal Companion: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 1)

by Tanya Bird

Bound by tradition. Now they must follow the rules.


Companions are the kingdom’s most beautiful and educated womenâ??possessions of Syrasan’s royal men. Aldara is sixteen years old when she is sold by her farming family to the obnoxious Prince Pandarus as a gift for his younger brother, Prince Tyron. Resistant at first, the new Companion soon realises she must embrace the role or face the consequences of her failure.

Prince Tyron has just returned from war. All he wants is privacy to grieve the men who died at the border. At his brother’s insistence, Tyron attends a social hunt where his Companion is introduced for the first time. He senses something beneath the polished exterior presented to him. She is not like the others.

While initial encounters between the troubled war hero and his reluctant Companion are awkward, their connection is immediate. But they are soon reminded by those closest to them that there is no place for love between a prince and his Companion.

Set amid grief and war, The Royal Companion is a heart-warming love story about what it means to give yourself over to another.

Trigger warning: This book contains sexual violence.

Interview with the Author

Q – So, why did you write this book?

A – I never intended to write a Romance novel, but when I was pregnant with my second son I experienced really vivid dreams that would remain with me for days after. The two main characters in this book remained with me for much longer. They were in love, and they were in pain. I had to tell their story.

There is an intensity to their relationship that I think readers will love.

Q – Is this book part of a series?

A – Yes, it’s the first book in ‘The Companion Series’. The second book, The Common Girl, will be released in September 2017.

Q – Why should readers give this book a try?

A – The Royal Companion is a tender and fierce story about an impossible love. Readers will lose themselves in this alternate-world, and the characters will remain with them long after they finish reading.

Q – Who will this book appeal to?

A – This novel does not fit neatly into one Romance sub-genre. Its setting and characters will appeal to both historical and fantasy romance readers. Throw in some horses, action and suspense, and you have quite the Romance hybrid.

Thanks for reading.

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