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Ethics (Serapis Classics)

by John Dewey

The significance of this text in Ethics lies in its effort to awaken a vital conviction of the genuine reality of moral problems and the value of reflective thought in dealing with them. To this purpose are subordinated the presentation in Part I. of historic material; the discussion in Part II. of the different types of theoretical interpretation, and the consideration, in Part III., of some typical social and economic problems which characterize the present. Experience shows that the student of morals has difficulty in getting the field objectively and definitely before him so that its problems strike him as real problems. Conduct is so intimate that it is not easy to analyze. It is so important that to a large extent the perspective for regarding it has been unconsciously fixed by early training. The historical method of approach has proved in the classroom experience of the authors an effective method of meeting these difficulties. To follow the moral life through typical epochs of its development enables students to realize what is involved in their own habitual standpoints; it also presents a concrete body of subject-matter which serves as material of analysis and discussion.

How To Analyze People: Psychology Techniques To Connect Instantly, Influence People Undetected, And Build Meaningful Relationshipsâ?¦ ALL WITH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

by Jason Braggs

Do you ever wish you knew what people were thinking when talking to them? Would you like to create amazing first impressions that will make people connect, open up with you and build great relationships?

What If I told you that you never have to be in the dark again on a person’s mood, Inner feelings and emotions using secret teqniques?

In How To Analyze People that’s exactly what you’ll get

It might surprise you to hear that many people think that the most popular way of communicating with other people is through the mouth. But what they didn’t know is that actual verbal communication accounts to only around 10% (or even less) of the overall means to convey a message.

Moreover, you can never determine the truthfulness or sincerity of people by what they say alone. In fact, words transmitted verbally oftentimes do not reflect what people really think or feel. The only way you can determine their true inner feelings and thoughts is by reading their body language and analysing.

When you have finished reading this book, reading people will as easy as reading from a script

You’ll learn secret psychological techniques that will turn your life upside-down and there won’t be any obstacles preventing you from gaining the respect and freedom that you want and deserve. I’ve broken them down to see exactly how you can use their findings to your advantage. Every piece of advice in this book is 100% backed by in-depth, peer-reviewed research.

You can never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind

The psychological techniques that are contained in this book are something that have to be treated with extreme care and respect since they can be a double-edged sword. If you applying these techniques in your life you will enjoy the endless benefits that come with them.

The richest and most influential people on the globe use these secret tactics in one way or another, which is why they have the tremendous success that they do.

Now, you’re just minutes away from becoming just like them!

Here is a sample of the powerful techniques you will learn:

  • Gain the power to adapt to any situation
  • Boost your people skills to easily build rapport with anyone
  • Avoid uncomfortable misunderstandings and awkward situations
  • Always know what to say and how to act around new people
  • Immediately gain control of ANY social circle
  • As well as:

  • How to get the truth out of anyone at any time
  • How to transform yourself into a super confident person and make others find you attractive! 
  • Always know If a person is telling the truth or not
  • Effectively CONVINCE and PERSUADE anyone
  • Be irresistibly attractive and interesting to others
  • And much, much more
  • What are you waiting for?

    Times ticking! Take Charge of your LIFE today by making the smartest investment you could possibly make. An investment in yourself and your future.

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    The Best Self-Help Book Ever Written

    by Daniel Wallen

    “I know self-help books. Daniel Wallen has the best self-help book.”
    -Donald Trump*

    *On the off-chance not confessing the above review is pure fiction would get Daniel sued, here is a disclaimer. (Edit requested by Mr. Wallen’s lawyer.)

    Ralph Waldo Emerson.: The Little Black Book (Little Black Books)

    by S. Hollister

    People are talking about the Little Black Book series. Every book is filled with inspirational and life changing wisdom.

    “Ralph Waldo Emerson. The Little Black Book,” contains 142 quotes from Emerson. It’s a peek into the mind of genius, so prepare for the possibility of surprise.

    In the days of old, the little black book was a means to get you things you wanted; it was your secret to certain forms of taboo success.

    In modern society, we know that knowledge and wisdom will get you farther in life than the phone numbers of secret lovers. So here it is, a small, yet significant book to help facilitate your intellectual needs.

    After you’ve read Emerson’s Little Black Book, go ahead and keep it where you can see it. The more we dwell on the wisdom within, the more likely we are to benefit from it.

    “Who’s Little Black book do you have?”

    President of the United States: From America’s actual Birthright Emperor

    by John Love

    My own ideas mostly about what to do to make humanity work.
    From enlightenment humanity can be perfected.
    Has the book cover Hillary Clinton said would be non marketable a Buddha on the cover so i’ll try that cover here though.

    The Mastery of Destiny

    by James Allen

    There is, and always has been, a widespread belief in Fate, or Destiny, that is, in an eternal and inscrutable Power which apportions definite ends to both individuals and nations. This belief has arisen from long observation of the facts of life. Men are conscious that there are certain occurrences which they cannot control, and are powerless to avert. Birth and death, for instance, are inevitable, and many of the incidents of life appear equally inevitable. Men strain every nerve for the attainment of certain ends, and gradually they become conscious of a Power which seems to be not of themselves, which frustrates their puny efforts, and laughs, as it were, at their fruitless striving and struggle. As men advance in life, they learn to submit, more or less, to this overruling Power which they do not understand, perceiving only its effects in themselves and the world around them, and they call it by various names, such as God, Providence, Fate, Destiny, etc.

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