Free war Kindle books for 12 Oct 17


by Pravka Vidiva


Murder on the Riviera (Betrayal Book 2)

by Malcolm Kerr

Ex SS man Willie Schreck is faced with his checkerd history. Once more he must use a gun as he fights London gamgsters and spectres from his past.

One night at the boarding house.: Other side of romance.

by juranix star

For person in love time , place, or health nothing matters. what matter’s is love and care for his/her partner despite facing any kind of difficulties. polley encounter’s a young guy at mrs mooneys boarding house . soon polley fall hardly for the mystrious young guy. Things became hard for polley to resist the young guy. on the night of mid september she felt her heart beating at its peak, she was bathed with sweat out of nerveousness… she was feeling a warm touch of young guy….

In the world of imperfection , there is always someone just right for you.

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