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Z-MINUS I: Book 1 of the Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series

by Perrin Briar

The post-apocalyptic series readers are describing as “one of the best post-apocalypse stories I’ve ever read.”

Once infected, the virus shuts down organs, kills nerve impulses and even reprograms the way we think. The virus becomes us.

But the process takes eight hours.

If you only had eight hours left to live, what would you do?

For Chris Smith, that decision has been made for him. He’s infected, and returns home to find the rest of his family undead or missing, save his youngest daughter Maisie. He’s never been much of a father, but can he make up for it now in the final few hours of his life and find somewhere safe for her to survive?

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From the writer who brought you the post apocalyptic fiction Flowers Vs. Zombies and Blood Memory series comes this powerful first part in a new post apocalypse adventure.

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The Billionaires of Belmont Boxed Set (Books 1-2)

by Shadonna Richards

*This Boxed Set contains Books 1 & 2: “The Billionaire’s Bride for a Day” and “The Billionaire’s Promise”

Desperate to see his sons settle down, especially after he’s been given six months to a year to live, elderly hotel magnate and family patriarch Jonah E. Belmont, III gives his sons a bucket list challenge. They each must wedâ??or at least be in a stable, loving relationship before he passes on and in order to keep their respective inheritance in the prestigious Belmont Hotels & Resorts legacy. Only his sons are not too convinced about getting married for any reason and vow to remain singleâ?¦and safe from heartbreak.
Book 1 in Billionaires of Belmont Seriesâ?¦ Dane & Olivia’s story
Dane Romano-Belmont (a Belmont heir born on the wrong side of the sheets) considers himself too emotionally damaged to ever become a marrying man, especially after having his heart ripped out by his ex who was on the rebound when they’d metâ??a bad mistake. But when his father gives him a final-wish ultimatum to settle down, he’s torn, untilâ?¦
Olivia McAlister, a young social worker, stumbles into Dane’s lifeâ?¦The pretty bride-to-be has three hundred wedding guests booked into the Belmont Hotel on the eve of her nuptials. Too bad her groom, Jack Laster, just called off the wedding. She’s now officially through with menâ??for good! But, Dane, the hot and sexy Belmont executive, has given her a proposition so she can save face on her big day. Can she really trust him with her heart?
Book 2 in Billionaires of Belmont Seriesâ?¦ Brandon & Faith’s story
Tall, dark and handsome security systems mogul, Brandon Knight (a Belmont by blood), considers himself too emotionally damaged to be in a long-term, relationship. His ex-girlfriend betrayed him in a bad way and slept with his rival. Now he finds out that he’s really the son of hotel magnate Jonah Belmont III, and to top it offâ?¦ Jonah is urging all his sons to settle down soon before he passes on to receive the Belmont family blessing. Brandon has no plans to settle down ever and fulfilling that dying wish, untilâ?¦a lovely professional organizer by the name of Faith Johnson stumbles into his life and causes him to rethink his decision.
She might be a professional organizer and founder of Faith’s Clutter Control, but Faith Johnson’s love life is a complete mess. Thanks to her ex-fiancé, who left her broken-hearted and broke, she doesn’t trust menâ??nor does she trust herself around them. Currently, Faith is focused on getting her life together and keeping her heart clear of men. She really needs a big account to push her business further, and she lands the Belmont and the Ellimore accounts on the same dayâ??two prestigious clients. But thenâ?¦ she bumps into too-sexy-for-his-own-good Brandon Knight, the gorgeous security systems mogul. Will their worlds collide? Can Faith trust her heart around Brandon?

Love on the Lane: The Bachelor Next Door, book 1

by Pamela Ford

“A winner … with a story line that is fast and fun. Readers will find themselves turning the pages!” (Romance Reviews Today)

1st Place, Laurel Wreath Awards … 2nd Place, Beacon Awards … 3rd Place, Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Awards

No way is Izzy Gordon going back to her ten-year reunion as a lowly traffic managerâ??not when she’d always insisted she’d end up a filmmaker. She’s determined to make her dream a reality by creating a documentary about the gangster history of an old lodge in Wisconsin. The project should be easy because the land’s been in her family for a hundred years.

There’s just one snagâ??her family wants to sell the property, the lodge owners want to stay open, and developers are vying for control of the lakefront acreage. So Izzy decides it’s best not to tell anyone who she really is, especially not Gib Murphy, the globe-trotting photojournalist who’s helping his grandparents fight to keep the lodge.

Too bad she’s falling for Gib and the feelings are mutual, because what happens when he discovers her charade and she has to confess her real identity?

An earlier draft of this novel was previously published under the title, Her Best Bet.

Hunting The Alpha: MM First Time Shapeshifter Romance

by Walker Frost

What Happens When You Fall For The Man You’re Suppose To Hunt Down?

Government shifter-chasing scientist Adam Dakota is not exactly having the easiest time. He’s just broken up with long-term girlfriend Laura, and his attempts to find another one-night companion to help him forget have been fruitless so far, much like his team’s attempts to clamp down on local shifters.

What he hasn’t realized is that he’s been looking in the wrong direction.

Enter Killian – a handsome, muscular stranger with dark eyes and a hot smirk. His sexuality is so overt it’s almost predatoryâ?¦ but Adam can’t get enough. Killian chases away the loneliness he’s been feeling for the past few weeks, and the emptiness he’s been feeling for years, but surely this can’t be right? After all, he’s straight.


But there’s more to Killian than meets the eye. Behind the charm, the money and the powerful attraction, there’s exactly what Adam has been looking for – in a professional capacity as well as a personal one. So, what do you do when the man you fall for is the man you’re paid to hunt? Wouldn’t it be easier to just have him taken away for testing, as he’s supposed to?

Could Adam bring himself to do that, if it came to it?

This Romance Short Story Was Formerly Titled Moondance


by LeVar Ravel

She’s the death of any party.

He’s the death of anyone he’s paid to kill.

A woman of plain living, Gwen Orangegrave would rather balance budgets all day than enjoy life. Maybe you can’t help being a killjoy, when you work for the biggest mob in Boston and you’re married to the boss, a man even stricter than you.

Corbin Locke, the mob’s man in Congress, shows Gwen a new life and reignites old feelingsâ??until he throws her over and cheats the mob all in one day. To get their revenge on him, the mob hires only the best: a nameless hitman so young and cheerful, you’d never know he’s the master of faking suicides.

As the woman scorned, Gwen goes along at first. But when doubts come, she seeks another solution. Risking the wrath of both mob and assassin, her search will confront her with what she lost in the past, and who she might save in the future. She must fight for a man’s lifeâ??and perhaps hers, tooâ??while evading the grim reapers who roam Boston.

Little does Gwen know how deep her quest will take her into the hitman’s world of dark magic. Killjoy or not, can she prove any match for the best killer in the world?

* * * * *

Previously published as How Does He Do It?

* * * * *
Categories: Literary Drama / Suspense / Fantasy
Reading audience: General. (Mild violence.)
Length: 178 pages (based on paperback edition)

* * * * *
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Pregnant By My Mother’s Rapist


Secrets can be deadly, especially when a person’s identity is involved, and that is the realty in this twisted tale. Meet Kaniyah aka Na Na the product of a 12-year-old mother and invisible father who finds herself trapped in a hopeless situation. All of her life NaNa was forced to suffer for the sins of others all while trying to figure out who she was. With no dad, a volatile relationship with her mother, and support only coming from her brothers and uncles, NaNa goes out into the world searching for what she never had… True Love. When she meets Anthony she thinks that her prayers have finally been answered but she couldn’t have been more wrong. Her quest leads her right down a bumpy road filled with abuse, lies, deceit, and murder that she has no way of escaping. Come on this twisted thrill ride with Na and find out how she became…. PREGNANT BY HER MOTHER’S R*****!

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