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Red: The Untold Story

by Angela M Hudson

Can your pack be safe when the alpha is a psychopath?

An enchanting standalone novel that puts a unique spin on the werewolf genre. Discover what people are saying about RED: THE UNTOLD STORY
Absolutely loved this story!!! It was funny, sad, inspiring… I even cried a little… But I loved it very much!” ~Kindle Customer, Amazon â??â??â??â??â??
This was a unique kind of love story but so my more than that. It was adventure and self worth and survival and perception, right and wrong. A very good read.” ~Amazon Review â??â??â??â??â??
The last half of the book is where the best drama happens and it makes you have to look away from the book for a quick moment just to catch your breath. Great story line, amazing details, and likeable characters. Once again just awed…!!” ~Amanda H, Amazon â??â??â??â??â??

#1 Bestselling Author of Dark Secrets and AusRom Today Author of the Year
A young wolf uncovers the twisted side of her pack in this dark and often witty tale about the beauty and the cruelty of love.

Red is a half blood. She will never take on wolf form. 

Shunned now by her pack–or at least by the wolves at school–she befriends a human guy with a desperately sad life. If Red thought her problems were bad, Alex Plain has it so much worse. But by the time she starts crushing on Alex, a promise she made a long time ago stands to ruin everything. So desperate to belong again, Red had agreed to line up when the pack alpha, Luther, came to choose his next victim. Or bride, which ever way you want to look at it. Seeing potential in her half-wolf blood, Luther selects Red and she is taken to the mysterious old mansion on the hill. Her new home. Her prison.

Cut off from the outside world now, from her family and from Alex, Red is exposed to the true cruelty of her alpha husband. He gives only to take away, and she lives in the kind of fear that never rests. When Luther shows his softer side after taking wolf form, Red begins to wonder if there is more to this cruel beast than meets the eye. 

Beneath these walls, though, a darker horror resides, and when Red uncovers the truth behind a debased ritual going back hundreds of years, she has no choice but to risk everything for the sake of a new friend and an innocent child.

Will she escape this nightmare, or will the exposure of the chilling truth about her pack see her punished in a sickening way?
RED: THE UNTOLD STORY is witty and adventurous. A YA story of self-discovery and the fight to overcome oppression in a unique world of suspense and uncertainty. 

Nadya’s Nights: Road to Vengeance

by Indy McDaniel

Things move pretty fast in Nadya Valentina’s world. Staying one step ahead isn’t just a good idea; it’s the only way to stay alive.

When one of her employer’s crews is brutally slaughtered, Nadya is tasked with finding who’s responsible and enacting some payback.

But the road to vengeance is a twisted one as Nadya finds her job growing increasingly complicated.

She’ll have to fight her way through heavily armed goons, a pack of werewolves, and one sadistic vampire if she wants to see another sunrise.

Step into Nadya’s world. And get ready to run.

The Rest Will Come

by Christina Bergling

Murder can be riskyâ?¦and not just for the douchebags on the business end of Emma’s power saw.

Men only let Emma down. They cheat, and they lie. They send unsolicited pictures of their genitals. Ready to give up hope, Emma decides to go on one last date. Then it finally happensâ??she finds the thing she loves most of all.

Killing clueless jerks she finds on the internet.

Lost in a happy haze of hunting her victims, devising increasingly-clever killings, and streamlining her dismemberment process, Emma gets careless.

As her need for her murderous outlet grows, she runs an increasing risk of getting caughtâ?¦or worseâ??falling for one of her victims.

Sylvio: The Preternatural

by R.E. Beebe

When doctors tell her that her cancer is incurable, Rachel resigns herself to her fate, until a mysterious man named Sylvio approaches her with a possible cure â?? one that will come at the cost of her freedom, and possibly, her soul.

With nothing left to lose, Rachel agrees to Sylvio’s proposal. Soon, she is swept into a surreal world where she learns that the preternatural beings of legend â?? vampires, witches, and werewolves â?? are all very real.

Sylvio: The Preternatural follows Rachel’s extraordinary journey of survival and self-discovery, where she finds that not all preternatural beings are evil. It’s the choices we make and the actions we take that define who we truly are.

Deadman’s Tome Monsters Exist

by John Palisano

From the time we are young, we fear the monster under the bed or in the closet, making it impossible to sleep without a nightlight. Then, we hear stories of Bigfoot, and maybe even the Mothman around campfires. When we are adults, we wonder if there might actually be supernatural creatures lurking in the shadows. Are these tall tales and urban legends only metaphors for what horrific things humanity is capable ofâ??or do monsters exist?

Go to some terrifying places with this cast of authors. You will be dragged into mystifying realities where demonic fairies hide, where devil monkeys lure carnival-goers to their demise, where Goatmen seek to destroy their prey, and where the goddess of death puts out a hit on victims of her choice. These shocking tales will have you biting your nails and locating that childhood nightlight. Because, in the end, we all know monsters do exist.

Strangers at the Door: Twelve unsettling tales of horror

by Christopher Henderson

– Something calls through the black void of space, from a moon of Jupiter to a flat in Wimbledon Village

– A schoolboy struggles to draw what he sees in a shunned corner of a communal garden

– Monsters roam the streets around Crystal Palace

– At the edge of Croydon, the walls of a house grow far too thin

– A young office worker is drawn to a macabre playhouse in Colliers Wood

– And moreâ?¦

When the line between normality and nightmare is easily blurred, you should always beware of STRANGERS AT THE DOOR.


by Indy McDaniel

The guests at Jackson’s Halloween Extravaganza aren’t shy about cutting loose and going wild. All of them except Frankie. She’s just there to keep an eye on her friend. Because Frankie’s got a secret. And if she loses control, she knows just how poorly the night could end.

The Secrets of Hidden Places

by Katie Marie

People always disappear during the festival.

Every year the island holds the festival but among the ancient rusted iron rides and wooden stalls, Melanie discovers an ancient secret. One that may cost her her life.

Air Waves of Death

by Indy McDaniel

Shane runs an internet radio show. He doesn’t play the usual indie bands or chat incessantly about mundane topics. His weekly show has one goal: Broadcasting the audio of people dying. What starts as a mildly morbid journey into sharing the demise of other poor souls becomes increasingly horrifying as Shane starts getting calls from a very interested fan.

Devlin And Johnny Forever

by Peter Brandvold


An all-new, ebook-exclusive backwoods horror story from Mean Pete Press!

Devlin had retreated to her family’s cabin in the Georgia woods to be alone with her thoughts. She’d had a tough time of it, breaking up with Johnny Bascomb after enduring his verbal and physical abuse, after losing their baby.

But when Devlin hears screams of bloody murder originating from the woods across the pond, she heads out to investigate and finds herself being hunted by the ghost of a Confederate soldier, freshly home from the Civil War…

The girl’s mouth moved for a time before she managed to get the words out: “He’s…torturin’…’em.” She had a heavy backwoods accent.
Devlin drew a sharp breath, steeled herself against the fear racing through her.
“My family. He’s torturin’ â??em. He’s home from the war…and he found out about….” Tears oozed out of the girl’s pain-racked eyes to stream through the blood on her cheeks. Her hands made wet squishing sounds, and Devlin realized she was trying to hold her insides in.
She’d been shot or stabbed.
A man’s muffled shout rose like thunder from inside the cabin.
“Oh, god!” the girl cried, her face twisting with anguish and horror as she threw her head back and raged at the sky. “It’s Johnny! He’s home from the war an’ he’s killin’ us all!”


by Scott Newman

Skylar Morgan has lived most of his life in pain & suffering. After tragically losing his mother at the age of seven, he was forced to become an outcast with few friends, an abusive father, and an unstable love life; all the while his community fell under the shadow of a twisted criminal empire. However, unbeknownst to Skylar, his suffering has been brewing a strength deep within him… a strength that could either destroy the good-hearted person he strived to become or transform him into the greatest ray of hope for the people in his now dark and corrupted home…

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