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Weight Loss Stories, Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise: How I Lost 50 Pounds in 6 Months…You Can Too!

by J.T. Mullen

This is a quick read book that will motivate you to get started in your weight loss journey. Once I got my mind right the rest was easy. When you are ready mentally you will find things just are not that hard. When you set small goals it motivates you to continue.

This is the story of what I did to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. I did not exercise or go on any traditional diets.

It is easy to gain weight without realizing it. All of a sudden you notice clothes are tight. Maybe you went up a few sizes. It looks hopeless and hard to lose weight and who wants to diet and exercise anyway? Do what I did. Get a second job!

How to lose weight easily by changing how you look at dieting.

Want to learn how to lose weight fast? Well I think 50 pounds in 6 months is fastâ?¦ You want to lose weight the healthy way? Eating right without dieting is the key to being successful. You can eat all you want, and I will tell you what you are going to want.

Weight Loss Success stories, yours is the next chapter!

After you see how easy it was to lose the weight you will be on your way to being motivated. Some days I lost 3 pounds, once it started it just got easier and easier. As the weight came off I was enjoying myself so much that before I knew it, I was thin man.

What you need is some Weight Loss Motivation

This is a quick read book that will motivate you to get started in your weight loss journey. Once I got my mind right the rest was easy. When you are ready mentally you will find things just are not that hard. When you set small goals it motivates you to continue.

Why Does Your Business Exist?: A Christian Business Guide to Creating your Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

by Chris Patton

A Note From the Author:

Do you have the clarity you want in your business or do decisions often result in confusion, conflict and resentment? Is your team always on the same page or does it feel disconnected, disjointed, and out of control at times? Does your business consistently operate in a distinctly Christian way that doesn’t require you to be present 24/7 for every decision or does that seem like an unreachable pipe dream?

You may have good and trustworthy key people on your team, but they will never get a clear purpose and shared sense of direction without intentional help from you. Until you all get that clarity, you’ll end up feeling like you have no grasp on all that is going on in your business. And as you grow (and you do want to grow, right?) too many people will have to make too many decisions without you.

You simply cannot keep up with it all.

Here’s the deal: until you get everyone on the same page, this is your lot. You will never break out of this situation until you clarify the purpose of the company. Until everyone knows and understands the desired destination for the company, they will all imagine their own destinations.

And when that happens, chaos soon follows! I struggled with those same challenges over the course of that ten-year period, so I get it.

The good news? There is a better place! And this book can serve as a map to get you there!

Welcome to the Couch : A beginner’s guide to therapy

by Kaity Rodriguez

Starting therapy is a big decision. It’s a great investment of time, energy, and money. While attending therapy is becoming more commonplace in America, many individuals lack an understanding of what therapy really entails and how to make the most out of it.
Research has proven that therapy works best when clients fully participate in the therapeutic process. In order to do this, individuals need to understand the therapeutic process, as well as their therapist’s role in that process. In Welcome to the Couch: A Beginner’s Guide to Therapy, therapist, Kaity Rodriguez, provides a comprehensive yet concise explanation of what clients should expect when starting therapy and how to make the most of their time in session. The guide is formatted in a simple question and answer format, allowing quick access to topics of concern. From understanding a therapist’s qualifications, to dealing with a violation of rights, to emergency services and hotlines, this guide show you how to make your experience in therapy a positive one.

The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Donâ??ts Nobody Is Telling You

by Gisela Hausmann

In times of hyped promises many marketing organizations don’t tell “everything,” especially in the self-publishing industry.
In this short book, Gisela Hausmann, a 29-year industry veteran, author of the naked (no-fluff) book series, and Amazon top reviewer reveals 53 rarely published facts that will help indie authors to avoid costly mistakes and market their books cheaper and more effectively.

-Basic Warnings
-Editing & Covers
-About Influencers
-Book Promotions on Social Media Platforms
-Book Reviews
-Communicating with Influencers
-Book Marketing
-What’s Overrated and What’s Underrated

Essential Oil Remedies for Total Beginner

by Lisa Bond

I want to thank and congratulate you for downloading this book « Healthy Essential Oils Guide For Skin Care, Hair Growth, Allergies, Weight Loss, Natural Cleaning: 47 NEW Essential Oils Recipes To Heal, Build And Improve Your Health For Beginner». If you’re looking for balance, for beauty products based on plants and essential oils, if you long for a more serene and pure lifestyle, without turning your present habits and ways upside down, this little guide is for you. Circulatory problems, cellulite, flabby stomach, constipation, toxin elimination, stimulants or draining products, beauty masks…

This straightforward and practical guide contains my little recipes, all tested by me. . All my friends agree: these recipes are effective, pleasant and economical. Why spend a fortune, when generous Nature is there, ready to provide all that you need?

In short, here is a gentle solution for your body-care, which you can prepare and use within your own four walls.

The little recipes below will bring you second-to-none bodily comfort and well-being. Adopt bio products for a healthy body. Learn to love yourself – take some time just for you. It’s really important

The Definition of Essential Oils

Essential oils contain the true essence of the plant they are derived from. The liquid essential oil is usually distilled by a steam or water process, from the flowers, leaves, stems, bark, roots, or other elements of a plant. You might be surprised to discover essential oils don’t actually feel oily. Most essential oils are clear, except for a few oils like lemongrass, patchouli, or orange, which are yellow or amber in color.

Don’t confuse therapeutic essential oils and fragrance oils, which aren’t the same. Fragrance oils are perfume oils, containing synthetic chemicals, and they have absolutely no therapeutic value.

In the United States, there are no aromatherapy regulations, or regulations on how the term aromatherapy is used. When buying commercial products, remember they could contain ingredients that use fragrance oil or synthetic chemicals. Carefully read all the ingredients.

Even when a manufacturer claims a product contains natural ingredients, or that they are made from essential oils, you must be careful. Even when the product says it is made only from natural ingredients it can still contain fragrance oils or other synthetic products. Only a couple of drops of essential oil are needed to be able to claim a product is made with essential oils.

The best way to be sure that you have a high quality therapeutic product is to make your own products, and we will provide you with some great recipes to get you started and help you to develop your skills. Before long, you will be a master at creating these recipes.

The quality and price of an essential oil can vary significantly, depending on a number of factors, which include whether the botanical is rare, where it the botanical comes from, the conditions it is grown in, the standards of the distiller, and the amount of oil that can be produced.

Protecting Their Baby: MM Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (Mated Book 2) Kindle Edition

by Van Cole

Everything Changes When A Baby Is Added In The Mix

Allan was the kind of man that everybody respected, but also secretly hated behind his back. He was the boss of a company that dealt with mostly stocks and bonds for those that were ready to have that retirement that they deserved.

Brian had never liked Alan, but that changed and now he was ready to give birth to a dragon shifter. Unfortunately, their happiness will be short-lived when a rival faction has taken exception to him going beyond tradition. There is a bounty on both of their heads and just in time for the birth of the baby. They will have no choice but to rely on one another even with Brian suffering the effects of what their union has ultimately given him.

How will they deal with being hunted and on the cusp of having fatherhood realized?

This Romance Short Story Was Formerly Titled Breath Of Life

Bariatric Mindset Success: Live Your Best Life and Keep The Weight Off After Weight Loss Surgery

by Kristin Lloyd

Weight loss surgery is not the quick fix to having the body of your dreams, it’s just the first step! Did you know that 40% of WLS patients regain weight within 5 years of surgery? When it comes to long-term WLS success, you’ve got to get a handle on your emotions and motivation.

This is why MINDSET is essential.

If you are not in the right headspace, you can slide backward and enter the danger zone of regaining weight. After investing so much time to get your body where you want it, is having the wrong mindset worth the risk of sabotaging all you’ve worked hard to achieve?

In Bariatric Mindset Success, you will be guided through the WLS basics as well as advanced mindset, motivation, and emotional techniques to help you stay motivated through the ups and downs of life and create lifestyle habits that keep you focused on WLS success for life, not just in the short term.

Make weight regain a distant memory, take a stand for yourself and create a healthier version of you.

You’re worth it!

The All-Inclusive Consciousness: Instruction manual to your unlimited potential

by Ronnie Michael

When you buy a new phone, computer or any expensive gadget with the latest technology, it always comes with an instruction manual. The creator of the gadget gives you step by step instructions on how to use the device. We come into this world, and we get a fantastic piece of the latest technology, the human body.
Even a simple toy comes with some instruction book or manual. However this fantastic piece of technology we get from birth does not come with an instruction manual, can you imagine getting a complicated device of the latest technology that you have never seen before and you have no manual for it?
How do you begin to use it? How do you learn all the functions, what it is capable of and how to use it to the highest of the potential it has?
I have spent most of my life ever since I was a child in search of knowledge. If at any point of my life I would have been granted one wish, it would have been to know everything, to have all the knowledge in the world.
In this book, I have included wisdom and knowledge that I have gained from some of the brightest minds on this planet. In my journey, I have come across many different souls who have taught me essential lessons about this reality we live in. I have had experiences that have awakened me to another level of awareness and to see the world and myself from a broader perspective.
In this book, I reveal to you what I have learned from spiritual teachers, enlightened masters, herbal and holistic doctors, shamans, gurus, and teachers. What I have learned from my spiritual awakening. How I see reality from the perspective of the all-inclusive consciousness. How life has proved to me what is real and how I was able to break free from the illusion, and how you can get to this state yourself.
Now I can offer you a complete instruction manual on how to connect to the source of all power, a complete manual on how to maximize your potential on all aspects. A manual showing you how to see the world through the eyes of infinite awareness, through the eyes of pure consciousness, how to manifest your dreams and how not to create any more karmic debt or suffering.
This book contains knowledge that will make the seemingly impossible possible. It will show you how to access the unlimited power within yourself.
I wish you have a joyful moment of realization and coming into connection with your inner souce.

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