Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Oct 17

The Hands of Ruin: Book One

by Dylan Lee Peters

In a lakeside village amid the forests of Ferren, a young girl has been disfigured by a dark and mysterious presence. Only zul mastersâ??those who use a mystical red dust called zulisâ??have the skill to vanquish such nightmares, and so now a master must be chosen.

On Earth, fourteen-year-old twins, Zigmund and Zerah, are sent to live with their uncle, Rainart, after their parents’ untimely deaths. Rainart is an abrasive drunk with a limp, and a secretive past. Yet, his secrets quickly come to light with astounding tension as the twins learn of his time in a land far away, and his possession of a mysterious and powerful red dust.

Book one of The Hands of Ruin begins a saga of two worlds and the individuals who bind those worlds together. It is a story both visionary and deeply emotional, rife with action, mystery, and vivid imagination. Blending fantasy and science fiction with passion, morality, and drama, The Hands of Ruin has all the makings of a true epic.

Z9 City: Coming of Age

by D.C. Hightower

Trouble has come to the peace and security of the Zenith colony â?? a cluster of fifty space stations far from Earth where Tran and Bobby have grown up. Mentored by a famous scientist, nurtured and trained by a mysterious and beautiful renegade, the two boys find themselves in the middle of a struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, life and death. Guided by a fierce sense of loyalty and faith, they battle sinister forces from Earth to protect their colony, their way of life, and the ones they love.

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