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Brides of Honor: Mail Order Bride

by Christian Michael

A 5-Part Mail Order Bride series along with the BONUS widow-themed collection, “Widows Head West.”

Beauty is as beauty does – and all of these spunky young women know it! In each of these sweet, clean, historical mail order bride stories you will get the opportunity to follow five charming young women as they overcome hardship and learn to live up their names.

From aspiring actresses to runaway brides to secret pregnancies, there is no end to the obstacles and trials these young women must face.

Will these young women find the strength to overcome the tragedy and hardship life has thrown their way and become true brides of virtue?

Book 1 – Mercy Jade
Book 2 – Hope James
Book 3 – Grace Stone
Book 4 – Charity Hill
Book 5 – Faith Clyde

Widows Head West
A Widow’s Love
A Bride for a Cowboy
A Cowboy’s Widow
Alone and Pregnant
Widow Finds Love
A Widow Finds a Rancher
The Frontier Widow
Widowed and Pregnant
Hope for a Widow
Cowboy Saves a Widow
Desperate for Love
A Widow’s Heart

La Señorita Amelia Pesca a un Duque (Spanish Edition)

by Sandy Raven

“No tengo la costumbre de ir pidiéndoles a las damas que se casen conmigo. De hecho, sois la segunda mujer que ha recibido nunca talâ?¦ invitación.” Se aproximó un poco más a ella, hasta acercarse tanto que podía ver el leve temblor de su delicioso labio inferior. “Y me devolvió el beso, Amelia, no pretenda que no.”

Vio indecisión, miedo, e incluso deseo en el rostro de ella, vuelto hacia él. Cav deseaba volver a besarla, pero temía que se asustase. Como si pudiera leer sus pensamientos, ella se giró hacia las puertas abiertas que daban al jardín. “Si bien hasta ayer por la noche nunca había sentido deseos de casarme, ahora sí los siento.”

 “¡Lo ve! Acaba de admitir que no desea casarse conmigo”, conjeturó ella. “Y yo no deseo casarme con un hombre solo porque haya sido sorprendido besándome. Buenoâ?¦ Con las mismas, podría decirme directamente que yo era su segunda elección.”

Cav intentó atraer su atención mientas ella recorría incansable el espacio entre el servicio de té y las puertas francesas. Pero ella ni se fijaba en él mientras continuaba.

 “No quiero ser el segundo plato de ningún hombre. Quiero, noâ?¦ Merezco ser el único deseo de un hombre.” Se detuvo, le miró y añadió “Por ello, debo rechazar su generosa oferta, Excelencia.”

�l no podía creer lo que estaba escuchando. Cualquier otra mujer habría aceptado su oferta de matrimonio, y las dos únicas mujeres a las que se había declarado, le habían rechazado. Oh, no dudaba que conseguiría hacerla entrar en razón. Cav sabía que todo lo que tenía que hacer era besar a Amelia, y ella diría que sí.

Pero esto era diferente. Amelia era diferente. Con toda probabilidad, había cuidado de su familia incluso en vida de su padre. No conocía otra cosa. ¿Cómo iba a convencerla de que ella, la Señorita Amelia Manners-Sutton, era el objeto de su deseo? Le apartó un mechón rebelde de cabello de la car

Mr. Darcyâ??s Passion (Pemberley Intimate 1): A Sensual Pride and Prejudice Compromise

by Harriet Lark

When Elizabeth Bennet tours Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle Gardiner, they make a plan to visit Pemberley.

Initially worried she will bump into Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth is reassured when she’s informed he won’t be arriving until the next day.

But when she strolls in the woods alone, she comes face to face with him!

Passion burns in Darcy’s veins. He’d determined to show Elizabeth just how much he ardently admires and loves her.

Will their passionate interlude in the woods lead to something more? Or will this be the only opportunity Elizabeth has to feel his strong arms around her, and to experience his lips on hers?

This is a short novelette of 8,000 words.

When Love Sneaks In (Montgomery Family & Friends Book 2)

by Vikki Vaught

After a devious duke betrays her, Lady Helen Montgomery swears off love. Although she’ll never give her heart again, she does want a home of her own and children. She attends a London ball, bent on finding a husband. She meets Matthew Cunningham, an intriguing widowed earl seeking a mother for his daughters.

After a two-week courtship, they agree to a marriage of convenience. When she arrives at her husband’s home, she finds a run-down estate, and mischievous twin girls. Add, Matthew’s devilish brother and hellion sister determined to create chaosâ?¦and someone wanting her demiseâ?¦it’s a recipe for disaster. 

Love Sneaked In, Book 2 in Vikki Vaught’s Montgomery Family & Family series, takes you from the ballrooms of the Beau Monde to the wild coast of Devon. A sensual romance of mystery and mayhem, sure to please the most ardent Regency lover.

What she doesn’t anticipateâ?¦passion so hot it sizzles. Dare she allow him into her heart, or should she keep the wall surrounding it intact?

This book originally published in 2012 as Love Sneaked In. It has been rewritten and given a new title.

Quitt (German Edition)

by Theodor Fontane

Dieses eBook: “Quitt” ist mit einem detaillierten und dynamischen Inhaltsverzeichnis versehen und wurde sorgfältig korrekturgelesen.
Die Handlung beginnt in den 1870er Jahren in Wolfshau bei Krummhübel im schlesischen Riesengebirge. Der 27-jährige Stellmacher Lehnert Menz, ein stolzer und leicht reizbarer junger Mann, hadert mit der autoritären Ordnung in Staat und Gesellschaft PreuÃ?ens. Er liest liberale Blätter und hat undeutliche Ideen von einer freiheitlichen Republik, die er in dem “glücklichen Amerika” verwirklicht glaubt, über das er ein Buch besitzt, in dem er oft liest. Sein Nachbar, der gräfliche Förster Opitz, ein hochmütiger, engstirniger und ehrpusseliger MittdreiÃ?iger, ist für ihn nicht nur die Verkörperung des preuÃ?ischen Obrigkeitsstaates, sondern auch sein persönlicher Feind, der ihn mit unversöhnlichem Hass verfolgt, weil er ihm die Unterwerfung und Ehrerbietung versagt, auf die Opitz als gräflicher Forstbeamter Anspruch zu haben glaubt. Schon im Deutsch-Französischen Krieg wurde Menz von Opitz schikaniert und um die verdiente Auszeichnung mit dem Eisernen Kreuz gebracht. Nach dem Krieg hat Opitz ihn wegen Wilddieberei angezeigt und dafür gesorgt, dass er zu zwei Monaten Gefängnis verurteilt wurde. Als er ihn wegen einer Lappalie erneut anzuzeigen droht, bricht sich der auch auf Menz’ Seite aufgestaute Hass schlieÃ?lich Bahn: Er schieÃ?t seinen Widersacher bei einer nächtlichen Begegnung im Gebirge nieder. Opitz verblutet qualvoll.
Theodor Fontane (1819-1898) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller. Er gilt als literarischer Spiegel PreuÃ?ens und als bedeutendster deutscher Vertreter des Realismus.

Carry My Heart (Hearts in Africa Book 2)

by Tessa Stockton

Claire, a missionary child having grown up in the wilds of the Tanzanian bush, is restless, tired of what has become routine, and desperately seeks change. She spends time at her family’s vacation cabin in Washington State, hoping a peaceful respite will help sort out her future. But when the obscure man living in the only other cabin on the lake gets on her nerves, she finds peace difficult to obtain.

Nick, once a lover of the sea and a sailor at heart, is plagued by guilt and grief from a tragic sailboat accident and withdraws from society, struggling alone with the pain of his past. He wants seclusion, but a certain odd missionary woman moves into the cabin next door, invading his private, dark, and sometimes suicidal world.

As time and emotions wear thin, Nick and Claire come to find consolation, hope, and love in each other and their relationship strengthens. All seems perfect and happy, until Claire can no longer deny that she is being called back to Africa. Nick has no desire to go to the Dark Continent, to a dusty region, and especially to what he considers a savage tribe. He wants to return to a life on the sea. In heartache and confusion, they part ways despite the deep bond that developed between them. They are worlds apart. It’s true, opposites attract. Yet together they’re turned upside down and cannot find a way to coexist. But God does.

Love, adventure, tragedy, redemptionâ??all is at stake in the inspirational romance series, Hearts in Africa, by Tessa Stockton.

Complete list of titles in the HEARTS IN AFRICA inspirational romance series:

– Warm My Heart (Book 1)
– Carry My Heart (Book 2)
– Return My Heart (Book 3)
– Color My Heart (Book 4)

Love Lies Bleeding

by Laini Giles

When a hiker near Ithaca stumbles across an old skeleton buried with a rusty buttonhook and a locket full of pictures, Senior Investigator Frank Conley of the New York State Police knows he’s looking at a tough case. What he doesn’t expect is having to solve his own aunt’s murder.

In 1916, when high-society debutante Libbie Morgan decided to balance her time between Ithaca’s rich-but-dull golden boy and a heart-poundingly handsome farm boy, she unknowingly launched an ever-widening web of deception and jealousy.

Frank must peel away layers of history as he deals with his own demons and races against time to find the answer before his mother goes to the grave never knowing the truth about her sister. With the help of the town historian and an attractive aspiring writer, can he piece together a seventy-year-old mystery and discover how love ended up bleeding in a shallow grave?

On The Border of Time

by Carol J Bro

In this time travel, historical romance, Julia Pickett, 25 years old and within hours of becoming engaged to a wonderful man, steps over a threshold in the old courthouse and is confronted with the unfathomable. A Yankee soldier sits atop his horse where, less than an hour earlier, she had parked her VW Passat. When the terminally curious Julia goes to investigate, she is confronted by a charismatic young bushwhacker named Zeb Bonard who first holds her at gunpoint, but in no time at all persuades her to help him break his brother out of jail. In just one day’s time, Julia goes from being a well-respected historian in 2015 to a wanted criminal almost a century and a half before her own birth.

Julia is soon hopelessly entangled in every aspect of life along the volatile Missouri-Kansas border during this bloodiest of wars in U.S. history. She runs the gamut of emotions but, ultimately, she must choose between two centuries-and two men. One offers her a safe if lack-luster life in the 21st century, but a well-intentioned desperado beckons her from across the border of time and Julia isn’t sure she can resist his call.

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