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The Quest Begins (The Sacred Quest Trilogy Book 1): A Supernatural Magic Thriller Trilogy

by Skarlet Lu Realta

When Louise uncovers a dark secret in an age-old Scottish castle, one that tore her from her mighty alchemist lover â??Magus’ of an age long-past, her world shatters. Leaving the castle with a mysterious coded ring on her finger, she is catapulted headlong onto a thrilling deadly quest through a world of synchronistic supernatural magic to attempt to reunite with the Magus once more and complete what they once began. As she begins to recall and write the alchemy of their epic story, the ceremonial temple blood magic that binds them is unleashed as are the story’s characters and events which uncannily come to life, leading her on an incredible trail through quantum time to come face to face with the terror that once tore them apart.


Q- So what makes The Sacred Quest Trilogy special?

A – From a tiny age I have experienced incredible, mysterious and inexplicable phenomena. I always intrinsically knew somehow that the magic imbued in mythology and legend were more real than even the history we are led to believe. But how? Then, back in 2006, something extraordinary happened, catapulting me headlong into the thrilling world of magic that I always suspected to exist. The Sacred Quest trilogy catapults YOU headlong into that world of magik: where the paranormal becomes normal and fantasy becomes fact. Imagine writing a book and suddenly what you write starts becoming real and you are left asking am I writing this story or is IT writing me? Well, that’s exactly what happened with The Sacred Quest. It is a thrilling, paranormal yet normal, supernatural yet natural, rollercoaster ride of pure magic!

Q- What order should I read them in?

A – I have written the Trilogy in sequence as follows:

-The Quest Begins
-Flight of the Eagle
-Return of the Magus

From here you can go on and read:
-Zalmoxis Pact
Yet Zalmoxis Pact can be read before The Sacred Quest Trilogy

Which leads into The Lucifer Tales series (a stand alone series that also connects back into the worlds of Zalmoxis Pact and The Sacred Quest)
-Book 1: The Dark Magus (coming soon)
-Book 2: The Ceremony of Choosing (coming soon)

Q – Why read these books?

A – Because The Sacred Quest Trilogy is not just a reading experience. The books are alive with magic, a compendium of pure alchemy. Once you get to the end of the trilogy you will be shocked as you realise that everything you thought the story to be at the beginning, – a woman, born of magik, seeking to find and return her great love across time – is not at all what you thought it was when you started readingâ?¦ Be preparedâ?¦ your reality will never be the same again!!

Above all, thank you for taking the time to read these books 🙂

Little Monsters: A Halloween Story

by Russ Anderson Jr.

Halloween has been getting out of hand for years. Roving bands of costumed children roam the neighborhoods of America, demanding tribute in the form of treats. Pray for those ill-prepared adults who don’t have any to give them. “Tricks” can include property damage, assault, and, in some cases, even murder.

To make matters worse, a historic chocolate shortage has ensured that this is going to be the worst, bloodiest Halloween yet. One family is determined to hide, to survive, but their own shortcomings are just as likely to get them killed as the mobs of desperate trick-or-treaters outside.

The Line of Luna (The Saga of Sol Book 1)

by J. B. Glunk

Escaping the sweeping darkness that has laid waste to her home, Talia is forced to flee everything she has ever known. Mercilessly hunted by a coven of bloodthirsty vampires during the harrowing flight through the western wilds, she forms an uneasy alliance with a mysterious stranger to ensure her errand’s success. Claiming to be one of the last warriors from the nearly extinct Sentinels Creed, she entrusts him with her destiny and the pair embark on the most perilous of pressing journeys.

Seeking to rekindle ancient, seemingly forgotten agreements with an old ally, Talia and her new companion soon unearth a more intricate conspiracy, all the while surviving the dangers of a forsaken world filled with horrific creatures of nightmare. But even with the seasoned sentinel’s expertise and blade, they face insurmountable odds, for the fanged fiends will never stop hunting her.

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