Free war Kindle books for 14 Nov 17

The Nukes of October: Secret sorties of an Air Force Phantom Pilot

by Jeff T Bauer

Follow Pete O’Neil over a twenty-year period as he pursues his dream of flying. From modest beginnings flying a single-engine Cub to mastering the top fighter aircraft of the 1960s, Pete survives his training in time to handle the ultimate challenge – flying combat sorties. He isn’t a typical fighter pilot and fate intervenes, keeping him behind the scenes influencing crucial military events of the 1960s. Enjoy the blending of historical fiction with heart-pounding flying action.

Cold War Two

by Ed Bowie

In the endless night of the Arctic Winter one man and one woman are pitted against the might of the Russian war machine.

Surveillance expert Siv Jagland meets Warren, a strategist at NATO’s New Concepts and Technologies unit (NCAT), at the Joint Warfare Center in Stavanger, Norway. Together they discover Russia’s latest threat to the global balance of power. But, to track it down they have to travel alone and without any kind of support, to the top of the world, and survive in a burned-out and abandoned base on the Humboldt Glacier in Greenland, under the ever-watching eyes of the Russian surveillance satellites — deep in the Arctic wasteland.

The Burning Land: An astonishing novel about love, war and conflicting loyalties

by Elizabeth Darrell

An unforgettable tale of anguish, courage and divided loyalties set against the Anglo-Boer War at the turn of the century.

A commission in a regiment he despises, and marriage to a virtuous woman who wants only his name and wealth – those are his father’s conditions for saving Alex Russell from scandal and bankruptcy.

Brutally rejecting his fiancée, Alex sails for South Africa with the Downshire Rifles and fights for moral and physical survival during the prelude to the war. His passion for a local girl is his salvation until her family takes up arms against the British, and they are forced to treat each other as enemies�

Elizabeth Darrell is the penname of Emma Drummond, born in 1931. Her father was a member of the British Army stationed in Hong Kong, where Drummond spent the early years of her life. As well as writing books, she worked in the Women’s Royal Army Corps.

datekyoji ge (Japanese Edition)

by haga kodo


In a March of Madness

by J. R Chadwick

In a March of Madness

Reason, cause and effect; we all live by it and we all die by it.
And it is said, that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing, can cause a tidal wave, on the other side of the world: the butterfly effect.

After a near-death experience as a child, Carl Manning always saw things a little differently than most. He felt like a stranger in his world, with feelings that others couldn’t understand. He saw ghosts, visions, and demons from his past; which seemed real, but he questioned if his life and these visions were.

A lost soul caught between the worlds of light and dark. And it is there, within the depths of darkness and madness that the Devil will seek you.

Life in 1982 is tough and the mean streets offer little salvation. He longs to see his estranged son and sees the army as a way out and a torch to enkindle that lost relationship. But when all that comforts you from the past, are the wrong choices, a misguided direction, and past demons. Where would you run too, when there’s nowhere to hide? Where would you turn, when you can’t see a way out?

Within the horrors of the Falkland’s war, he witnesses loss and destruction and a mysterious presence from his past comes to torment him once more. Can he solve the puzzle which is existence? Can he find the light through the maze of darkness? Will the love and salvation he longs, find him? Or in the march of madness is there only the darkness?

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