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LIBERTAD EMPRENDEDORA – 10 Claves Probadas para Escalar Tu Negocio Digital: Crear Tu Estilo de Vida Ideal y Ser Feliz (Spanish Edition)

by Más y Mejor

Libertad Emprendedora es un libro para Emprendedores que quieren ser libres y felices. Es un libro directo, rápido y sencillo, con 10 reflexiones que los autores, Juanmi Olivares Merlos e Isabel Sánchez Sáez quieren compartir con sus seguidores.
Libertad Emprendedora es el primer libro “rápido” publicado por los chicos de Más y Mejor.
En él cuentan 10 claves que a ellos les han servido para escalar su negocio digital y vivir el estilo de vida que siempre han querido.

The Dutch East India Company and British East India Company: The History and Legacy of the Worldâ??s Most Famous Colonial Trade Companies

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures
*Includes contemporary accounts of the companies
*Includes a bibliography for further reading

From classic grilled meat to exotic and savory 5-star dishes, pepper has long been the ultimate staple spice. While bulk pepper may be readily stocked in supermarkets and convenience stores today, there was once a time when the common spice was considered one of the most valuable commodities in the world. Merchants tripped over one another to get their hands on the tiny black beads, which live in colorful clusters of berry-like shells reminiscent of Christmas lights. They were so precious that an uncountable number of men crossed the turbulent and uncharted seas for them. In fact, the tropical spice was so highly sought after that blood was shed over the edible gold.

To many, the mention of maritime merchants evokes an imagery of growling pirates donned in their stereotypical hats and a colorful parrot perched upon their shoulders. These nautical rascals wander the high seas in search of treasure and adventure. Though that imagery may be inaccurate, the real life companies that once dominated international waters operated on a similar thirst for conquest and riches.

Perhaps the most famous – or as many would put it, infamous – of these naval corporations was the Dutch East India Company, also known as VOC. Established around the beginning of the 17th century, this nautical behemoth of a corporation was determined to squeeze everyone else out of the market. Vested with the power to wage war and exterminate any who dared stand in their way, the rest of the world stood by as the unstoppable force took over the whole of international maritime trade. The company would crush its opponents on the way to the top, establishing a monopoly on the global spice trade that would not only rock the world but forever change the course of modern business history.

The British East India Company served as one of the key players in the formation of the British Empire. From its origins as a trading company struggling to keep up with its superior Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish competitors to its tenure as the ruling authority of the Indian subcontinent to its eventual hubristic downfall, the East India Company serves as a lens through which to explore the much larger economic and social forces that shaped the formation of a global British Empire. As a private company that became a non-state global power in its own right, the East India Company also serves as a cautionary tale all too relevant to the modern world’s current political and economic situation.

Beyond its obvious influence in areas like trade and commerce, the East India Company also served as a point of cultural contact between Western Europeans, South Asians, and East Asians. Quintessentially British practices such as tea drinking were made possible by East India Company trade. The products and cultural practices traveling back and forth on East India Company ships from one continent to another also reconfigured the way societies around the globe viewed sexuality, gender, class, and labor. On a much darker level, the East India Company fueled white supremacy and European concepts of Orientalism (See Said, Orientalism).

One of the major reasons that the East India Company remains the subject of intense interest is that the consequences of its influence remain visible in India, Britain, and other parts of the world to this day. While the British Crown eventually replaced the East India Company as the governing authority of India, the systems of production they had established remained intact. More than half a century after India declared independence from the British Empire, the economic and cultural effects of this colonial system of production remained apparent.

Hercules & Jason and the Argonauts: The Legendary Stories of Ancient Greeceâ??s Most Famous Heroes

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures
*Includes ancient accounts
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

There are few mythological characters that require less of an introduction than Hercules. His “labours” are known and have been reimagined by cultures far beyond their Greek beginnings, and he continues to influence modern culture in more ways than any other ancient Greek hero.

What is curious about Hercules’s character is that, despite his fame even in the ancient world, there was no authoritative source for his biography. The Library of Myths, commonly though falsely attributed to Apollodorus, is frequently used to illustrate the key episodes of Hercules’s life. Despite being written at some time during the 2nd century CE, the Library encapsulates much of the “conglomerate of popular tales” that has become Hercules’s vulgate biography.

Ultimately, though these tales are well known, their true beauty lies in the social and religious influence of their telling and the historical memories that remain, to this day, as shadows in their lines.

The story of Jason and his crew of Argonauts is one of the best-known and most beloved myths of all time. Blockbuster movies have been made about it, and legendary explorer and historian Tim Severin even constructed a replica of the Argo in 1984 and succeeded in sailing it to Colchis (modern-day Georgia).

In the ancient world too, this myth was told and retold time and again. The best source of the myth available to the modern reader (generally considered to be Apollonius Rhodius’s Argonautica) comes from the Hellenistic Period (ca. 323-31 BCE), which is very late in terms of most sources available for Greek myth. This means that the story written at that time had already been exposed to centuries of influences and additions. However, mythology is not the study of a story’s beginnings alone, and very often, it is the changes and adaptations that provide the story with its most fascinating characteristics.

The vague geography of the Argo’s story will become apparent, but it’s also important, because there are numerous theories as to why the ancient writers may have charted the journey as they did. The Argo’s journey was as revelatory to Jason as it was to the late ancient Greek readers/listeners, since it incorporated many of the mythical, political, and cultural themes that pervaded myths throughout the Mediterranean. These themes accumulated with every revision and retelling of the story until it became a central motif in the Greek mindset, with strands linking it to myth, peoples, and places. It is this story of multitudes that contains the most fascinating curios of Jason and the Argonauts.

Hercules & Jason and the Argonauts: The Legendary Stories of Ancient Greece’s Most Famous Heroes looks at the famous myths. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about Hercules and Jason and the Argonauts like never before.

Ur and Uruk: The History and Legacy of the Ancient Sumeriansâ?? Two Most Important Cities

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures
*Examines the Sumerians’ culture, daily life at the cities, and architecture
*Includes ancient accounts describing the cities
*Includes a bibliography for further reading

In southern Iraq, a crushing silence hangs over the dunes. For nearly 5,000 years, the sands of the Iraqi desert have held the remains of the oldest known civilization: the Sumerians. When American archaeologists discovered a collection of cuneiform tablets in Iraq in the late 19th century, they were confronted with a language and a people who were at the time only scarcely known to even the most knowledgeable scholars of ancient Mesopotamia. The exploits and achievements of other Mesopotamian peoples, such as the Assyrians and Babylonians, were already known to a large segment of the population through the Old Testament and the nascent field of Near Eastern studies had unraveled the enigma of the Akkadian language that was widely used throughout the region in ancient times, but the discovery of the Sumerian tablets brought to light the existence of the Sumerian culture, which was the oldest of all the Mesopotamian cultures.

Although the Sumerians continue to get second or even third billing compared to the Babylonians and Assyrians, perhaps because they never built an empire as great as the Assyrians or established a city as enduring and great as Babylon, they were the people who provided the template of civilization that all later Mesopotamians built upon. The Sumerians are credited with being the first people to invent writing, libraries, cities, and schools in Mesopotamia (Ziskind 1972, 34), and many would argue that they were the first people to create and do those things anywhere in world.

No site better represents the importance of the Sumerians than the city of Uruk. Between the fourth and the third millennium BCE, Uruk was one of several city-states in the land of Sumer, located in the southern end of the Fertile Crescent, between the two great rivers of the Tigris and the Euphrates. Discovered in the late 19th century by the British archaeologist William Loftus, it is this site that has revealed much of what is now known of the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Neo-Sumerian people. Although Uruk was not the only city that the Sumerians built during the Uruk period, it was by far the greatest and also the source of most of the archeological and written evidence concerning early Sumerian culture (Kuhrt 2010, 1:23). Uruk went from being the world’s first major city to the most important political and cultural center in the ancient Near East in relatively quick fashion.

Long before Alexandria was a city and even before Memphis and Babylon had attained greatness, the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur stood foremost among ancient Near Eastern cities. Today, the greatness and cultural influence of Ur has been largely forgotten by most people, partially because its monuments have not stood the test of time the way other ancient culture’s monuments have. For instance, the monuments of Egypt were made of stone while those of Ur and most other Mesopotamian cities were made of mud brick and as will be discussed in this report, mud-brick may be an easier material to work with than stone but it also decays much quicker. The same is true to a certain extent for the written documents that were produced at Ur.

At its height Ur was the center of a great dynasty that controlled most of Mesopotamia directly through a well maintained army and bureaucracy and the areas that were not under its direct control were influenced by Ur’s diplomats and religious ideas. Ur was also a truly resilient city because it survived the downfall of the Sumerians, outright destruction at the hands of the Elamites, and later occupations by numerous other peoples, which included Saddam Hussein more recently.

Calisthenics: Using Your Own Weight For Muscle Growth, Strength and Endurance (Calisthenics Workout, Beginner Calisthenics, Bodyweight Exercises, Testosterone)

by Vladimiros Mangenakis

We all have heard of it but most people have never tried it. Calisthenics is a form of training where the only weights you use is your own bodyweight as resistance, with other words you can call it Bodyweight Training! Now you might think. I don’t want to be doing push-ups, squats and crunches all day long. Well that’s not true, Calisthenics isn’t about staying on the same level for a long period of time! We always make our workouts harder by changing the variations of the exercise.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Are The Benefits of Calisthenics?
  • Equipment You’ll Need
  • The Best Way To Build Muscle
  • Increase Your Stregth
  • Boost Your Endurance
  • How To Start Taking Action
  • Muscle Up Guide
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    The Astors: The History and Legacy of One of the Worldâ??s Wealthiest Families

    by Charles River Editors

    *Includes pictures
    *Includes John Jacob Astor’s quotes about his career
    *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
    *Includes a table of contents

    “Could I begin life again, knowing what I now know, and had money to invest, I would buy every foot of land on the Island of Manhattan.” – John Jacob Astor

    The Astor surname, one of New York’s most important family names for over a century, is synonymous with American aristocracy, a term that defies simple definition. Unlike Britain, where the term aristocrat had a definite meaning, the New York aristocracy was “at best a metaphor for high social status or prestige in a nation which had unequivocally rejected the mechanisms needed to create and sustain an aristocracy on the European model.”

    The defining marker for new world aristocracy was, at its core, money. Though some families with accumulated cash took years to break in, financial fitness, rather than birth or connections (which could be gained through marriage) ultimately ruled the day.

    The immense wealth that the Astor family accumulated, spent, and in many cases, gave away, in the family’s heyday is difficult to comprehend. The second Astor to reach the shores of America, John Jacob, accumulated during his lifetime “a fortune that represented one-fifteenth of all the personal wealth in America.” His children consistently inherited amounts that preserved their title as the “richest” or “one of the richest” in America at the turn of the twenty-first century. The German immigrant John Jacob Astor’s goals, however, went beyond the accrual of wealth. He developed a vision that would sweep up Thomas Jefferson himself. Together, the men “would establish a democratic outpost on the dim, distant Pacific Coast. Jefferson’s vision embraced the entirety of North America and accorded Astor’s enterprise a powerful role in shaping the continent’s political destiny.” His vision of trade, real estate, and settlement affected not only his own nation, but the world.

    The Astors: The History and Legacy of One of the World’s Wealthiest Families examines the history of the family and its influence. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about the Astor family like never before.

    Stop Procrastinating: A Simple Guide to Hacking Laziness, Building Self Discipline, and Overcoming Procrastination

    by Nils Salzgeber

    Learn How to Stop Procrastinating Today!

    Do you feel like your potential is severely limited due to your procrastination habit?

    Are you tired of the guilt, stress, and overwhelm that comes with procrastination?

    Do you want to learn the secret to getting things done quickly and effectively, so that you can increase your success in all areas of life?

    In this no-fluff and action-oriented book, you’ll discover the real reason behind your procrastination (there’s only one!) and you’ll find potent tools to help you overcome procrastination for good.

    In Stop Procrastinating You’ll Discoverâ?¦

    • More than 20 science-based strategies designed to help you overcome laziness, free yourself from excessive guilt, and get things done whether you feel like it or not.
    • A simple strategy for programming your unconscious mind to act in any way you like
    • New research explaining differences between procrastinators and non-procrastinators (Hint: procrastination is not your fault.)
    • Why criticizing yourself always leads to more procrastination and what to do instead
    • The 30-second trick to build “instant habits” so you can wake up early, exercise regularly, and get more done without wasting any willpower
    • A quick walkthrough of the new science of willpower: why you need it, easy ways to get more of it, and step-by-step advice on how you’ll use it to overcome procrastination
    • Why your granny doesn’t procrastinate (the alarming link between technology, distractions, and procrastinationâ?¦ and what you must do to escape this trap)
    • Rarely discussed but highly researched strategies that tackle the root cause of procrastinationâ?¦ allowing you to quickly relieve guilt, feel better about yourself, and as a result get more done

    Whether you’re a failing student, aspiring entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, or just someone who’s constantly struggling for motivation – know that by following the information in Stop Procrastinating, you can overcome procrastination.

    More importantly, you can finally realize your potential, go after your dreams, and enjoy life without constantly feeling guilty or stressed out.

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    Data Analytics: This Book Includes – Data Analytics AND Agile Project Management AND Machine Learning – A Three Book Bundle

    by Robert Keane

    This Book Includes 3 Manuscripts

    Data Analytics

    Master The Techniques For Data Science, Big Data And Data Analytics

    If your business is like most, it is already generating a staggering amount of data on a regular basis. Understanding what this data truly means is key to succeeding in the marketplace these days and if you are looking for a way to give yourself an edge then Data Analytics is the book you have been waiting for.

    Inside this book you will find:

    • Everything you need to know to get started completing the right kind of data analysis to benefit your business regardless of what that business is
    • The best ways to utilize predictive analysis effectively
    • Easy to use machine learning and regression techniques
    • The reasons why you need discrete choice models in your life

    Agile Project Management

    Focus On Continuous Improvement, Scope Flexibility, Team Input, And Delivering Essential Quality Products

    Agile Project Management has grown in popularity over the past several years. Change is occurring so fast that many organizations are unable to keep up with the demands of a changing global world. Your ability to quickly change and adapt to your environment will make or break, not only your career but could be the deciding factor as to whether your company survives in the coming years. Those that have implemented the Agile strategies you will learn in this book are the ones that are succeeding and will be around for years to come.  Look around at your peers. How many of them are looking to take that next step? The answer is probably very few but not you. You are an action taker. The fact that you are looking for a book like this says so.

    Here is some of what you will learn:

    • The Benefits of Agile for you and your organization
    • Agile strategy and making Agile work within an organization
    • What is Scrum and how to implement it
    • Explanation of ITIL and how it relates to Agile
    • Tools of the trade
    • Case Studies to show you Agile in action
    • And an added BONUS – THE SECRET WEAPON

    Machine Learning

    Master The Three Types Of Machine Learning

    Machine learning is vital to the world of information technology. While many people may have no idea what machine learning is, they have probably used it sometime in their daily lives. For example, if you have ever done a search query on a search engine, you have worked with one form of machine learning. The program to do your search query has been trained to find the best results based on what you are looking for and it will also learn from the choices that you make.

    In this book you will find:

    • Understanding the Basics of Machine Learning
    • Why should I Use Machine Learning?
    • Machine Learning Applications
    • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Different
    • Statistics and Probability Theory
    • The Building Blocks of Machine Learning
    • Formal Statistical Learning Framework
    • PAC Learning Strategies
    • Generalization Models in Machine Learning
    • Supervised Machine Learning
    • Unsupervised Machine Learning
    • Support Vector Machines 
    • Issues That Can Come Up In Machine Learning

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    L.A. Husbands and Wives: The Hot Boyz Finale

    by Marissa Monteilh

    The Wilson brother’s empire returns, in L.A. Husbands & Wives, the final story in the scandalous Hot Boyz trilogy, thirteen years after the first release. Fine and famous, Mason Wilson is retired from pro-golf, and is now living Downtown while serving as Mayor of Los Angeles, in the same political arena as councilman Ryan Germany, who Mason’s wife, Mercedes, cheated with. Yet Mason has a couple of his own problems to tend to. While Torino Wilson, a nightclub owner and music producer, and his wife Sequoia still live in Ladera Heights, also known as The Black Beverly Hills, a new challenge manages to test Torino’s love and devotion, and it also threatens Sequoia’s sanity. And Claude Wilson, who owns a chain of thriving real estate offices, is legally separated from Venus, and living in Laguna Hills while enjoying his bachelorhood, yet Venus has a celebrity lover, and Claude is determined to do all he can to get her back. Can these three couples, and their children, manage to beat the odds of fame, success, scandal, and marriage, without the Wilson empire crumbling? Who will survive the drama, and who will die?

    The Most Infamous Terrorist Groups in the World: The History and Legacy of al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, the Nusra Front, and Boko Haram

    by Charles River Editors

    *Includes pictures
    *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
    *Includes a table of contents

    Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, the world has struggled to define al-Qaeda, an amorphous, growing, and seemingly inexhaustible organization. Once a relatively organized group based in one country with a defined hierarchy and clear leadership, al-Qaeda has transformed into a transnational phenomenon over the last few decades, with branches and affiliates operating in dozens of countries across the world. Many call al-Qaeda an enemy, while some define it as an ideology, and others analyze it as a network. Of course, a small minority takes it up as their cause and an extension of their religion.

    Also known as ISIS, Da’esh, al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), and a host of other names, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has increasingly gained attention over the years for its brutal tactics and seemingly blatant disregard for human rights, but it has recently dominated the global media spotlight and made headlines when it attacked and seized control of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and drove out an Iraqi army force that was more than five times its size in June 2014. It has since laid claim to various territories throughout Iraq and the Levant, and it has established operational control and maintained administrative structures on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border. Most recently, it declared the restoration of a caliphate and renamed itself the Islamic State. One of the reasons ISIS has gone by so many different names is because it has rebranded itself numerous times in the past. After starting as an al-Qaeda-inspired Sunni Islamist brigade that emerged from the ashes of the jihadist struggle against foreign forces in Iraq, the group grew into a full-fledged al-Qaeda branch, then evolved into a religiously motivated army, then finally separated from al-Qaeda to become the organization it is today.

    Since the Arab Spring uprising of 2011, reports of terrorist attacks around the world have flooded international media. Syria, a country about one and half times the size of Texas, has become the central battleground for many terrorist groups; those the world often focuses on and has heard much of–such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as ISIS and Da’ash, but from here on referred to as ISIL)–and those the world rarely hears about and is unable to make distinctions between others–such as Jabhat Al-Nusra. Despite the lack of focused attention on its activities, Jabhat Al-Nusra (or, the Nusra Front as it is sometimes referred to) has built quite a reputation in Syria and the greater Middle East for its seemingly endless supply of weapons, ability to ally with strategic partners, and its peculiar mix of international, albeit notorious, supporters inside the country. The complexity of the Syrian Civil War is most definitely reflected in the complexity of the groups fighting for power within and around its borders; Jabhat Al-Nusra is no exception. The group’s relationship with ISIL, Al-Qaeda, and the other militant factions within Syria is complicated and appears often conflictual: as of the time of this writing, Jabhat Al-Nusra had announced its split from Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) but analysts believe this is nothing more than a re-branding technique to attract all fighting elements in Syria to be under its own umbrella of control.

    On the morning of April 15, 2004, the world woke up to the extraordinary news of the kidnap in a little known hamlet of Nigeria of some 276, primarily Christian schoolgirls, by the radical militant Nigerian insurgent group Boko Haram. Almost overnight, the group, which had resided somewhat on the fringes of global consciousness up until that point, found itself at the forefront as international public outrage, culminating in a social media campaign headed by First Lady Michelle Obama, demanded the immediate return of the kidnapped girls.

    Tiwanaku and Puma Punku: The History and Legacy of South Americaâ??s Most Famous Ancient Holy Site

    by Charles River Editors

    *Includes pictures
    *Includes a bibliography for further reading
    *Includes a table of contents

    Few ancient ruins capture the imagination like the mighty holy site of Tiwanaku, located on the high Andean altiplano plateau outside of La Paz, Bolivia. Unlike some ancient sites, such as Machu Picchu in neighboring Peru or Chichen Itzá in Mexico, Tiwanaku has never been “lost”; on the contrary, it has been marveled over for centuries by Incan nobles, Spanish Conquistadores, modern backpackers, and UFO fanatics alike. Despite this history of amazement, Tiwanaku has remained something of an enigma until recently, but it appears that this would have probably been pleasing to its creators. It was created to be a mysterious, sacred, and beautiful place, one with many secrets and a public face characterized by PT Barnum-like showmanship.

    Skillful modern archaeology has allowed people to look behind the facade and see, for the first time in many, many centuries, some of the secrets behind it. The story is fascinating, complex, and thoroughly human. The modern visitor arriving to Tiahuanaco finds him or herself in, as Cieza de Léon noted almost 130 years ago, a not very notable, dusty, chilly settlement south of Lake Titicaca. The place would not be of any great interest except that to the east and south of the modern village, within walking distance of the center, rise a number of remarkable ruins.

    The ancient world often evokes wonder, respect and even confusion, and few places accomplish any of that more than the incredible ruined stone temple of Puma Punku. Part of the larger ruined city of Tiwanaku in the altiplano plains of modern Bolivia, Puma Punku is a marvel of engineering, stonemasonry and design. These facts are obvious to even the lay observer, as Puma Punku’s stonework is remarkable even for the Andes where visitors have long wondered at ancient stone joints where even a knife bade could not fit between the stones. This level of craftsmanship has caused some, mostly those who have never been to the Andes, to speculate of a fanciful origin for the site, maintaining that such a wonderful and mysterious place must be the work of extraterrestrial or super-human forces.

    However, Puma Punku’s stonemasonry is often considered its most notable feature only because until recently so little was known about the site or the Tiwanaku culture that built it. This would be like visiting the ruins of the Vatican or Westminster Abbey centuries from now and being wowed by the quality of construction. While the construction is impressive, that aspect is not the most interesting story that the sites can tell.

    Today, through the diligent work of scholars from many countries, the disciplines of archaeology, art history, comparative ethnography and other modern historical sciences have begun to peel back the story of Puma Punku, and historians can once again begin to tell the stories behind the stones. That work has highlighted the enigmatic ruins from many points of view, and have helped explain how it was a place of ritual, showmanship, mythology and, of course, the finest workmanship.

    Tiwanaku and Puma Punku: The History and Legacy of South America’s Most Famous Ancient Holy Site examines some of the most important pre-Columbian ruins in the world. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Tiwanaku and Puma Punku like never before.

    Betel Leaf Paradox

    by Om Krishna Uprety

    Betel leaf is among the high price leaf in South East Asia. The reason for the immense popularity is due to several health benefits of consumption. Betel leaf is considered to be native to the south East Asia. People around the native region have been consuming the Betel leaf to cure several ailments in the human body of a long time back. Betel leaf belongs to the Piperaceae family. Its Botanical name is Piper betle.

    Building Confidence:: 21 Steps To Overcome Self Doubt And Social Anxiety (Social Skills)

    by Apostolos Gradales

    Who should read this book?

    If you find yourself anxious in social situations or just at a low level of self-self-confidence in general, this book should assist in giving you the best chance of pushing your self-self-confidence to points higher than you ever thought possible.

    In the following chapters you will discover a multitude of tips and tricks to help build up your self-confidence and rid yourself of social anxiety. Many people struggle with these issues, but you certainly do not have to. By exploring the many methods provided in this book, you will find that the things that once held you back now warrants barely the smallest notice

    You’re about to discover how to overcome self doubt and relieve social anxiety

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Why you should surround yourself with positive people
    • How to spruce things up
    • How to be adaptable and why it is important
    • How to get some variation in your life
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    Stop Procrastination: 33 Anti-Procrastination Habits To Stop Being Lazy And Earn Back Your 1095 Hours A Year (Procrastination, Procrastination Cure, Stop … Time Management, Self-Discipline,)

    by Subha Malik

    Conquer Your Inner Procrastinator With These 33 Anti-Procrastination Habits

    The act of putting off important things which should be done now is known as procrastination. And a person who delays or postpones important things is called a Procrastinator.

    It is avoidance of doing a task that needs to be completed. It is the practice of replacing your more urgent tasks with less urgent ones, thus putting off tasks at hand to a later time. In some cases, procrastination continues until the “last minute” before a cut-off date.The Procrastination can affect all areas of life like putting off cleaning the stove, submitting a job report or academic assignment, seeing a doctor or dentist, or broaching a stressful issue with a partner.

    Do you remember yourself thinking while you have to do an urgent task, I will do it later or there is enough time still or I have my own priorities? The truth is if you manage to complete your urgent tasks in given time, you will feel happier. But in spite of knowing this truth you still procrastinate, why? Inside this eBook You will find the core reasons behind procrastination.

    A Preview Of What You Will Learn

    • What Is Procrastination?
    • Why You Procrastinate So Much?
    • The Real Costs Of Procrastination
    • Make Procrastination Work for You
    • How To Get Rid Of Procrastination?
    • 33 Anti- Procrastination Habits

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    This eBook is for all individuals who tend to put things off till the last minute and then feel guilty for not accomplishing their tasks and goals on time. This eBook could be a procrastination cure for you.

    This eBook is for you if you are struggling to beat your habit of delaying tasks and your habit of procrastination is ruining your career and your life in general. This eBook is suitable for both chronic and recent procrastinators.

    Purpose Of This eBook

    The purpose of this eBook is to help people like you to get rid of the habit of putting things off which is also referred to as “Procrastination”. Because procrastination has many adverse affects on your personal and professional life therefore, it very crucial for you to beat this habit as soon as possible.

    Also the purpose of this book is to make people aware of this dangerous habit and its consequences. You will learn what costs you will have to pay if you don’t quit procrastination.

    What To Expect From This eBook

    After reading this eBook you will get all the necessary information about how to stop procrastination. You will learn what actually this habit is, what are causes and trigger of procrastination, what its possible consequences are and how you can beat this habit successfully.

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    The Domino Effect: Live Your Rich Life With A Few Keystone Habits

    by Michael Hammond

    When was the last time you told yourself…

  • I want to spend more time with my family and friends…
  • I want more energy..
  • I really want to get in shape..
  • Damn, I want to be the best version of myself!!
  • If so, you’ve come to the right place.

    The good thing is, it might be much easier than you think.

    Our whole lives are a bunch of habits linked together. Some of them matter a lot more than others. You don’t need to make massive changes in your life and implement 100+ new habits like many experts tell you. All you need to do is to implement a few keystone habits and the rest will take care of itself. It’s a domino effect leading to personal and professional success.
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    Social Media Mastery: 10 Essential Tips For Social Media Marketers

    by Richard Jameson

    10 Essential Tips For Social Media Marketers

    Weight Loss: 15 ways to lose weight without dieting.

    by Maria Oliveros

    How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

    Losing weight is a common goal for many people. Most try a few diet programs or plans to help reach their healthy or ideal weight. However, dieting can be frustrating, difficult, expensive and may produce little weight loss. In addition, many studies have shown that in the long-term, diets actually do not help you maintain the weight you’ve lost. In general, it’s a combination of small lifestyle changes, diet, and exercise that produce the best and most sustainable weight loss. So if you’re not interested in dieting, skip it and adopt a few easy lifestyle changes to help you lose the extra weight.

    In this book you will learn:

    Some ways to lose weight without going to the gymnasium

    15 ways to lose weight without dieting

    Choose clothes that help you lose weight

    10 foods that help you shed pounds

    Much, much more!…

    Final Words:

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    Homesteading Food: Learn To Grow And Bake Own Bread, Make Own Dairy And Store Food Properly: (Ketogenic Bread, Cheesemaking, Canning)

    by Good Books

    Homesteading Food: Learn To Grow And Bake Own Bread, Make Own Dairy And Store Food Properly

    Book 1: How To Make Bread: Step-by-Step Guide From Growing Wheat To Baking A Bread Loaf

    Wheat was responsible for the emergence of large city states; because of how easily it was cultivated on a large scale and for how long it lasted in storage. Thanks to wheat we had the development of the Babylonian and Assyrian empires.

    With physical activity and wheat you won’t just lose weight, but you will also gain powerful heart health. This complicated carbohydrate is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and this may help with cardio health.

    Book 2: How to Make Organic Dairy Products: Feel the Difference with Homemade Yoghurt, Butter and Different Kinds of Cheese

    This book not only teaches you how to make organic dairy products like yoghurt, butter and cheese, but it also teaches you how to make the products suitable for people who are intolerant to lactose. Read onâ?¦

    Book 3: How to Make Butter: Homemade Butter, Low Fat Butter, Margarine and Ghee, plus Recipes for Your Butter

    This book has clear information on how you can make your own butter, margarine, and even ghee. It also teaches you, in a very simple way, how to flavor your butter while still keeping it all-natural. The book also teaches you how to make low fat butter without losing butter’s cherished natural flavor. One of the amazing things this book brings out is that you can enjoy butter and its derivatives without spending too much money.

    Book 4: Salting And Pickling: 27 Quick & Easy Salting and Pickling Recipes You And Your Family Will Enjoy

    “Salting and pickling: 27 Quick & Easy salting and Pickling Recipes you and Your Family will enjoy” is a book with detailed information on diverse salted and pickled recipes. Each recipe has its all its ingredients listed, together with the exact measurements you need to use for your pickles to be as delicious and as crunchy as they need to be. What you will see in the book is that there are many ingredients used in the recipes that are ordinarily highly perishable. However, as you will see as you read through the book, salting and pickling gives the ingredients a much longer life, so that foods that would otherwise go bad in a couple of days end up lasting for weeks even without refrigeration.

    This book also teaches you through its recipes that foods can develop new interesting flavors just by pickling, yet pickling only takes a little time and relatively little cost.As such, many people may wish to do the pickling themselves after reading this book and seeing how simple pickling recipes can be.

    Book 5: Summer Canning: 20 Savory Recipes Of Vegetables Preserves + 20 Sweet Recipes Of Fruit Jams And Marmalades

    When our favorite fruits and vegetables are in season, we tend to buy in bulk. And since most of them are highly perishable, preserving the vegetables and fruits is the best way to enjoy them for a longer period of time.

    This book is meant to be a quick guide for making luscious jam, marmalade, vegetable preserves, and other fruit preserves. The recipe instructions are made simpler so that even beginners can easily follow them.

    Book 6: Keto Bread Cookbook: Real Low Carb Recipes

    In the following recipes you can discover delicious, healthy alternatives which are low in carbohydrates and will boost your ability to get things done!

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    Delectable December: A Month of Delicious Meals for Busy Families

    by Anne Greene

    Nourish your family with wholesome recipes, made from scratch, with no small appliances or gadgets required.

    This is a complete plan for feeding your family seasonal, real, honest food throughout the whole month.

    Includes recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacksâ?¦ with a detailed grocery list and tips for once-a-month grocery shopping.

    Created with larger families in mind, these recipes will feed a family of 6 to 8 (depending on the ages and appetites of your children), with an easy downloadable supplement for extra-blessed sized families (with 8 to 12 members).

    Your family will enjoy some Amish / Mennonite classics, along with more modern American & Canadian food. The meals here are simple and hearty – perfect for busy moms and their active families.

    Delectable December contains a month’s worth of family-sized meals. Some meals are to be used only once, while others repeat a few times. (A checklist and free printable are included.)

    Use them in any order you wish, and check off each box as you use a meal.

    These meals can all be prepared without any fancy tools or small appliances. We do things simply around here, and I hope you’ll try doing things the plain way too!

    You will need access to a chest freezer, and a very small refrigerator or old-fashioned ice box will suffice. This is a guide to good, old-fashioned seasonal eating, with tips for saving time and money by only shopping for groceries once per month. Follow the author’s Facebook page for weekly and bi-weekly grocery lists to coordinate with this title.

    Notes about the December plan:

    This month’s meal plan includes 31 breakfasts, 22 lunches (with the other 8 lunches being leftover days), 29 dinners, a turkey dinner, 36 snacks, and a gingerbread house. This leaves room for one lunch and dinner away from home.
    There are enough ingredients in your shopping list to do two batches of each of the Christmas cookie recipes. This should allow you to build up a nice selection of cookies for entertaining, gifting, or a cookie exchange, while still having enough to spare for daily snacks. To save on effort and dishwashing you can just bake, for example, both batches of gingerbread men on the same day.

    The candies in your grocery list are for the gingerbread house. It’s such a fun tradition, and I hope you’ll give it a go.
    Before you go shopping, please have a look over the Turkey Dinner menu, and if there are any “must have” traditional Christmas dishes for your family that aren’t represented here, please add them to your grocery list. Or, better yet, ask one of your guests to bring them!

    If you aren’t hosting a turkey dinner this year, I hope you’ll cook one this month anyways – it’s an economical, crowd-pleasing meal that can really stretch your grocery budget.

    At our house we avoid pork, so when I say “bacon” or “sausage”, I mean turkey bacon or chicken/beef/goat sausage. I’m assuming that you will use the meat of your choice, in the quantities each recipe calls for.

    This meal plan, like the others in the series, builds on skills and recipes learned from the previous month. That means for each month you stick with it and cook along with me, you’ll learn a few new kitchen skills, gain confidence, and have an easier time of this cooking-from-scratch thing.

    Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin: Journey to one million dollars with Cryptocurrency. The secret to becoming a Crypto Millionaire.

    by David Brogan

    Do you want to completely change your life? Do you want to be a Millionaire? This book will show you what you have to do but more important how you can do it and share with you the secret to becoming a millionaire Cryptocurrency.

    In this book you will learn:

    – Introducing Cryptocurrency

    – Understanding Blockchain Technology

    – Investment

    – Mining

    – Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    – Million Dollar Formula

    – Mistakes to Avoid While Trading Cryptocurrency

    – How I became a Crypto Millionaire

    – Much, much more!…

    Final Words:

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    Electric Pressure Cooker: Superfast Pressure Cooker Recipes – Healthy, Delicious, Quick and Easy Meals

    by Tina B.Baker

    Over 200 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, all designed with the American home cook in mind. Each of the recipes includes a complete table of nutritional facts so you can make sure you’re feeding your family right. However, this volume is much more than a mere cookbook; it’s a concise guide to all aspects of Electric Pressure cooking. We’ll teach you how to select the right Electric Pressure for you, how to use your fancy new appliance, and how to adapt the Pressure Cooker recipes to your own tastes and available ingredients.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

    • Electric Pressure Cooker Options & Basics
    • Breakfast Recipes
    • Beans & Grains
    • Vegetables & Sides
    • Fish & Seafood
    • Meatless Mains
    • Beef & Pork
    • Snacks & Appetizers
    • Natural Yogurt Recipes
    • Vegan
    • Delicious Sides & Snacks
    • Protein Rich Poultry
    • Savory Rice & Pasta Dishes
    • Soups & Stews
    • Desserts

    The Narcissist: The Ultimate Guide to Recognize, Resist and Recover from a Narcissistic Relationship

    by Lilly LeVaugh

    Whether you’ve been involved with a narcissist for years and are just realizing it or have recently met someone you think might be one, this bookâ??written by someone who’s seen and been through it all with narcissistsâ??will help guide you back to safety and sanity. In this book, you’ll learn:

    -Characteristics to look for to identify a narcissist
    -How the cycle of love bombing, withdrawal, and discarding works, where you are in the cycle, and how to make sense of your situation
    -The difference between real love and narcissistic love
    -How narcissists ensnare people psychologically, and how to stay one step ahead of their games to avoid being prey
    -How to stop being the narcissist’s “supply” and free yourself from the trap
    -Practical step-by-step guidance to rebuild yourself and reclaim your sanity after a narcissistic relationship

    Through a combination of social insight, brain science, and practical advice, The Narcissist: The Ultimate Guide to Recognize, Resist and Recover from a Narcissistic Relationship will give you the tools to stop being prey and rise above the narcissist’s destructive games.

    The chapters in the book will help you in finding the answers.
    1.The Myth of Narcissus
    2.Will You Know One When You Meet One?
    3.Irresistible: Why Narcissists Are So Attractive
    4.The Hunter and the Hunted: How Narcissists Make us Pursue Them and How to Stop
    5.What if the Narcissist Loves Me Back?
    6.Surviving the Narcissist Relationship
    7.Resisting Attraction to a Narcissist
    8.Conclusion: The Narcissists We All Love

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    Affirmation For Rich Life

    by J.A. Austenn

    Do you want rich life? If you say ” YES” but you still spend your life like shitty life please try to read this book. This book is about hypnosis your subconscious mind and help you change your life quickly. You will have the rich life as soon as possible ( as soon as you buy this book). Let’s try it!!

    AMZ Business Jumpstart: Your Step By Step Guide To Start, Build And Scale An Amazon Business

    by Nick Tsai

    This is the guidebook for anyone who wants to start their journey on selling on Amazon

    It covers everything you need from 0 to kickstart your business

    What you will learn from this book:

    *My secret 7-Step-Formula to get unlimited free traffic that 94% of your competitors have no clue about (page 87)
    * A secret website to find almost any product you can imagine for over 40% profit margin (page 37)
     *The 13 critical mistakes which will get your account suspended overnight (Even top sellers can make these mistakes) (page 114)
     *A “Stupid but effective” 3-Step-Formula to find hot-selling products without hassle, confusion, or nightmares (page 33 )
     *8 places where you should get things optimized right before doing any promotions (or you are putting money on the table) (page 78 )
     *The 54 most dangerous products, which you should never sell on Amazon, that so-called “gurus” will encourage you to sell (page 22)
    * 4 “rarely-mentioned” categories in which you can easily find high margin & easy-to-sell products (page 20)
     *7 negotiating tricks which help you get a better deal than your competitors (page 39)
     *10 things you MUST know before ever creating your Amazon business account �page 25�
     *21 tools top sellers won’t tell you about that will help you outsell and outrank your competitors (page 111)
     *A 9-step-formula to launch your Amazon Business that pro sellers are using (page 15)
     *3 secrets to run Amazon Ads profitably without taking a big risk, even if you are totally newbie (page 108)
     *How to use “___” to make Amazon your automatic selling machine (on page (page 50)
     *Who to get 20% or even more profit margin with ____(page 66)
     *My evil tricks to get back to selling on Amazon, even if you’ve made any of the critical mistakes (page 121)
     *My 3 step formula to rank any product on Amazon (page 102)
     *Top 5 ranking factor 90% Of the seller has no clue about (page 102)
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    Ecommerce School of Success (Work from Home 2018): Start Selling Products Through Google Marketing, Foreign Products Selling & No Money Down Ecommerce

    by Ben Craig

    Create an Internet Business That You Can Run Anywhere You Desire!

    Inside this 3 book bundle you’ll discover:

    – The 3 mega niches and why you should focus on these products first
    – How to target sub-niches and find them via Google Keyword Planner
    – The number of searches to aim for when choosing a keyword to target
    – The number of keywords you need to target to make at least $2,000 per website
    – The simple product criteria to follow when you’re researching what product to sell
    – How to create a WordPress site from scratch
    – The plug ins you need to install for maximum on page seo power
    – How to write a review from star to finish
    – Some examples you can copy for your own product review
    – The exact services you can use to help you rank much faster in Google for as cheap as $12

    – How to take advantage of the market imbalance in foreign affiliate niches
    – How to find the best keyword to promote
    – How to find the best products to sell to your customers
    – How to create a website from scratch
    – How to write a product review that turn visitors into buyers
    – 3 ways to rank your website fast… for free or for as cheap as possible!
    – Some examples of websites to copy

    – The best way to find the perfect product to sell online
    – A simple 5 part guideline that will help you choose a product and almost guarantee that it’ll sell
    – How to create a free website via wordpress platform
    – How to set up your payment option system
    – How to drive free traffic from Youtube and Facebook Fan Page
    – How to run promos and sell products without really selling it! I know, confusing but this is genius! It’ll allow you to sell more products without trying really hard!
    – How to fulfill your products, stress free!

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    Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep: The Exhausted Parentâ??s Loving Guide to Baby Sleep Training, Developing Healthy Infant Sleep Habits and Making Sure Your Child is Quiet at Night

    by Leanne Patterson

    Bleehhhâ?¦.Do You Feel Exhausted? Don’t Know How to Get Your Baby to Sleep?

    The truth is: you are not alone. Many loving parents just like you struggle with crying babies. Little infants who they love more than anything, yet also drive them crazy. All they can think of is: sleep baby sleep…

    I’ve been there. An let me tell you: it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent!

    But what to do?

    You don’t have to be a helpless victim of your baby’s sleep problems any longer. This no-fluff guide contains highly effective baby sleep-training strategies that will let both baby and parent sleep peacefully at night.

    DOWNLOAD: â??Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep’

    The goal of this book is simple: to make your little one the happiest baby on this planet. One that sleeps through the night. Without crying. Because if your baby sleeps, you get to sleep. And you’ll have more energy to be an (even) better parent!

    Why You Should Check Out â??Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep’:

    This book is jam-packed with practical step-by-step instructions that simply work. Coming from someone who’s been in the trenches: a mom.

    Here is what you will learn:

    • How to tell if your baby is ill?
    • Strategies to stop your baby’s crying

    • Natural remedies to help your baby sleep at night

    • Cry it out approach vs an alternative approach

    • How to make your baby’s bedroom a safe place

    • How to monitor which strategies have effect on your baby and which don’t

    • The perfect daytime routine for your baby

    • The ideal nighttime routine for you, and thus your baby

    • And much more!

    The bottom line?

    â??Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep’ will give you your life back. Applying these baby sleep solution strategies will have an immediate effect on your happiness. Both you and your baby will be a pleasure to be around!

    Be prepared; this is real life, not a Disney movie. You’re going to have to pull up your sleeves and learn a few tricks. But, I promise, it will be worth it in the end!

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