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Fly Fishing For Beginners: Your #1 Guide For True Beginners (Fly fishing,How to fish, how to cast, fish, fly rod, fishing, step-by-step, fish Handling, fish cleaning, fly line, Fresh water fishing)

by Bruce Craven


Fly fishing, like any other type of fishing, is more than just catching the fish.


In this fly fishing guide you will also learn how one can cast from the shoreline or wading in a river, from a kayak or boat; for sunfish, trout, bass, redfish or tarpon.

Who Should Buy This

So, do buy this if you:

  1. Need a step-by-step guide
  2. Want to know parts of a fly line and fly rod!
  3. Learn how to cast the line, not the fly.

However, don’t buy this if you:

  1. Won’t actually read the book
  2. And not interested in fly fishing at all.



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Herbal Medicine: Medicinal Plants To Save Your Life In Wilderness!: (Medicinal Herbs, Wilderness Survival)

by Steve Black

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Herbal Medicine: Medicinal Plants To Save Your Life In Wilderness!

When you are out in the wild and are devoid of basic necessities, you need to take the assistance of nature in order to survive. Without having enough food or even first aid by your side, chances are that you might not survive – but not when you have the useful information about various plants that can be found in the wild. The guide has in-depth information regarding some of the essential medicinal plants that can be found in the woods easily. The book answers some of the major questions about these useful plants, like:

  • How to use these medicinal plants in the correct way?
  • How to identify them in the wild without getting confused?
  • What are the prime benefits of these plants?

If you are a prepper or a hiker, then this is a must-have guide for you as it will help you expand your knowledge and be close to nature at the same time. The guide will prepare you on how you can use these medicinal plants if you ever find yourself alone in the wilderness. If you think that herbal products can’t help you survive, then the guide will certainly make you think again!

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Survival Guide 10 in 1! Outdoor Survival Mega-Bundle: Prepping, Survival Navigation, Survival Medicine, Bug Out Bag, Homemade Weapons, Find Food, Survive When Attacking Predatory Animals And More!

by John Thornton

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Survival Guide 10 in 1! Outdoor Survival Mega-Bundle: Survival Navigation, Survival Medicine, Bug Out Bag, Homemade Weapons, Find Food, Survive When Attacking Predatory Animals And More!

If you wish to survive outdoors and be a true survivor, then you need to come out of the comfort zone and start preparing yourself for the worst-case scenarios. After all, it takes a while to develop surviving skills in order to handle real-time situations thoughtfully.

To help you, we have come up with this well-researched and comprehensive book. It is an extensive wilderness survival guide with proven strategies that can help you face any unforeseen situation. We have provided the kind of suggestions that can be implemented in any kind of wilderness.

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The Art of Boxing: A Self-Instruction Book

by Tom Lotta

Tom Lotta was army lightweight champion 1944-1945. Tom fought 48 times, losing twice on decisions. One of those losses was to Joe Brown who later became the undisputed lightweight champion of the world. Tom wrote this book to introduce basic boxing skills that are concise enough and simple enough for youngsters. This book is also the official instruction manual for the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.

LA CANNE: J. Charlemont’s defensive cane method


The companion volume to La Boxe Française, La Canne offers Charlemont’s rough and ready guide to the use of a cane as a serious weapon of self defense. Derived from the techniques of saber fencing, La Canne is a purely European stick fighting system which will surprise any curious dabbler who takes up a solidly made cane and delivers a few good looping whacks to a heavy bag or tree with it. The fighting cane will knock a man senseless, shatter a knee, forearm, or wrist, splinter a finger and bust a rib or three with relative ease. In 1899 canes were ubiquitous, an essential accessory for every gentlemen that was often opted for by ladies as well. While many a sly fellow had a rapier hidden in his cane, Charlemont’s system made this unnecessary, as a skilled stick fighter could put a knife wielding robber away with the power of Newtonian physics and a piece of polished hardwood. Whether or not canes make a comeback as an everyday fashion statement remains to be seen, but there is certainly nothing wrong with the average citizen carrying one for style, support, and something to point at stuff with. This book is for entertainment purposes only.

Woodpeckers: The carpenters of the forest in Italy (La voliera senza sbarre Book 2)

by Giampietro Lanzanova

The Woodpeckers are widespread, they live in our woods, but they are not willing to be observed willingly. They work wood as if they were carpenters. In their abandoned nests, other tenants find their home. In spring it is wonderful to listen to their drumming, it is easier to listen to them than to see them. They are very fascinating animals.
These photos were taken in unprotected areas near Rome.

Transcendental Journeys: A Visionary Quest for Freedom

by Torsten Klimmer

Visionary Multimedia Book with Evolutionary Message

Humanity has to free itself from old paradigms and rigid patterns. This book points in that direction

A mystical near death experience three decades ago in Sumatra kickstarts the spiritual journeys of Omananda who describes the process of conscious awakening in the collective evolution of man through his visionary writings.

Transcendental Journeys is a world traveler’s testimony of three decades. The book begins with the chilling description of how the author escaped the oppressive communist regime of East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. Driven by a burning desire for freedom, Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda, filmmaker of Liquid Crystal Vision, risked his life and left behind friends and family not yet aware that an open secret lies dormant within everyone’s heart that, once uncovered, could lead to liberation.

Discoveries in exotic places and shamanic dimensions are slowly revealed during this nonfictional cosmic adventure that offers an exciting view into the visual, spiritual, and practical possibilities available to anyone with an open mind.

This artful multimedia book with photography and embedded video links urges people to free themselves. It inspires direct action towards the profound shift in perspective that is required today. In order to preserve the natural balance of life on Planet Earth, each individual has to become a responsible, fully conscious, co-creator of reality.

Pitching. Isn’t. Complicated.: The Secrets of Pro Pitchers Aren’t Secrets At All

by Dan Blewett

Pitchers: this book will teach you the mental and physical techniques you need to become your team’s best pitcher.

Coaches: this book will teach you how to give your players a professional coaching experience.

The book provides deep insight into the fine points of not only pitching mechanics, pitch development and strategy, but the important character traits of successful pitchers, like practice routine, professionalism and focus.

Pitching. Isn’t. Complicated is written by former 2-time All-Star pro pitchers and baseball academy owner, Dan Blewett. is a concise explanation of the pitching maxims that every pitcher must have to pitch at an elite level. Covered are mechanics, mindset, mental training, situational pitching, holding runners, and more. Dan has combined his playing experience with innovative training techniques to help teach pitchers the mental and physical side of the game in easy to understand terms.

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Impressionato scenario Vol.7 (Italian Edition)

by magnificent beautiful

Una magnifica vista, una bella scena che non può essere espresso a parole, un libro che raccoglie i paesaggi che si desidera dire a qualcuno.

Imponeret landskab Vol.7 (Danish Edition)

by magnificent beautiful

En storslået udsigt, en smuk scene, der ikke kan udtrykkes i ord, en bog, der samler landskaber, som du ønsker at fortælle nogen.

Self Defense Survival Guide: 25 Proven Lessons How To Protect Yourself Against Crime and What To Do If You Are A Victim: (At the Park, When You Are Driving The Car, In the Parking Lot, At the Mall)

by Chad Lawrence

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Self Defense Survival Guide

25 Proven Lessons How To Protect Yourself Against Crime and What To Do If You Are A Victim

We live in a troubled world. There are many threats and dangers that could catch us unaware and the latest statistics on crime are not the least bit encouraging. With such bleak circumstances, knowing how to defend yourself is absolutely imperative. And this book teaches you how to defend yourself anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are at the park, in the car, or walking through the mall parking lot. This book gives you everything you need to know to mount an effective self-defense.

In this book you will learn:

  • Basic Martial Arts
  • How to be vigilant
  • To improve reaction time
  • And much, much, more!

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Vistaemocionalvol3 (Japanese Edition)

by emotion passion

No sólo los destinos turísticos famosos, sino también el paisaje local también se publican.
El turismo japonés será cada vez más divertido.

Schönheit von Innen: Selbstbewusstsein für Anfänger (German Edition)

by M.I. Sieger

Wer wäre nicht gerne einer jener Personen, die einen Raum betritt und dabei erfrischend selbstbewusst und positiv auf alle Anwesenden wirkt und dazu keine Spur von Arroganz und �berheblichkeit mitschwingt? Unsere Ausstrahlung beeinflusst nicht nur, was andere von uns denken, sondern vermittelt anderen auch, wie wir zu uns selbst stehen. Wer wenig selbstbewusst ist, kann Sicherheit auch nicht nach au�en strahlen!

In diesem Buch erfährst Du:
-Wie wichtig Selbstbewusstsein für uns wirklich ist
-Wie du lernst, dich selbst zu lieben, ohne Selbstverliebt zu sein
-Wie du auf andere wirkst und was dabei wichtig ist
-Wie du dein Selbstbewusstsein in weiterer Folge für eine positivere Ausstrahlung nutzen kannst
-10 Schritte für mehr Selbstbewusstsein

Im Gro�en und Ganzen ein gelungener Ratgeber, der die Frage beantwortet, wie man selbstbewusster wird und trotzdem bodenständig bleibt und sympathisch wirkt!
Viel Erfolg beim Anwenden der Tipps!

Delhi Pollution


Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) have been witnessing unprecedented smog of late, accompanied with poor quality of air. Smog is a phenomenon characteristic of North Indian winters, where smoke and fog combine to result in suspension of fine particulate matter in the air. This ebook attempts to take a holistic view of the recent surge in pollution, particularly air pollution in Delhi and adjoining areas, and suggest solutions that could make substantial impact.
Delhi is one of the most populated cities and the national capital of India. It’s the 6th most populated metropolis in the world, and the 2nd largest if we include the NCR too. With a population of over 1.1 crore excluding and 2.6 crore including NCR, Delhi is the most heavily polluted city in the world, according to a 2014 WHO report. What is it that makes it so polluted and what can be done in the short and the long term to curb this trend? We’ll take a close look.

Álbum De Foto Da Paisagem Vol.7 (Portuguese Edition)

by famous unknown

Uma coleção das fotografias de manchas sightseeing famosas em Japão, pontos tourist desconhecidos, várias paisagens.

Paesaggio Photo Album Vol.7 (Italian Edition)

by famous unknown

Una raccolta di fotografie di famosi luoghi turistici in Giappone, località turistiche sconosciuti, diversi paesaggi.

The Greatest Heavyweights

by John Hudson

Who are the greatest heavyweight champions of all time? Take a look at the contenders, the nearly men, and the all time greats in The Greatest Heavyweights…

Mexico: La Conquista, Obra para el Teatro (Spanish Edition)

by Santiago Sevilla

La Conquista de Mexico fue una gran tragedia que se presenta en esta obra de teatro

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