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The Pathfinder

by James Fenimore Cooper

The Pathfinder, or The Inland Sea is a historical novel by James Fenimore Cooper first published in 1840. It is the fourth novel featuring Natty Bumppo, his fictitious frontier hero, and is considered as forming the third chronological episode of the Leatherstocking Tales.
Leatherstocking Tales #3

Murder on Steel Beach: A Navy Story: Chaos on a cargo ship

by Robert Knauer

This is a fictional account of life both in the Navy and aboard a fictional cargo ship. The main character is Lt. Bob Cantley, a maverick supply corps officer that ends up accused in the death of his skipper. The story takes place in the 1980’s and takes readers from his entry into the Navy through his first ship and then onward to his final ship, the USS SAN CLEMENTE, where he meets up with a ruthless Navy Skipper, Captain Manzack, known as the “SPINE RIPPER.” The Skipper is an abusive drunk and hates just about everyone, including supply officers and minorities. Action takes place on board the ship. The novel tries to shed light on the way sailors behave on deployment, how they think, and the life they lead. It also reflects on the many moral and ethical dilemmas that face sailors in the U.S. Navy, even today. When Lt. Cantley meets Captain Manzack for the first time he realizes his career may be doomed. The story contains incidents of intrigue, sex, mayhem, mischief, and too many crimes that will make your head spin. It even details what a sailor’s WOG Day initiation was like during 1980. A courts-martial ensues at the end and you will never be able to guess the outcome. Initial responses about the books content by a retired supply corps rear admiral who said the book had a great ending, and the Chairman of Board for the Centre for Study of Intelligence Operations says this book…”Is just awesome!” A female navy captain said, “the book is spot on with the way things really were then and even now, plus it had a great ending that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Betrayal and Other Family Matters

by Liz Bearden

After a stranger entrusts Ben Lorhan Jr. with a flash memory, and is murdered before his eyes, Bennie, wounded, sent home to recover, is drawn into the mystery of disappearing neighbours and unwarranted interest by the State Department. It is increased by the break-in of assassins sent by the Taliban, and the unexplained secret detention of a Marine in Afghanistan.

SEAL BearĂ¢??s Mate

by Cara Wade

Werebear Romance

Samantha Meyers is promised to Jack Falcon by her distant father when Jack rescues him during a mission when they’re both serving as SEALs. Jack dismisses the offer, but a decade later, when he hears that his old mentor is dying, he immediately goes to pay his respects. He is surprised when the old man brings up the promise and asks him to marry his daughter before he dies so he can witness it. Samantha has her reservations about marrying a man she barely knows. She decides to marry him because she’s faced with crippling debt with her father’s medical bills. But when she finds out he’s a werebear, she realizes she has more problems than she thought when it brings to light old sealed records that threaten to expose Jack. When Sam and Jack are together, they ignite, but when their past insecurities come back to haunt them, will they find their way back to each other?

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Rock Hard Alien

by Pro Books Publishing

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Born Heroes

by John Etterlee

War is hell. This story follows a group of U.S. Army Rangers as they try to balance the responsibilities of family and serving in a country where they do not appear to be wanted.

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