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Rescued By The Dragon

by Daniella Wright

A Super-Steamy Dragon Shifter Romance

This is a 15,000 words novella â?? The perfect length for an evening read. For a limited time, this book also contains bonus stories for your enjoyment.

Samantha Hunter is a new resident at the Emergency Room at Linda Vista Hospital. She meets visiting doctor, Mark Johnson, and they hit it off.
Recently, there has been a rise in the number of patients suffering from significant and inexplicable blood lossâ??where the only visible wound is two tiny pin pricksâ??like a bite. Ignoring Mark’s remarkably cold hands and strange demeanor, she agrees to go out with him. That same night, Samantha meets a strange man in the blood bankâ?¦he claims to know the reason for the string of patients with the same conditionâ?¦vampires. Jared Hamilton is hunting a rogue vampire. Jared himself is a monster, of an ancient and almost extinct race. He finds himself falling for Samantha, seeing a future with herâ?¦so long as they can find a way to stop the rogue vampire before he kills both of them.

Content Note: This is a short story that may be read in under 2 hours â??Perfect to relax before bed or by the pool!
For a limited time, this book may include extra bonus stories for your enjoyment!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Bought Bride

by Hollie Hutchins

A Super-Steamy Mail Order Bride Werewolf Shifter Romance

This is a 15,000 words novella â?? The perfect length for an evening read. For a limited time, this book also contains bonus stories for your enjoyment.

Thera had heard the same thing repeated to her since her earliest memories. It was always said in the same obnoxious, self-serving tone. Her many tutors said it. Her mother said it. Her father, when he could scrounge up the energy to say anything to her, said it in his dispassionate cultured voice.
“Remember, you are to be a prince’s wife.”
It was the reason Thera didn’t get to go to school with other children. Firstly, there would be boys thereâ?? boys that were not meant for her. She wasn’t to associate with the opposite sex, let alone have any friends that were male. Secondly, the kids there relied too heavily on each other, and on the comforts of being mediocre. Thera, as she was constantly reminded, was not made for that. Therefore, Thera grew up with only her tutors for companions, if they could even be considered as such.
Instead of friends or any normal childhood experiences, Thera received the education of a medieval lord’s precious daughter. She could play the piano and the lyre. She could read and write music and had composed several of her own pieces. She could sing. She could paint. She could embroider. She could pour tea and stir it without ever causing the fine, fragile china to ting in response. Thera could tell the month and year by the placement of the stars and knew exactly how to pin a hat so it stayed secure in her curls no matter the weather.
At nineteen years old and two months before her twentieth birthday, set to coincide with her marriage to the prince, Thera couldn’t take it anymore. She was tired of being the cultured pearl, the never appreciated protected daughter. She’d never belonged to herself. Instead, she had been carefully crafted to belong to someone else. And just for just one night, she wanted to know what it was like to be normal.

This is a ten thousand words novelette â??perfect for an evening read. For a limited time, this book also contains more than five bonus stories for your enjoyment.

This is a stand-alone story with a HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

A Night at the Animal Shelter

by Mark J. Asher

The Blithedale Animal Shelter has just ended its annual holiday sale for dogs, and miraculously all but a few have been adopted. An unexpected, welcome surprise for the shelter staff, and great news for the lucky pups who found homes. But for the dogs that remainâ??a high-strung Lab puppy, a three-legged Chihuahua, a Golden Retriever, a hard-luck Pit Bull Terrier; and a smart, old dogâ??it will be a lonely and cold Christmas Eve. Their favorite employee, Ginny Collins, is cozying up their cages and giving them some love before the shelter closes for the holiday. The sun is setting, but a night to remember is about to begin.

Staking a Claim (The Whisperers Book 1)

by Ciana Stone

This book appears in the box set The Whisperer exclusively on Amazon Kindle

Lust was a horse he could ride. Love? He didn’t believe in love. Until she walked into his life and changed everything.

Come take a ride with Jed Nash in Book One of The Whisperer Series .. Staking a Claim

Jed Nash had a few simple rules in life. (1.) Family always comes first, (2.) Know when to keep it in your pants, (3.) Don’t mix business and pleasure, and (4.) Don’t believe in love. All it brings is misery and heartache.

He had no trouble following his own rules. At least not until the new trainer on his ranch shows up. He was expecting a man. What he got was a woman who had him battling attraction that was hot and wild. Sure as sunshine, if she stayed he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her.

Mik isn’t looking for anything but a place to stay and a paycheck. She sure isn’t expecting to wind up on a ranch run by true Whisperers. Or a man who God had to have created solely as temptation.

They’re both set on ignoring the attraction. It can only lead to trouble.
If only that were the only trouble they had to face. Evil is gathering around them, evil that cursed the Nash family two hundred years ago and fully intends to see every Nash man wiped from the face of the earth. And heaven help anyone who tries to stand in its way.
Some say love conquers all. Does that hold true for Whisperers who have been cursed to fail at love? They’re about to find out.

Sutton Capital Series Box Set: Books 1-4

by Lori Ryan

With over 300 five star reviews for the books in the set, lovers of romance are sure to fall for this one! Ryan brings heartwarming romance together with a kick of suspense on the side.

Legal Ease: a marriage-of-convenience that ends with hearts and lives on the line.

Penalty Clause: an unusual prenup is the only way for Andrew to win Jill’s heart, but will he lose her anyway?

The Baker’s Bodyguard (novella): Jesse doesn’t know if she’ll ever have the courage to face the world again, until Zach comes along and holds her up, showing her just how strong she really is.

Negotiation Tactics: when well-meaning friends push Chad and Jennie together, Jennie ends up on the run from dangerous criminals…and her own heart.

Into the Silent Night (White Mountains Christmas Book 1)

by Megan Nugen Isbell

It has been too long since Macy Martin has returned to Beacon. The perfect little town tucked away in the mountains of New Hampshire is the place she has always called home and the place she never thought she would leave. That all changed three years ago though when her mother died and her life was changed forever.

The only way to deal with the loss was to get away from Beacon and from the memories. A move to Los Angeles was the answer and it didn’t matter who she hurt when she left, including Nick McCann, the man who had owned her heart and the man she hadn’t forgotten.

When Macy finally returns to Beacon to spend Christmas with her family, she finds the little town hasn’t changed. Its streets are still lined with holly and lights and the large evergreen in the town square is lit up just as it has been every Christmas for as long as she can remember. There is ice skating at Beacon Pond and hot chocolate with whipped cream and peppermint. It should be the perfect place to spend Christmas, but the memories are still painful and she is not prepared for her reaction to seeing Nick again.

He is as strong, handsome and kind as she remembers. Time has changed them both though and she believes the past is best left alone until she is reminded that Christmas in Beacon is special and maybe anything is possible.

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