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Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency (Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum Book 1)

by Corey Bowen

It All Began with Bitcoin

The revolution is now unstoppable.

Which cryptocurrency will become the new dollar? 

The market of cryptocurrencies has now reached over 350 billion dollar in evaluation. It is a remarkable achievement, since now this industry is bigger than McDonald’s and Pepsi. If this phenomenon could be left outside the media a few years ago, now it is impossible to deny that there is a true revolution in act. 

If you have never heard about the term “cryptocurrency“, you might be wondering what it is. A popular definition states that a cryptocurrency is a currency that operates trough a decentralized system (the blockchain), is anonymous for the most part and it is not backed up by physical coins.  

It is easy to understand why so much attention is going into this space, especially since Bitcoin crossed 10,000$ in November. The general public, however, often is not aware of the fact that there are more than 1300 cryptocurrencies in circulation and that most of the are going to disappear in the next few months. There is this aura around cryptos that either showcase the next “big thing” or the quintessence of evil.

In reality, as it happens most of the times, the truth stands in the middle.

It is true that there are projects based on the blokchain that are scams, but this does not mean to underestimate the value of cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Neo, just to name a few of the meaningful applications that have seen the light in the past two years. 

With his flawless style and his profound knowledge, Corey managed to put together a simple yet efficient approach to introduce people to the world of blockchain and cryptos. 

This manual goes into well researched and newbie friendly reflections about the most important aspects of cryptocurrencies, such as:

  • What Is a Cryptocurrency?

  • Basic Knowledge of Cryptocurrency Language

  • What Are Altcoins?

  • What Is An ICO?

  • How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There?

  • Main Cryptocurrencies

  • How Do You Store Cryptocurrencies?

  • Chapter 8: Exchanges

  • Short-Term Trading and Long-Term Investing

  • How to Build a Profitable Portfolio

  • Determining a Cryptocurrency’s Future Power

By reading this book, you not only get a better understanding of cryptocurrencies’ world in general, but you get access to powerful information that provide a 360° education. 

Disclaimer: this book is not for you if your goal is to get a quick and superficial grasp of cryptos. 

Corey fully believes in this new financial system and wanted to offer a complete education trough this manual, while still letting the average Joe to understand it easily. 

Do you want to understand the world of cryptos and join the Financial Revolution?This book will accelerate your education.

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Social Media Marketing: 2 Books in 1 – Instagram Marketing & Facebook Marketing

by John Walis

Social Media Marketing: 2 Books in 1 – Instagram Marketing & Facebook Marketing

In this book you will learn:

– How to create an ad
– Using images on your ads
– Video ads
– Ads without Facebook pages
– How you can make money with Instagram
– How to generate your first 1000 followers
– How to stay interactive with your followers
– How to create profitable lead-generating campaigns
– And much more!

Book 1: Instagram Marketing

Everybody knows that social media is a great way to promote a business, but did you know that Instagram is one of the best choices. While Facebook and Twitter are focused on what you have to say, Instagram brings you customers close to your products or services. They know they will get to see what you have to offer instead of having read about something.
Instagram marketing is a perfect way to turn your pictures into profits. That’s what this book is here to help with. The old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” well you’re going to learn how those pictures will bring you in a thousand followers.

Instagram is no longer just a place to post pictures of your cats. It’s a marketing powerhouse that can bring you in profits and customers that are interested in what you have to offer. Get this book today and learn how you can have fun with Instagram while also bringing in money for your business.

Book 2: Facebook Marketing

You know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites. However, how can you use it to your advantage?
By taking advantage of Facebook’s ad system! You can advertise on Facebook even if you do not have a Facebook page for your business. All it is going to take is you having a Facebook account so that you can get into the pages that you are going to need access to in order to create your ad. You are going to be reaching out to a whole new world of people and bringing in more business than you ever thought before. But, there are some things that you are going to need to know in order to be successful with using Facebook’s ads.

How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit: How Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Depression and Find Success

by Ellen Violette

LOOK INSIDE the Book for 2 Eye-Opening Special Reports:
50 Reasons You Might Be Depressed in Your Business (Some Will Even Make You Laugh)
Plus, 3 Universal Laws to Help You Deal with Depression

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Have you ever been depressed in your business?

If so, you’re not alone.

While 7% of the general population in the United States is depressed, one study found 49% of entrepreneurs were depressed and it is believed that 30% of entrepreneurs are depressed overall.

This book was written to show entrepreneurs a way forward, so they can deal with business-related depression when it arises and overcome it.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn a myriad of ways to beat depression and thrive in your business from 17 inspiring entrepreneurs including:

Willie Crawford – World Renown Internet Marketing Expert
Gary Loper – Social Media Expert Specializing in Twitter Training
Benita Tyler – “The Financial Messenger” for Healthy Cash Flow and Tax Savings
Julia Neiman – Youth Entrepreneur Coach and International Bestselling Author
Mary DeYon – Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Certified Reiki Master
Wayne Buckhanan – Ph.D in Electrical Engineering & Teacher of University Level Engineering and Computer Science
Joy Pedersen – Spiritual Healer & Coach, & International Bestselling Author
Rick Cooper – MBA, Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer, Author, Speaker & Coach
Gerri Chambers – CEO of GC Dynamic Consulting, a Digital Marketing Company & #1 Bestselling Author
Kim Thornton – Animation Filmmaker, Family Blogger, and #1 Bestselling Author
Jillian Coleman Wheeler – Consultant, Speaker, Mentor, and Creator of “Reboot Your Bliss(TM)
Betsy M. Hall – Marketing Consultant and Mastermind Leader
Brooklyn Reyes – Stress-Reduction Coach
Christen Violette – Retired Hypnotherapist & Business Consultant, and Ellen Violette’s Business Partner
Mary Latela – M. Div. (Yale) Educator, Pastoral Counselor and Author
Rufina James – Publisher, Educator, & Serial Entrepreneur
Ellen Violette – Literary Strategist & Publishing Expert & Multiple International Bestselling Author

This is a book that you will want to keep as a reference, so you can refer to it whenever you need it!

Bitcoin Owner’s Manual: An Introduction to Bitcoin

by Nick Best

Interested in bitcoin but having trouble deciphering the various explanations? When I started to explore bitcoin, I found it difficult to understand many of the central ideas simply because the cryptocurrency community frequently utilizes technical jargon. As I learned more, I realized that bitcoin doesn’t have to be complicated. I decided to write an introductory guide targeted at someone who with no technical background and prior experience. This is the guide that I wish was available when I started. This introductory guide seeks to answer the question “What is Bitcoin?” while defining the technical terms in accessible language.

Targeted at people who are new to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Owner’s Manual begins with a high level overview of the bitcoin network before digging deeper into the structure and process of transactions and how they’re recorded. My goal is to make bitcoin more accessible to a non-technical audience (like myself!), thus allowing new investors to fully utilize bitcoin as an investment opportunity while simultaneously being able understand the implications of the near-daily headlines.

If you own bitcoin, or are thinking about investing, but haven’t been able to wrap your head around the complexities of this groundbreaking technology, then this guide is perfect for you!

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency: The Insiderâ??s Guide to Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading Cryptocurrencies (Crypto Trading and Investing Secrets)

by Neil Hoffman


Discover the book which will cover everything from a simple “What is Bitcoin, and What is blockchain” to the advanced bitcoin, & cryptocurrency mining, coding, and blockchain programming.

Now there might be some questions playing on your mind like:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Why should I care?
  • What the heck is blockchain?
  • Is it secure?
  • What can Bitcoin do that the dollar can’t?
  • Who benefits?
  • How can I make money with Cryptocurrency?
  • Are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies doomed to fail?

Also, are you worried that it’s too technical and that you will never understand the concepts?

Do you suffer from future shock, but are looking for a reason to be optimistic?

Do you see the possibility of something new and beautiful, but are unsure of it or how to articulate it to friends? Then you have found the perfect book.

In this book, we’ll look at the answers to all these questions along with addressing how I made millions of dollars trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 6 months.

What Successful People are Saying About This New Technology:

“We’ve got a really big bet on the blockchain, that is some of the most disruptive technology we’ve seen since electricity. When that starts to come, I think there’s going to be a host of new models that come out of that â?¦ that’s where we probably get excited about what’s the next bet.” – Jeff Schumacher, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, BCG Digital Ventures

“I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like changing the world.” – Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal

“So my view’s quite clear. I believe cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the first example, I believe they’re going to change the world.” – Richard Brown, Executive Architect at IBM

Final Words:

Even if you think you know everything discussed here, give this book a shot. It’s an informative and entertaining read, and you may pick up some valuable tools and new ways of thinking you’ve never read or heard of before.

“Perfect for fans of Nathaniel Popper and Andreas M. Antonopoulos.”

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