Free fantasy Kindle books for 15 Dec 17

Good Times Gone

by Jordan Adrian

Luke Skywalker finished rinsing the cleanser off his face and looked in the mirror. He saw a strong jaw, a dimpled chin, battle scars and blue eyes – all things that his wife insisted made him absolutely endearing.

The Orphan Fleet

by Brendan Detzner

Adventure and strange magic in a city above the clouds! Jiaire is a dock worker at the Mountain Skyport, an independent oasis where airships from across the known world can thaw their engines before they finish their journey across the endless frozen wastes. By day he loads and unloads ships. By night, he dreams of the Show, when characters like Golden Sam, the Reptile, and the mysterious Count do battle under the big top for an audience of thousands.

To its friends, the Mountain offers warmth, smiles, and entertainment. To its enemies, it offers lightningâ?? powerful storms that appear from nowhere and clear the skies of enemy ships. When an invading army attacks and the storms fail to appear, Jiaire must stand up for his home and learn the secrets behind the mystic forces protecting it.

Brendan Detzner’s work has appeared in Podcastle, Chizine, Pseudopod, One Buck Horror, Bizarrocast, Edge of Propinquity, Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, and many other venues. He is the author of the short story collections “Scarce Resources” and “Beasts”, and of the novel “Millersville”. “The Orphan Fleet” is his debut in the fantasy genre.

Praise for The Orphan Fleet:

“The Orphan Fleet” is terrific adventure fantasy — a non-stop tale of action and strange magic on a wind-swept mountain top where abandoned children have forged a free community, servicing far-traveling airships on sturdy wooden platforms. Here masked heroes with names like Golden Sam and The Sparrow are the ultimate celebrities — and the mysterious Count leaves shivers of terror wherever he treads. When that community is threatened by an admiral who demands the return of his prized daughter, it triggers a terrible war fought in the air, on the ground, and in the old abandoned scaffolding circling the mountain … a war where Golden Sam may prove himself a true hero after all, and the Count has a terrible role to play.”

John O’Neill, Publisher & Editor of Black Gate Magazine

“This novella is a fun adventurous tale of daring and bravery with a twist of magic. It is a very quick read and filled with bold imagination and interesting ideas. I can easily see many a young reader picking up this novella and demanding more stories to follow suit.”

Angela JC at Pooled Ink

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