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32 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Narcissist: Protect Yourself from the Dark Triad Types (Transcend Mediocrity Book 307)

by J.B. Snow

Have you been involved in narcissistic relationships? Do you only seem to attract emotionally unavailable partners? Are you frustrated that you can’t find partners who are available, genuine, kind-hearted and honest? I’m glad you’re here.
Surprisingly, the statistics show us that narcissism is becoming more and more widespread. It is becoming a serious epidemic. In 2014, the statistics indicated that 1 in 4 people had seriously narcissistic tendencies. In 2017, the statistics show that nearly 2/3 (a majority of the United States population!) are seriously narcissistic! This is very troublesome indeed for those of us who are currently in the dating world.
Narcissists aren’t your only problem. There are other predatory types that you must also be aware of. These personality types are called the Dark Triad personalities. Dark Triad types include psychopaths, sadists, Machiavellians (manipulatives), sociopaths, and narcissists. Running into any one of these can leave you financially and emotionally devastated. Even worse, if you have children with these types, you will also likely lose your children to this devastating monster.
Dark Triad personality types are resource hoarders. They don’t believe in sharing, caring, donating, helping, volunteering or providing charity to any other people on the planet. If you see them doing any of these things, it is because they have their eye on a much bigger prize, and they are only putting something in so that they can get something back. The Dark Triad trusts that they can get something back from others due to the rule of reciprocity that occurs in relationships of all types: coworkers, parent-child, boss-employee, business partners, family members and significant others.
Dark Triads have dark personalities. They are manipulative. They are often sadistic or sado-masochistic. They love to bully other people. They love to physically or emotionally torture other people. Sometimes, they can understand that they are hurting others. Other times, the Dark Triad types don’t realize the extent at which they are hurting another because they are out of touch with their own feelings. They lack the empathy and sympathy that is necessary to put themselves â??in the shoes’ of another.
This book will show you the signs that you must look for in order to protect yourself from these types. People who go through life without aggressively protecting themselves from these types wind up disgruntled, disheartened, emotionally ill, mentally unstable, stressed, physically harmed or even dead. The Dark Triad is in it to win it. They have learned how to lie, cheat, steal and bully their way through life. They will do whatever it takes to win. They will step on you while they are on their way to reaching their own goals.

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Autism Parenting: How to Have a Happy Holiday with a Child on the Spectrum

by Connie Hammer

The holidays can be stressful in many ways, especially when you have a child with special needs. Regardless of the holiday you are celebrating in your household I offer you these gifts with my sincere blessings for the peaceful holiday season you dream of. This is the second book in the Autism Parenting series.


“Autism Parenting is an encouraging, sensible and inspirational guide that will help not only families, but also teachers and therapists. Through the lens of a child’s school experience, the author gives 300 strategies to make life easier for both you and your child. The tips are presented in easily digestible sections that are consistently positive and practical. Autism Parenting will leave readers with renewed energy, hope, and initiative!”
– Dr. Debra Moore, Psychologist, Coauthor with Dr. Temple Grandin of “The Loving Push”

“â??Autism Parenting: Strategies for a Positive School Experience’ is an extremely helpful and comprehensive handbook for all parents with children on the autism spectrumâ??and parents of children without disabilities can benefit too. It reads well, and covers every aspect in detail. I love the short points and the checklists, which are great for review or quick reference. A must-read for success at school.”
– Ymkje Wideman-van der Laan, Editor, Autism Resource Specialist, and author of the Autism Isâ?¦? series of children’s books.


Connie Hammer, MSW, PCI Certified Parent Coach® and author of Autism Parenting: Practical Strategies for a Positive School Experience – Over 300 tips to help parents enhance their child’s school success. Hammer coaches and supports parents facing the challenges of raising a child with autism, or other special need, by helping them deal with the diagnosis and empowering them with time saving tactics and resources to positively impact their child’s potential. For more information visit

From Broke to Breadwinner: A Single Momâ??s Guide to Financial Independence and More

by Janaki Chakravarthy

Dream of Self-Sufficiency as a Single Mom?

You are recently divorced and a single mom. You are facing the daunting prospect of earning for the first time. Your life is a juggling act, managing your job and home and caring for your children.

From Broke to Breadwinner gives you 6 key ingredients that guide you to financial independence and beyond. Chakravarthy writes from her own experiences as a divorced single mom in India, who rose from a homemaker to a successful career woman.

Chakravarthy’s book shows you how you can:

  • take charge of your life and your finances
  • be the best parent for your children
  • find some peace amidst the worries
  • have strength in times of crisis

As an Indian woman Chakravarthy had to start from scratch in the job market and keep learning and growing into an IT career. She knows firsthand the obstacles facing the single Indian mom and this book is here to help you navigate your path to financial freedom and more.

Pädophilie im Horoskop: ein astrologisches Manifest für die Gesellschaft (German Edition)

by Rainer Bardel

Der Astrologe & Autor Rainer Bardel erforschte pädophile Anlagen auf systemischen, karmischen, psychologischen und astrologischen Grundlagen. Seine Analysen zeigen au�ergewöhnlich klar das Verhalten und die Neigungen des Individuums an. In seine astrologischen Analysen flie�en zu den Planeten die Halbsummen, das Herrschersystem, die sensitiven Punkte, die kritischen Grade, die Asteroiden, der schwarze Mond Lilith und die Fixsterne ein. Er analysiert acht pädophile Personen, sieben Männer und eine Frau. Er regt eine astrologische Selektion für die Arbeit mit Kindern an, um Missbrauch effektiv vorzubeugen. Das Buch ist ein innovatives Nachschlagewerk für AstrologInnen, PsychologInnen, PädagogInnen, Juristen, Kriminalisten und verantwortungsvolle Eltern zum Schutz der Kinder.

Father to Son: 12 Poems for Fatherly Encouragement

by The Poinciana Wellness Center

12 Poems for Fatherly Encouragement

The Spirit Within Me: An Autobiography

by Pamela Meintel

The Spirit Within Me is a book about a woman who persevered through some of life’s most challenging times. The book begins with she and her little sister who were molested by a trusted family member. Later in life, she married a man who would turn out to be abusive to her for 13 years before having the courage to divorce him.

Her second marriage was just as bad, as she unknowingly married an alcoholic. Then she found out her son had cancer. She received absolutely no support from her husband. After years of mental abuse she divorced for a second time, only to vow never to marry again. Several years later when she least expected it, she was introduced to a man, through a mutual friend, who turned out to be her soul mate. Then one Christmas Eve day her life came to be one of her greatest challenges of all… a devastating medical event which changed her life forever, and how she overcame adversity she never thought possible.

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