Free science fiction Kindle books for 15 Dec 17

I, Avatar

by Heather Harrison

Panama can’t understand why she always has to be the one the other kids make fun of. Yeah, maybe she’s poor and they’re not, and maybe she makes a few off the wall fashion decisions, but hell, it’s not like she’s going to fit in anyway. At least she’s smarter than most, smart enough to get picked for an after-school project with the hottest teacher alive. Of course, that doesn’t mean she was expecting the make-out session her teacher initiated, nor was she expecting to end up with a broken neck.

Now, the only entertainment she gets is watching her life unfold as a stranger’s avatar. But hey, she’s got a hot body, and for the first time, she isn’t an outcast. Although, that probably has to do with the fact Panama has no control over what she says and does. Heck, maybe she doesn’t even want to be in control.

Then again, its kind of creepy being forced to have a relationship with another dead body.

Heartwarming and comical, I, Avatar is about a young girl trying to fit in to a world where the deceased are altered and sold as avatars for the gaming industry. Best liked by readers who enjoy books similar to Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion, or the popular TV series, Dead Like Me. Recently featured in Storyteller magazine.

The ReLife Project 2156-(Volume 1): A Futuristic Thriller

by C. M. Dancha

Rollie Sweats has a chance to change the world by simply following his 112-year-old Great Grandmother’s instructions.

But, should he?

It’s the 22nd century and human cloning has become a reality. In three days, the first replicant will be made at Phoenvartis, a Swiss pharma-tech company. As the head of the development team, Rollie must decide which genetic samples to use to produce the replicant.

He has been directed by his boss to use the samples provided by the World Council which governs Earth and colonies on satellite planets. But, his gut tells him to use the samples provided by his Great Grandmother who claims to be a distant relative of an American, founding father and his slave concubine.

Time is running out. He has less than 24 hours to either surrender to the government’s demand or flee for his life.

Or, can he think of a way to keep everyone in check and stay alive?

If you like thrillers filled with deceit, murder, romance and surprise twists and turns, you’ll love both volumes of “The ReLife Project”.

You’ll find this “page-turner” as exciting as “Ready Player One” by Ernest Clive and J.D. Robb’s futuristic novels.

Buy volume 1, “The ReLife Project-2156” Today and enter the strange and intriguing world of Tomorrow.

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