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For Unto Us a Child Is Born

by David B. Smith

Every Christmas, millions gather in cathedrals and concert halls for a spectacular tradition: the sing-along “Messiah.” It’s a celebration of one of music’s finest miracles, where a composer drafted the world’s perennially favorite oratorio in just 24 days. Choruses and solos range from stirring to dizzyingly complex – and together the songs express the full significance of what Christ came to this scarred world to achieve on our behalf.

Author David B. Smith explores the musical nuances and spiritual blessings of 21 favorite numbers. Originally presented as global radio broadcasts during four successive Christmas seasons, For Unto Us a Child Is Born sparkles with Christmas cheer, wit, and abiding reverence.

David is the author of the Bucky Stone Christian sports series, “Finding Waldo,” the upcoming “Rachel Marie” Thailand trilogy of love stories, and “The Forgiveness Time Portal.”

Capsule Wardrobe: The Essential Guide on How to Find Personal Style and Create Amazing Capsule Wardrobe: (Smart Wardrobe, Wardrobe Essentials, Minimalist Wardrobe) (Personal Style, Capsule Wardrobe)

by Beverly Morton

Capsule Wardrobe:

The Essential Guide on How to Find Personal Style and Create Amazing Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re looking to change up what’s in your closet, look through magazines. Explore parts of the store you don’t usually look at. If you wear skinny jeans, try a relaxed fit. If you wear dresses often, try a blouse and skirt. Ask your friends why they like a certain piece, or a certain designer, or a certain brand. This is also a good chance to see if there’s a style you might be missing – our tastes can change as we age.
Something to keep in mind while you work on defining your style and looking for inspiration is what you want your clothing to say about you. Each style has a definition and a preconceived stereotype that goes with it. For example, the girly style is stereotypically full of pink, lace, and dresses. Sometimes all three in one piece of clothing. Simply because something fits the definition of one style almost word for word doesn’t mean that it can’t fit into another category too. This book will help you on capsule wardrobe.
Thank you for downloading this book; it is my sincere hope that it will answer your questions on Capsule Wardrobe.

DIY Box Set: Outstanding Guides for Learning Drawing Basics and Creating Gorgeous Needlework Patterns

by Carl Webb

DIY Box Set: Outstanding Guides for Learning Drawing Basics and Creating Gorgeous Needlework Patterns

Find out the best DIY Craft Ideas!

BOOK 1. Decluttering: 15 Amazing Ways to Declutter Your House by Carl Webb

BOOK 2. Minimalism: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Become a Minimalist and Organize Your Life by Gregory Graham

BOOK 3. How to Draw: 25 Amazing Lessons for Learning How to Draw by Joe Wagner

BOOK 4. Drawing: 23 Essential Drawing Tips for Beginners by Gerald Rey

BOOK 5. How To Crochet: 7 Beautiful Crochet Hats for Absolute Beginners by Patricia Brown

BOOK 6. How to Draw: 15 Amazing Drawing Techniques for Absolute Beginners by Frank Olson

BOOK 7. DIY Protein Bars: 23 Healthy DIY Protein Bars You Can Easily Make by Gloria Lopez

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HARMED – Book 1: First Do No Harm

by L. Jan Eira

It is supposed to be a place of healing–a place where doctors and nurses dedicate their lives to help the sick and injured. Nobody wants to imagine a massacre at a hospital.

So at Newton Memorial, staff and patients are left frightened and stunned after the brutal shooting death of Dr. John Connor and an attending nurse. And when Dr. Jack Norris is asked by police to help with the investigation, he will stop at nothing to figure out how a peaceful patient was suddenly turned into the violent killer that took his best friend’s life.

As an assistant under Dr. Ian Rupert, the hospital’s research director, Dr. Connor could have had access to some secret information about groundbreaking drugs and procedures–knowledge possibly even worth killing or dying for. Could the patient that gunned down the doctor have known more than he let on?

In this captivating medical mystery, loyalties are tested and new frontiers of medical science are explored as hidden intentions come to light–and the truth behind a tragic killing is finally exposed.

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