Free poetry Kindle books for 16 Dec 17

El centro del desencuentro: amor, locura y sueños (Spanish Edition)

by Sergio Chegy Beliz

Somos más que este envase de piel, vena y sangre.
Nuestros sueños más profundos no se pierden, ante nada ni nadie.
Este libro es un pasaje para un inquietante viaje, donde el centro es el lugar,el desencuentro un destino, y el amor, la locura y los sueños, son los diferentes caminos.

Rime A Colori (Italian Edition)

by Yuri Baldacci

Raccolta di poesie tratta dai primi due e-book di Yuri Baldacci:”La teoria dei Colori” e “La teoria dei Colori:in Bianco e Nero”.

Sorry So Sorry: Poems on self-love and spiritual blackmail, vol 1

by Angie Outis

Angie is the quintessential good wife, devoted to her God-fearing husband and the three young children they have together. She believes the man she married is exactly who he claims to be: a doting father and servant leader committed to guiding and protecting his family. She has faith in his kindness, his gentleness. But the day he does something volatile and unexpected, doubt begins to chip away at that faithâ?¦ followed by crippling guilt. This man loves her. He loves the children. He takes care of them. Could he really be a tyrant?

Yellows and Peaches

by Bridgette Caudill

Yellows and Peaches is a chapbook which explores the depths of hypomania and bipolar depression with euphoric and gut-wrenching language to match. As we read Caudill’s ode to the past versions of herself and chapters of her life through love letters and goodbyes, Yellows and Peaches is an almost coming-of-age story.

Christmas Love

by Don Savant

Christmas Love is a short collection of poems and memories of Christmas past, present and future.

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