Free religious fiction Kindle books for 16 Dec 17

Murder and a Song (A Pattie Lansbury Cat Cozy Mystery Series Book 2)

by Nancy C. Davis

If you love animals, especially cats, you will enjoy this cozy mystery series

The peace and quiet of Little Hamilton is about to be shattered. June is the month of the enormous YorkFest music festival, an annual excuse for camping, partying, merriment â?¦ and even murder.
When a man is murdered in their tent, all evidence points towards his girlfriend as the culprit. She pleads innocence, and calls on Patricia Lansbury, the village’s resident sleuth, to find the real murderer. But as the mystery unfolds, Pattie is met with more questions than she is answers. For example, how is a drunken farmer involved? Could there be one – or more – murders in the heaving festival campsite? And why does Pattie’s gut tell her that the farmer’s cat is the key to solving the whole mystery?

Plain Jane: A Punxsutawney Amish Novel (Bronte Inspired)

by Karen Anna Vogel

Jane Schmucker is on a quest for independence, having been raised with an iron fist and with little love by her relatives. When she reads the novel, Jane Eyre, it inspires her to leave Punxsutawney and head to Cherry Creek, New York for a job. Although 20, she’s naive about the ways of the world and falls for the charms of a very attractive Amish man, Jonas Hershberger. Although arrogant and mysterious, can she change him like Jane Eyre’s goodness changed Mr. Rochester? Or will Luke Miller, her childhood friend, prayers be heard? Bring Jane back to all who love her in Punxsutawney! Bring her back to me! Can an elderly Amish woman and kind bishop in Cherry Creek, along with a Seneca Native American friend in Salamanca, New York, help her find sure footing for her feet?

COMRADE STALIN GOES TO CHURCH, SPECIAL EDITION: Contains Bonus Material (The Comrade Stalin Stories Book 2)

by Jamie McNabb

Many decades after his death in 1953, Comrade Stalin finds himself in an Orthodox church, locked in a furious debate with St. Seraphim of Sarov, one of Russia’s more popular saints. As a former seminarian and dedicated Marxist revolutionary, Comrade Stalin is able to make his case against the Church; however, he is up against a man of limitless spiritual insight, and deep religiosity, a man, a saint, in possession of an intensely rational mind and unparalleled courage. It would also seem that being dead for many, many decades has provided both men with unexpected experiences and unexpected insights.

This is an idea story as opposed to a plotted story. It grew out of an exercise in setting as the expression of character and floating points of view. Therefore, the shift from third-person to first-person narration and the shift from Comrade Stalin’s point of view to St. Seraphim of Sarov’s point of view were done with the parameters of the exercise in mind.
Needless to say, the Stalin portrayed in this story is an old softy compared to the Stalin of history. On the other hand, who can say how being dead for several decades might affect someone’s personality?

St. Seraphim of Sarov (1754-1833; canonized in 1903) is a popular Russian saint, both inside and outside of Russia. His discussion with Motovilov in the snow has come down to us. Known primarily within Eastern Orthodox Christianity, it forms one of the key treatises on the Holy Spirit and the purpose of the Christian life, namely, to acquire the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. As with Stalin, my depiction of St. Seraphim is wildly at odds with the historical figure. For one thing, I doubt that St. Seraphim was plagued by the degree of doubt depicted here. For another, I have vastly understated his powers of perception, spiritual insight, and loving kindness. He was, indeed, a true staretz.

As far as I know, Sima is the accepted Russian diminutive of Seraphim. Soso was one of Stalin’s nicknames, especially in his younger years.

Gears of God

by Jovan Alexander

Have you ever had your back against the wall, while the entire world seems to fall apart all around you? Have you ever searched every crack and crevice of your mind for a solution to your problem, only to find none? Have you ever said a prayer while knowing you lacked the faith for it to come to fruition? If the answer to any of those questions was “yes” then I have three people that I would love for you to meet. The first is Karen, a single mother of two small boys. The second is Thomas, a married father of two children. And lastly, there is Taylor, a single father of a young boy. This is the story of three strangers who’s worlds have been turned upside down. This is the first look at their struggles with losing their faith in humanity as well as God. This is a story about three people that were praying for blessings, only to realize they had to first be a blessing themselves. Gears of God.

Home Fires (Amish Romance): Book 1

by Esther Weaver

Maggie Miller has big dreams. She wants to be a cook in her town’s only restaurant. The problem is the owner, Abel Christner, doesn’t like her. Can Maggie win him over? Can she succeed for once and make her dreams come true?

In Another Time

by Cate Buchanan

What if your life turned out to be a lie?

Sam and Lillian had it all, a true love they thought would last an eternity. They were best friends, lovers, soul mates.

Until a tragic accident changed everything.

Now, haunting memories leave Sam longing for a second chance at love and he’s intent on making things right. Repairing the past to make a new future.

But what if it’s too late?

In Another Time…a love story for the ages.

Free Will Odyssey

by Larry Kilham

Peter Tesla, a prodigious young inventor, develops an electronic device to enhance the user’s free will. A major application is drug detoxification. Peter’s star client is the U.S. president. Along the way, Peter is tried for the mysterious death of a girlfriend and struggles with the machinations of a secretive industrialist.

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