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Radiation Monitoring and Dose Estimation of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

This book provides comprehensive research findings related to the environmental monitoring of radiation, levels of radioactive nuclides in various environments and dose estimation in residents after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident caused severe environmental contamination with radioactive nuclides. At the beginning of the book, a technical review written by a leading researcher of nuclear reactor technology explains what happened at the power plant. The review is followed by a commentary from a former member of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, providing the reader with easily understandable information about the concept of radiation dosage. In the main part of the book, a series of scientific reports presents valuable data on the radiation surveys of the environment, environmental radioactivity, transfer models and parameters of radioactive nuclides and dose assessment among residents. These reports present a wide range of findings from the research carried out in a variety of activities by large governmental organizations as well as by small private groups and individuals. The reader thus will find a large collection of valuable and interesting data related to the environmental contamination by radioactive nuclides after the Fukushima accident. Although earlier reports on this issue have been made public, this book is the only publication to fully depict the actual situation by providing comprehensive data obtained by diverse organizations and individuals.

Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Following the Fukushima nuclear accident, a large volume of monitoring data has been collected about the soil, air, dust, and seawater, along with data about an immense number of foods supplied to the market. Little is known, however, about the effect of radioactive fallout on agriculture, information about which is vital. Although more than 80% of the damaged area is related to agriculture, in situ information specifically for agriculture is scarce. This book provides data about the actual movement and accumulation of radioactivity in the ecological systemâ??for example, whether debris deposited on mountains can be a cause of secondary contamination, under what conditions plants accumulate radioactive cesium in their edible parts, and how radioactivity is transferred from hay to milk. Because agriculture is so closely related to nature, many specialists with different areas of expertise must be involved in answering these questions. In the case of rice, researchers in rice cultivation as well as in soil, hydrology, and radioactivity measurement are working together to reveal the paths or accumulation of radioactivity in the field. For this purpose, the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences of The University of Tokyo has diverse facilities available throughout Japan, including farmlands, forests, and meadowlands. Many academic staff members have formed groups to conduct on-site research, with more than 40 volunteers participating. This book presents the data collected from the only project being systematically carried out across Japan after the Fukushima accident.

Ecological Risk Assessment for Chlorpyrifos in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in the United States (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)

Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology attempts to provide concise, critical reviews of timely advances, philosophy and significant areas of accomplished or needed endeavor in the total field of xenobiotics, in any segment of the environment, as well as toxicological implications.

Photo book of Orchid for your relax time that match for adults and children: Photo book of Orchid for your relax time that match for adults and children

by Donna Rose

129 Large images for the variety of spiders for your enjoyable and knowledge.
Best match for children and adults
Variety of Orchid หรืออาหาร that you will never miss.
Having fun with full-size images and full color.

A Sure Solid Tested Strategy To Pass The FRCR 2A in 6 months.: New Format FRCR 2A

by Dr Donkey

This is a strategy guide on how to prepare for the FRCR 2A exam.
It tells you how to manage time, use the right books and how to study for the exam.

Daily Potions for Glowing Beauty: Get Flawless, Acne-Free, Scar-Free, Young Plumping, Ageless, Skin, Lip, Hair, and Nails

by Danae Branson

To ensure that your body maintains its overall good health condition, provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs. You can get them not only from the food you eat, but also from your daily supply of dietary supplements.

Learn about the vitamins and supplements you need to achieve flawless hair and ageless skin. Also discover why celebrities rave about secret ingredients such as Chlorella and Gluthatione. This book gives you the information you need about some of the most popular liquid vitamins and essential nutrients that you need in keeping yourself healthy and beautiful.

Tuberculosis in Adults and Children (SpringerBriefs in Public Health)

by Dorothee Heemskerk

This work contains updated and clinically relevant information about tuberculosis. It is aimed at providing a succinct overview of history and disease epidemiology, clinical presentation and the most recent scientific developments in the field of tuberculosis research, with an emphasis on diagnosis and treatment.  It may serve as a practical resource for students, clinicians and researchers who work in the field of infectious diseases.

Low-Cost Methods for Molecular Characterization of Mutant Plants: Tissue Desiccation, DNA Extraction and Mutation Discovery: Protocols

by Bradley J. Till

This book offers low-cost and rapid molecular assays for the characterization of mutant plant germplasm. Detailed protocols are provided for the desiccation of plant tissues; the extraction of high-quality DNA for downstream applications; the extraction of single-strand-specific nucleases for single nucleotide polymorphism; and small insertion/deletion discovery using standard agarose gel electrophoresis. The methods described can be applied in any laboratory equipped for basic molecular biology and do away with the need for expensive freezers and toxic organic compounds. With the appropriate validation of sample quality and longevity, they can provide sufficient DNA for a variety of molecular applications, such as marker studies and TILLING, at approximately one tenth of the cost per sample when compared to commercial kits.

Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin (Regional Climate Studies)

â??This book is an update of the first BACC assessment, published in 2008. It offers new and updated scientific findings in regional climate research for the Baltic Sea basin. These include climate changes since the last glaciation (approx. 12,000 years ago), changes in the recent past (the last 200 years), climate projections up until 2100 using state-of-the-art regional climate models and an assessment of climate-change impacts on terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. There are dedicated new chapters on sea-level rise, coastal erosion and impacts on urban areas. A new set of chapters deals with possible causes of regional climate change along with the global effects of increased greenhouse gas concentrations, namely atmospheric aerosols and land-cover change.

The evidence collected and presented in this book shows that the regional climate has already started to change and this is expected to continue. Projections of potential future climates show that the region will probably become considerably warmer and wetter in some parts, but dryer in others. Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems have already shown adjustments to increased temperatures and are expected to undergo further changes in the near future.

The BACC II Author Team consists of 141 scientists from 12 countries, covering various disciplines related to climate research and related impacts. BACC II is a project of the Baltic Earth research network and contributes to the World Climate Research Programme.

Report on Global Environmental Competitiveness (2013) (Current Chinese Economic Report Series)

This book explores the environmental competitiveness of 133 countries around the world, presenting an index evaluation system to facilitate a comparative analysis of environmental competitiveness on a global scale. This is a new way to measure competitiveness in the light of the contradiction between world economic development and environmental protection. Global environmental competitiveness covers five aspects: the ecological environment, resources environment, environmental management, environmental impacts and environmental coordination. The authors use longitudinal study and horizontal analysis, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis methods so as to conduct an in-depth study of theoretical, empirical and methodological issues of global environmental competitiveness.

The work is presented here in three main parts beginning with the theory, technical road-map and analytical approach used. The second part reports on the countries as evaluation objects, analyzing the development status of global environmental competitiveness as a whole and revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each country’s environmental competitiveness. Basic paths and strategies to enhance the competitiveness level are presented. In the third part the reader will discover a sub-report and evaluation of the environmental competitiveness for 133 countries around the world, revealing the characteristics and relative differences of countries representing different levels of development, in order to provide an important decision-making reference to those considering environmental economic policies, especially those considering accelerating a green economic transformation and enhancing environmental competitiveness.

This book will appeal to scholars and professionals with an interest in environmental issues and environmental competitiveness at a global level, as well as those with an interest in each of the 133 countries analyzed in this text, including environmental policy makers in those countries.

Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions of Gases and Particles (Springer Earth System Sciences)

The oceans and atmosphere interact through various processes, including the transfer of momentum, heat, gases and particles. In this book leading international experts come together to provide a state-of-the-art account of these exchanges and their role in the Earth-system, with particular focus on gases and particles.  Chapters in the book cover: i) the ocean-atmosphere exchange of short-lived trace gases; ii) mechanisms and models of interfacial exchange (including transfer velocity parameterisations); iii) ocean-atmosphere exchange of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide; iv) ocean atmosphere exchange of particles and v) current and future data collection and synthesis efforts. The scope of the book extends to the biogeochemical responses to emitted / deposited material and interactions and feedbacks in the wider Earth-system context.  

This work constitutes a highly detailed synthesis and reference; of interest to higher-level university students (Masters, PhD) and researchers in ocean-atmosphere interactions and related fields (Earth-system science, marine / atmospheric biogeochemistry / climate).  Production of this book was supported and funded by the EU COST Action 735 and coordinated by the International SOLAS (Surface Ocean- Lower Atmosphere Study) project office.

Wetlands and Water Framework Directive: Protection, Management and Climate Change (GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences)

This book compares the lessons learned from a wetland-perspective approach to the changing climate and the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) with regard to environmental conservation. Examples from Germany and Poland are discussed due to the efficiency of their respective implementations of water conservation policies. Although the general scientific interest in specific issues such as wetlands, climate change, nature conservation and the WFD enjoy a well established position in international environmental research, these four elements are rarely considered together due to the complexity of the processes, biased scenarios of global change and subjective policy background. Major challenges involved in carrying out environmental conservation actions that assess the potential impacts of climate change and management plans on water bodies are identified. The results of this approach are addressed to practitioners in the field of adaptive management in a wetlands context.

Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks

We are not free from environmental risks that accompany the development of human societies. Modern economic development has accelerated environmental pollution, caused loss of natural habitats, and modified landscapes. These environmental changes have impacted natural systems: water and heat circulation, nutrient cycling, and biodiversity. These changes in natural systems degrade ecosystem services and subsequently increase environmental risks for humans. Environmental risks, therefore, are not only human health risks by pollution, climatic anomalies and natural disasters, but also degradation of ecosystem services on which most people are relying for their lives. We cannot entirely eliminate the risks, because it is not possible to attain zero impact on the environment, but we need to find a mechanism that minimizes environmental risks for human sustainably. This is the idea of the interdisciplinary framework of “environmental risk management” theory, which advocates harmony between economic development and environmental conservation. Based on this theory, the Sustainable Living with Environmental Risk (SLER) programme, adopted by the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) as one of its strategic programmes, has been training graduate students at the Yokohama National University, Japan, from 2009 to 2013 to become future environmental leaders who will take the initiative in reducing the level of environmental risks and in protecting natural resources in the developing nations of Asia and Africa. This book provides students and teachers of this new academic field with a comprehensive coverage of case studies of environmental risks and their practical management technologies not only in Japan but also in developing nations in Asia and Africa.

Beyond Resilient: The Coach’s Guide to Ecstatic Growth

by Marc Cordon

Ready to Be a Coach and Don’t Know Where to Start?
Having trouble starting a coaching business without looking like a fool to your friends, family, and past co-workers?  Debating over starting a fulfilling coaching practice that seems risky to others or staying in a comfortable, well-paid job while quietly living in desperation?   Is your calling to serve as a coach getting so loud that you are losing sleep over it?  Are you ready to take the steps forward but paralyzed by your fear of failure or, worse yet, fear of success?

As a 13-year college advisor and a current coach who serves entrepreneurs, Marc Cordon distills dense positive psychology concepts into Beyond Resilient, while referencing the ups, downs, and all-arounds of establishing his business as an example of what (not) to do.

In this book you’ll learn to:

  • Alleviate the internal mental chatter causing self-doubt.
  • Use resistance, criticism, and failure to fuel your growth.
  • Take simple, practical actions towards your vision that boosts confidence and converts previously unrealistic dreams into attainable goals.
  • Regain the unapologetic moxie, found in the most successful entrepreneurs.
  • And much, much, more

Beyond Resilient can be described as The Way of the Superior Man meets The Prosperous Coach.

Don’t lose any more sleep over this.  Pick up a copy of Beyond Resilient.  And be on your way to being a coach that serves themselves and others.

Diabetes Management: Complete Guide and A Long Lasting Solution to Diabetes Mellitus with the Help of Medication, Self-Monitoring and Healthy Diets.

by Doctor Jane A. McCall

Learn How to Effectively Manage Diabetes

Confronting the disease and making living easier.

Are you or someone you know suffering from diabetes or have recently been diagnosed with the condition? If you want to avoid the harmful and expensive pharmaceutical treatments that won’t improve your health and discover natural methods that REALLY work then this is the book for you!

When the human body’s pancreas fail to produce the right amount of insulin, the glucose level tends to rise, and this is what normally causes diabetes in a person.

Diabetes is no stranger to all, you must know of a few friends who have family members that are affected by this disease, and although diabetes cannot be completely treated, it can be surely prevented and managed.

There are 2 types of diabetes that are explained in this book. In here, you will find important information that distinguishes the one from the other, thus helping you identify specific treatment.

Diabetes: The Diabetes Management Guide To Prevent, Control And Treat Diabetes Successfully is the perfect book that will help you battle through the disease.

It Discusses The Following:

  • Understanding How Diabetes Works
  • Diet Plans People With Diabetes Should Avoid
  • Healthy Eating Plans For People With Diabetes
  • Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose
  • Hypoglycemia and Exercise
  • How to Manage Diabetes with Physical Activity and Exercise
  • And More……..

Download your copy today!

Status report automatizado – Excel + Macro + PowerPoint: Economize tempo e dedique tempo no detalhe: Deixe de gastar tempo em preencher vários PowerPoint … do projeto em si (1) (Portuguese Edition)

by Renato Rodrigues

Versão gratuita para explicação do funcionamento da macro, sem direito ao Excel/Macro/Modelos.
Para adquirir o Excel + Macro + modelos PowerPoint ver link:

Mais informações de demonstração, veja no Youtube

Relatório de progresso e status report, quando você cuida de vários projetos (acima de 30 projetos) e tem que atualizar modelo PowerPoint semanalmente, você passa a dedicar muito tempo em preencher formulário e não no que realmente importa que são os detalhes.

Se você usa Excel para manter um resumo de seus projetos, aqui você terá acesso a uma “macro” para lhe ajudar a preencher 2 esses modelos de status report.

Pré-requisito, conhecimento mínimo em linguagem VBA caso você tenha que customizar para utilizar outro modelo de relatório.

Mais informações de demonstração, veja no Youtube

Planning and Controlling Civil Construction with MS-Project 2016

by Rosaldo Nocêra

This book provides the professional involved with construction work with guidelines for carrying out planning and control with Microsoft Project 2016. Based on a hands-on experience, it teaches skills covering from basic software recognition to more complex abilities, such as creating the list of tasks; assigning resources and costs; comparing initial and actual planning as well as the systematic drafting of reports.
Section I, which includes chapter 1, introduces you to the foundations for developing the schedule and to the best practices.
Section II, covered by chapter 2, guides you through a sample project, including its work breakdown structure (WBS); the summary of costs and the budget sheet and the grounds for the development of this book.
Section III, covered by chapters 3 and 4, offers an introduction to Microsoft Project 2016, including its main views, basic commands and settings for creating a sample project.
In Section IV, covered by chapters 5 through 10, a sample project is created, including its list of tasks, duration, assignment and viewing of resources, customization of the schedule and saving a baseline.
Section V, covered by chapters 11 through 13, shows how to update tasks in the schedule, how to identify variance between the baseline and the actual progress and how to view reports.
Section VI includes chapters 14 and 15, which present complementary functions of MS-Project and give an example of construction planning and tracking.
The attached poster is a practical guide for planning and control and shows the page numbers for the main commands.
For files download:

El Patrón Dorado: Números Primos Simples (Spanish Edition)

by Gabriel Martin Zeolla

El Patrón Dorado desarrolla el descubrimiento mas importante de la matemática en los últimos siglos. Este libro encara los Números primos desde la secuencia Fibonacci y los dígitos de la magnificencia de Nikola Tesla. esto me permitió encontrar el Patrón Dorado.
Los números Primos han sido estudiados desde hace siglos, pero debido a que nadie pudo dar respuesta a como están ordenados muchos creen que estos están de manera aleatoria. Esto ha generado que grandes matemáticos de todos los tiempos aborden el tema. Y ellos han logrado impresionantes e increíbles resultados pero hasta hoy nadie sabe si existe un patrón o si estos se acaban en algún momento. Muchos afirman que son infinitos y de hecho se ha llegado a cifras imposibles de comprender para nuestra mente. Computadoras súper inteligentes realizan millones de cálculos para determinar si son primos o compuestos.
Este libro desarrolla un análisis crucial y demuestra que Dios no juega a los dados, nada es aleatorio y mucho menos azaroso.
“Detrás del desorden existe un gran orden”
Para poder entender cómo funciona todo, mi investigación es abordada de forma parcial. Esto a su vez me permitió conectarme con otras cosas que no están a la vista. Encontré un mapa y detrás un enorme tesoro lleno de coincidencias precisas esas que tanto nos gustan a los matemáticos, a los soñadores y a los exploradores.
El Patrón Dorado es un libro de ciencia exacta, de investigación personal en el cual están todas las pruebas detalladas con cuentas, gráficos, tablas y mucho más.
Este libro es revelador y lleva a luz a uno de los temas más hermosos de la existencia, los números y la geometría representados en un orden infinito.
El Patrón Dorado tiene una fuerza impresionante y un movimiento especial, este trae el origen del cambio y un nuevo modelo de comprensión.
El Patrón Dorado nos invita a ingresar a ese lugar donde grandes pensadores intuían que existía.
El Patrón Dorado es sin dudas el ADN de la matemática. Demuestra tantas proporciones fascinantes que me conduce a pensar que todo está relacionado con todo. Y que su comportamiento es fractal.
Realmente empiezo a notar que todo está relacionado con la unidad, el equilibrio y la armonía. En una dualidad de números primos que se sostienen mediante el afecto y el amor entre ellos. Es la ventana hacia un universo diferente. Hacia ese mundo que muchos soñaron. Un universo Perfecto expresado en números.

Searching For The Soul

by Soul Wizard

This book has nothing to do with religious affiliations. It’s a non-fiction mystery novel pertaining to the soul and using the author’s common sense theories, mythology, scientific theories and facts. This book attempts to distinguish between the two most common thoughts people have concerning death.
1. When you die you are done with life, and you won’t be going anywhere.
2. When you die you are done with life, and your soul will be going somewhere.
These are the two thoughts people have about what happens after death. The author theorizes with supporting facts by scientists and doctors, present and past, that human beings could have souls, and suggests the direction souls might go after death. The author has tried to explain his theories by using common knowledge and common sense, in addition to theories presented by Dr. Albert Einstein, tests performed by Dr. Duncan MacDougall and information about VMAT2 (God Gene) discovered by Dr. Dean Hamer, and more. The author also presents his theories backed up with real facts most of the time. Other times the author theorizes using his own thoughts when he explains how the soul is born, how the soul builds the body, how the soul and mind work or don’t work together, if reincarnation is possible, and discusses the near- death experiences that many thousands of dying people have had. He writes about people who have died and contacted him and his wife in peculiar ways. Read and enjoy.

Characterization of the Angiotensin receptor AT2 by various studies

by Chirag Mandavia

Publication Date: February 22, 2013 | ISBN-10: 3659348147 | ISBN-13: 978-3659348143
In order to study AT2-mediated signal transduction mechanisms, two main approaches were used: (1) the ligand-binding properties of mutant AT2 receptors were characterized in comparison to wild-type after generation of a point mutation using site-directed mutagenesis, and (2) interacting protein partners were analyzed using yeast library screening, co-immunoprecipitation and Western Blot studies. We found that the ability of Angiotensin II (Ang II) receptor type AT2 Phe308Ala residue mutant in the 7th TMD to bind peptidic ligands was greatly reduced, using Xenopus oocytes expression system. This residue occupies a position in the AT2 analogous to the Tyr292 in the AT1 essential for agonistic activation of that receptor. Screening of a 17-day mouse embryo cDNA library with the Angiotensin II receptor AT2 as the bait in yeast two-hybrid assay identified sodium-hydrogen exchanger NHE6 as the binding partner with 98% sequence homology. Further studies revealed that when human cell-line MCF-7 was transfected with the AT2, the AT2 co-immunoprecipitated with the NHE6 in the presence of Ang II, implying that Ang II-mediated activation is needed for the interaction between AT2 and NHE6.
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