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Prayers that Avail Much for the Nations: Free Featured Sample

by Germaine Copeland

Enjoy this FREE featured sample from Germaine Copeland’s upcoming new book!”)

Grieving the Loss of a Love: How to Embrace Grief to Find True Hope and Healing After a Divorce, Breakup, or Death

by Eleora Han

For those who have experienced the loss of a love, this thoughtful book offers courage and comfort. Some of us face the death of a loved one while others face the end of a relationship or a painful divorce, but everyone who finds themselves in the midst of loss–whether willingly or forced by circumstances–grieves and could use solace, wisdom, and connection.

Drawing from her personal and professional experiences with grief and loss, psychologist Eleora Han offers a candid and moving reflection of grief and explains how embracing grief may help us stay rooted in love, and how accepting our lack of control can help us find peace. She offers reassurance that, however, painful the loss, we can make it through.

Each chapter guides you in a quest to experience loss as a positive, life-changing journey, one that can help you to:

  • cultivate connection,
  • love more deeply and wholeheartedly,
  • explore the beauty of forgiveness and spirituality,
  • and find hopeful meaning and purpose toward the future.

Weaving in recent research on grief with relatable personal stories and practical insights, this book offers essential wisdom and truth for those intent on making their way forward through grief and loss and, in the process, awaken to deeper love, gratitude, and wholeness.

Secrets of the Seer: Free Featured Sample

by Jamie Galloway

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Manifest the Love of Your Life: Become a Man Magnet Using the Law of Attraction. Attract a Dream Date, Your Soulmate, or ex back in 28 days

by Linda West

A breakthrough book on dating and divorce from best selling law of attraction expert, Linda West. A complete daily guided 28 Day plan to manifest the love and the relationship you deserve! With FREE BONUS BOOK!!!!
Miss I. Parr
5.0 out of 5 stars Ladies, read this and become the Goddess you forgot you always were 🙂
Wow ! If ever the universe sent me just what I needed just at the right time it would be this little Kindle gem !! Thank you Cosmos and Linda West for what has so far proved to be the best read for many years. This book gets right to the heart of what you need to know at a deep level to manifest and switch polarities from seeking to recieving…actually, this book is more like modern alchemy and you could spend alot of money on many books and not find such deep and yet easy to read treasure as is found in this work, highly recommended!”

It’s 2017 a whole new world and if you don’t understand how to stay in your own polarity you will never find the love you desire. This book will help you understand WHY your relationships aren’t working and HOW you can change things around TODAY! In 28 days after this bootcamp your life and love life will be forever changed for the better! Read this now if –
1. Your mate is losing interest.
2. You can’t get your man to commit to a future together.
3. You fear a divorce is coming.
4. You think your mate may be cheating.
5. You already broke up.
6. He doesn’t know you exist.
7 You can’t get a second date.
If you have any of these issues than stop and get reading this book right away! You can save your relationship or marriage even if it looks doomed. You can turn things around and have the relationship you deserve! I will show you all the secrets popular women use naturally that you don’t know! THERE IS A REASON YOU DIDN’T GET THAT SECOND DATE! They do know something that you don’t! If you have never used the law of attraction than you have not been doing all you can do to have a better life and love life..

This 28 Day Guide includes daily steps to build your magnetism I’ll show you how to:

* Be the most attractive woman you can be.
* Use your natural female power to draw in your ex or any man you desire, including movie stars.
* How to keep a man loving you forever
* Why you can’t get that second date or the commitment you want.
* How to get your ex back and make your relationship better.
* How to get a man to marry you.
* How to bring back the passion in your relationship.
* How to get that cutey at the office to ask you out.
* How to stop a divorce or breakup and turn your relationship around.
* How to win back your lover from another person.
* How to be a woman that everyone is attracted to.
* How to be the best friend and bond a man to you.
* How to use the law of attraction to magically draw in your soulmate of ex lover.
* How to manifest anything you want, including money and power.

Has someone you love left you? Don’t worrry! I wrote this book for you!!! I did it and all my clients have used this same technique. It will work for you too! Learn the secrets of the woman who have great relationships with men that adore them. Learn how you can BE THAT MAN MAGNET!!!!!
Step by step instructions on how to become the man magnet you were always meant to be.
You don’t have to be the victim to what was, you can design your relationship and make it great. Get that man interested in you and only you. Or turn that break up or divorce around right now!!!! You can do it! I will help you!!!

>> <<
“Linda had changed the way I view life and helped me become the best person I could be. I don’t know how I dated without this information! Every woman who wants a real committed relationship needs to read this book!” Paula Knowles
“I have read so many dating books and this one is totally unique and mind blowing!” Sally Jo Acton

Rumspringa Break

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a sweet/clean Amish Christian Romance with no explicit scenes. However, some bonus stories may contain explicit scenes!

Grace and John have spent their young lives together in the rural Amish village. As they approach adulthood, they decide to put their love to the test and see if they are meant to be together or if fate has different plans.

Through family, friends, and heartache they embark on the journey of Rumspringa to see if their love can stand the test of separation, and if they will one day return to rekindle the flame that burned so bright before they left.

They both are tempted, and their faith in love and friendship is challenged. Will the love of another end what they once had, or will their trust and faith in each other be enough to resist temptation and endure the uncertainty and distance that life throws their way?

Under the Sun: Discover Your Calling and Live a Meaningful Life

by Andrew Gilmore

You might think finding your calling is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if there was a simpler, more practical approach to discovering what it is you’re meant to do in this world?

Through personal experiences, biblical case studies and modern day examples, Andrew Gilmore gives you a step by step guide to uncovering how your unique passions, skills, and resources combine to allow you to live a life of fulfillment and excellence for the glory of God. In short: Under the Sun will show you how to live a life of purpose.

Too many Christians are waiting for a burning bush or blinding light instead of proactively petitioning God. But waiting around eventually leads to apathy or angst.

Stay in this funk for too long and you’ll find yourself disillusioned with life. And, if left unresolved, disillusionment leads to anger and hopelessnessâ??a dangerous combination for both spiritual and physical health.

But what if there’s a better way?

What if every action in your life had meaning no matter how painful or mundane?

What if you lived a life of fulfillment rather than one of angst and uneasiness? If you looked forward to every day because of the opportunities it holds?

What if your life was marked by excitement? If in the quiet moments your heart leapt in your chest at the thought of your calling?

In Under the Sun, Andrew Gilmore dares to believe you can and must live your life this way, and he’ll show you how. You’ll learn:

-What the world desperately needs from you
-How to identify your purpose
-4 steps to live a life of excellence
-How to establish a daily habit of prayer and reading God’s word
-The 3 step process to discovering what God has called you to do

But do we really need yet another book about calling? Why bother?

Hundreds of authors have written hundreds of books on the subject. They have written about passion, vocation, meaning and purpose. Do you really need another one?

The problem is that many of these books fail to give you the proper foundation on which to build a life worth living. They ask you to consider your calling without first considering He who calls you.

In this omission they make the classic mistake of confusing purpose and calling, often using the terms interchangeably. Truth is, your calling is not your purpose. Your calling is simply your implementation of that purpose. Try to pursue the former without the latter and you’ll come to the same conclusion Solomon did, that everything is meaningless under the sun.

But place the Creator at the forefront of your life, and He will fulfill you. He will provide you meaning, and yes, He will reveal to you your calling. In this context you’ll live the best possible life, leveraging your strengths to become who God created you to be.

God is calling you. Are you ready to listen?

Heart For Auction: Clean Western Romance

by Paula Mabbel

This is a Clean Romance story, with no explicit scenes or cliff hanger, and 40 FREE Bonus Stories Included!

Poverty is a lifestyle that Josephine Cantwell is well aware of.

She has spent her life scraping by. Working one job here and another job there without ever much to show for it leaves her with no hope for the future.

Eventually, she is told by her boss that her current job is going to end.. With her health slowly failing and no money to her name, going to the doctor is out of the question.

Finding herself in a hopeless place, Josephine puts an ad in the paper for a mail order bride.

A wealthy, handsome Texas man responds, and Josephine is launched into a whole new world. She has no idea that there are such things as mansions and servants in real life, but even all the money in the world can’t improve her health.

She is finally forced to go to the doctor, where the prognosis is grim. She faces surgery with little chance of survival, and her husband is faced with losing all of his wealth.

Is he going to choose to risk everything for his wife? Will she be able to pull through? And what is this surprise that awaits them on a cold, winter morning?

When you are tired from fighting (Psalm and Prayer)

by Chris Mann

When life gets really hard, the days can get to be exhausting. You feel like you are being chased by dogs every hour. You keep fighting each attack, and call out to God.

Trusting Items can’t provide Security, Put Your Trust In Something Living. (Psalm and Prayer)

by Chris Mann

A hard lesson to learn in life is that we can’t trust in the items we obtain in our own lifetime. Only God can give you pure joy and the basic needs for your human life. Don’t put your trust and faith in money or objects. You can lose them at a moment’s notice. They are unpredictable and unworthy of your trust. People will endure with only the grace of our God. Our wealth will come and go. God’s love is here to stay.

How To Pray

by Sindiswa Matyobeni

This book is about the importance of prayer. The readers are taken through the Lord’s Prayer and given some tools to improve their prayer lives, by looking closely at the main points given in the Lord’s Prayer. This is an easy read and it can be easily used in prayer groups or used as a daily meditation tool.

Heavenly Advice: 600+ LDS Quotes and Scriptures

Sometimes we need a little lift. A small bit of inspiration goes a long way. Life is full of discouragement, which is why we have the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need His love, His grace, and His comfort to be saved.
This book is a compilation of my favorite quotes from modern prophets and apostles, with some scriptures sprinkled in. Each quote or scripture brings a unique message of hope, guidance, or peace.
When we treasure the words of living prophets as well as past revelators, we find renewed guidance. Revelation is a powerful gift we should seek each and every day. This book can be read in one sitting, or grazed throughout the year. Whatever your need or want, this book will provide the inspiration and comfort you need.

Attack at Shark Bay â?? a thrilling, children’s adventure set in New Zealand, in the South Pacific, for kids aged 8 -14: Books building Faith and Confidence … – 14yrs (The Riwaka Gang Adventures series)

by Denis Shuker

A high-octane, rip-roaring adventure story for kids eight years and up– building faith and confidence – strength for life. When their favorite teacher suddenly goes missing and the police haven’t found him, The Riwaka Gang, four country kids who love adventure, decide to get involved. Jackson, Jessica, Rangi and Sam will need every skill plus a ton of courage. Dangerous situations and extreme challenges confront them. But will they find Mr. Chapman? With so many impossibilities, the odds are stacked high against them. The story is set in a quiet, seaside, country town in New Zealand – in the South Pacific. â??A gripping, high-speed adventure story with loads of New Zealand imagery – kids will love it.’

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