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Always With You

by Hannah Ellis

A secret kept for more than twenty years. A daughter intent on finding the truthâ?¦

In 1994, twenty-one-year-old Evelyn Taylor left England to backpack around Australia. When she stopped off in the dusty outback town of Kununurra, she never expected to fall in love with the place – and the people. But Joe Sullivan captured her heart, and when her fun-filled year in Australia came to an end, saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

In 2017, Evelyn’s daughter, Libby, embarks on her own Australian adventure. Grief-stricken following her mother’s death, she’s determined to find the father she never met.
Little does she know that digging up the past will be more complicated than she ever imagined.

Single Dad on Top: A Baby and Clueless Billionaire Romantic Comedy

by JJ Knight

A single dad romantic comedy from the author of the USA Today bestselling single dad series Fight for Her

I’m always on top.

My penthouse.

My corporate office above Manhattan.

And, of course, the women in my life.

Actually, I might choose any position.

But make no mistake. I choose. I control.

My life is mine.

Which is why I’m not sure what the hell is going on when I open my front door and there’s a baby stroller sitting in my private hall.

The note on the infant simply says, “Do the DNA. She’s yours.”

Well, damn.

Full length (395 print pages, 72,000 words) standalone HEA.

Contains all the crazy elements of a billionaire alpha male meets virgin next door for a fake marriage leading to a love affair that involves royalty — all while laughing over his inability to understand baby basics!

300 Moons Collection 1: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance Box Set (300 Moons Collections)

by Tasha Black

Time is running out.

The powerful spell that kept these shifters’ animals in check will soon be gone, exposing them to life-threatening danger, as well as a mating instinct so powerful that only the most insatiable partner can keep up.

If you like gorgeous men, strong women, shifters, magic, mysteries, and sex, then you will LOVE the 300 Moons series of steamy standalones, set in the world of Tarker’s Hollow.

This box set contains three books that can be read in any order!

Burn This:
Johnny Lazarus is a rock star who’s used to getting what he wants.
Money. Fame. Women. You name it. Until a coolheaded nurse makes this cocky dragon shifter burnâ?¦
When things heat up, can Johnny and Neve overcome their inner demons in time to save each other, or will they both end up getting burned?

Bait This:
This billionaire bear is always in control.
Until he meets a curvy stranger who takes him out of his element. Now that Derek’s 300th moon is upon him, can he restrain the bear inside long enough to make it back to Tarker’s Hollow? Or will he give in to his passion for Hedda and lose his only chance at control?

Bake This:
Sexy shifter Will Harkness has always enjoyed being a lone wolf.
So when a voluptuous but accident-prone witch shows up for the holidays, Will is surprised to suddenly find that he wants more. If only she can stop breaking things long enough for them to get to know each other better…

One magical spell.
A family of shifters with a debt to pay.
300 moons.

One Night Alone

by Sarah Havan

For the past several months, Parker and Will have been messaging each other, sending flirty selfies, and making each other smile. Somewhere along the line, Parker started to fall in love with Will Jacobs. The problem is that Will is his best friend’s brother and also nine years younger than him, but he can’t deny his feelings much longer.

Will is a college sophomore and in love with his brother’s best friend, Parker Sanderson, who should be off limits, but he’s had a crush on him for years. Since they’ve started talking, his crush became more. At an after-Christmas weekend in the woods, Will plans on telling his family he’s gay. He also plans on telling Parker that he loves him and doesn’t want to wait for him any longer.

When Parker and Will get snowed in for the evening, they have the perfect chance to profess their love for each other and each be with a man for the first time, but once their evening ends, things might not go so smoothly for them.

Ornamental Danger: a holiday short story (Working Stiff Mysteries)

by Kerri Nelson

From USA Today bestselling author Kerri Nelson…

The key to success is to survive the competition.

Mandy Murrin thought working for a living would be the death of her…but she didn’t count on the holidays to be such a killer! When the annual Mistletoe Smackdown trophy for best Christmas decorations is up for grabs, Mandy’s small town will stop at nothing to win the coveted award. Only now, the long time winner has turned up suspiciously dead, and the folks in Millbrook are suddenly in a frenzy to become the new victor. It’s be up to med-school dropout and reluctant sleuth, Mandy Murrin, to serve as the town’s Glitter Queen and select the next winner. But can she keep the peace among her neighbors or will this night before Christmas be her very last?

*holiday recipe included*

Working Stiff Mysteries:
Remote Consequences – book #1
Worked to Death – book #2
Ornamental Danger – holiday short story

“Small town mystery at its bestâ??and funniest!”
â??Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling mystery author

The Rancherâ??s Virgin

by Ava Walsh

Love is like a shooting star – catch it before it’s gone.

New York is Brie’s life. But when her mother suddenly dies, the 18-year-old doesn’t have a choice. She moves in with her family at a ranch in Texas to start over. Turns out that the ranch owner is one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever laid eyes on.

But she has to forget about him. She’s too young and inexperienced for him, not to mention his son’s nanny.

Little does she know that her aunt’s got it all planned out.

Ranch owner Lance is every woman’s dream with his tousled hair and blue eyes. But underneath the muscles and sun-kissed skin, this wounded cowboy hides his scars. He’s focused on his work and his little son. He has no time for love.

But everything changes when he sees Brie that first day, all curves, beauty and warmth.

Is this wrong? Is this right? Despite their age difference and working relationship, Lance and Brie can’t deny the attraction.

Will Brie be able to move past her loss and start her first relationship? Can Lance let his walls down and give into his feelings? Can they be a family and enjoy a simple life of love and joy together?

The Rancher’s Virgin is a 58-page stand-alone story in a series of cowboy romance books, featuring cowboys and virgins. Other parts of the series (more coming soon!):
The Cowboy’s Virgin

The books each have an HEA and include stargazing, hot cowboys and steamy love scenes. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Rivals To Lovers: Gay MPREG Shifter Romance

by Van Cole

One Night Of Passion Changes Everything For These Two Rivals

Matt is an ambitious man yet always falls short when he’s pitted against the rugged Jackson on various assignments for work. Time and time again Jackson comes out on top, driving Matt crazy.

What drives Matt crazier is that he just can’t get this man out of his mind. After a night out drinking and an explosive argument, passion rages between the two men. When Matt awakes the following morning he finds that everything has changed. Jackson left him a gift, one that will take Matt a long time to understand.

Jackson has a secret, one that he’s protected for all his life. One moment of weakness ties he and Matt together in ways that Matt can’t even imagine.

Jackson has to return to his clan, to a life he thought he had left behind a long time ago. But how long can he keep the secret from Matt? And what will Matt do when he finds out the truth? With their romance on the line the two men have to fight together instead of against each other.

This Is A Romance Short Story With A Free Romance Short Stories Collection Inside

Deck the Malls with Purple Peacocks (Alice Chronicles Book 2)

by Amy Gettinger

It’s Christmas in Orange County, California, and the mall is full of purple peacock decorations, large and small. Department store employee Aracely Martinez has a goofy Cuban friend, Quito (who’s awfully cute in his mall Santa suit), distracting her from her night-shift restocking job. But Aracely has a long-held secret, which her supervisor at the store, Jacob Thinnes, is about to tell to the wrong folks, knowing it will throw her life into complete upheaval. To keep him quiet, she must do everything he wants.
Which is too much.
Enter Aracely’s oldest friends: Alice Chalmers, Georgette Jones and Julie Bowers. The group’s “Venus Warrior” bond from the 2003 production of The Venus Monologues at Garden Beach Community College is still very strong, and these women are ready, willing, and able to kick some butt to help Aracely out of her difficult bind. Join Aracely’s Three Wise Women plus the ever-present Cuban trickster, Quito, in one adventure after another as they work against the odds to give Aracely the life of her dreams for a fabulous, nearly impossible Christmas gift.

Untouched: The ALPHA Edition (The Midwest Alphas Trilogy Book 1)

by Tabatha Kiss

“The best MMA romance ever. There’s no question.” –Amazon Reviewer

A brand-new, extended edition of The Midwest Alphas Trilogy from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Tabatha Kiss!

They told me to stay away from him.
But he couldn’t stay away from me.


I’m exiled.
My parents sent me far away from home to be scared straight by ex-cop step-uncle.
That’s when I met my step-cousin, Tobias.

Stay away from him, they told me. He’s a good guy.
If that’s true, then why does he come home covered in bruises?

I followed him one night.
I’m not sure what I was expecting to find but seeing him beat another man senseless in a boxing ring surrounded by adoring fans wasn’t it.

An illegal MMA tournament called The Midwest Alphas.
Home to some of the most brutal fighters in the country and Tobias is the local favorite to win the whole thing.
But there’s something he wants more than underground fame and gloryâ?¦
And he’s looking right at me.


I’m screwed.
Living a double life was difficult enough already.
The last thing I needed was a curious girl like Claire following me around.

Stay away from her, they told me. She’s a troubled girl.
If that’s true, then she and I have more in common than they think.

I joined The Midwest Alphas for more than underground fame and glory.
There’s more at stake here but I can’t focus on winning with Claire’s eyes on me the whole time. She’s a distraction. One that I can’t afford to indulge in.

I want her but I shouldn’t.
I’m supposed to help protect her from men like me but I can hardly control myself around her.
She’s young. Too young.
I can’t touch her. Yet.

Untouched: The ALPHA Edition features nearly 10,000 new words. More blood, more sweat, and more forbidden love, all from Tobias’ perspective. Get into the mind of the Alpha for the first time and learn more about the dark and dangerous underground world of The Midwest Alphas! Book 1 of 3, so you can expect a mild plot cliffhanger.

Roll Against Discovery: A #GeekLove Ménage Romance (3d20)

by Allyson Lindt

When Evan and Trevor offer to keep Kathryn company during an anime convention, she’s not letting her shy-self screw up the opportunity. She decides to be a new, bolder her. The hook-up leads to her posing for a set of scorching photos with Evan while Trevor mans the camera. Best. Decision. Ever.

The more time she spends with them, both in private and public, the harder it becomes for Kathryn to ignore her attraction to the men, or to imagine going back to her old ways. If she doesn’t discover who she really isâ??shy, bold, or somewhere in betweenâ??and convince Trevor and Evan to do the same, the three will lose out on more than just incredible chemistry.

Cowboys and Angels: Sexy Small Town Romance (Aspen Series Book 3)

by Cindy Stark

Katy Rivers’ life has been perfect so far. Perfectly boring, that is. She’s lived by the rules and made all the safe choices. She has a great accounting job, her own home, andâ?¦zero fun. She’s looking for a taste of excitement, but she gets more than she bargained for when the sexy, but off-limits bad boy she dreamt about in high school is suddenly back in her life and wanting more than her number.

Scott Beckstead has grown up during the ten years since he dropped out of school. He’s no longer the bad boy the town remembers. He owns a profitable construction company and keeps his wild adventures just this side of legal. A chance meeting with Katy reminds him of the one thing he always wanted, but never thought he could have.

The holidays are a time to come together, but Katy’s family and friends are determined to keep her and Scott apart. If she wants Scott to stay and wants the passionate nights by the Christmas tree to become a tradition, she’s going to have to leave “safe” behind.

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