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How I won My First Classic Physique Show: The Guide To Winning

by Jorge Martinez

12 months after attending my first Bodybuilding competition as Men’s Physique continually failing, I decided to compete again. Faced with a short deadline, I went to work. There would be no room for mistakes or “CHEAT MEALS.” I stepped on stage as a Classic Men’s Physique competitor for the Open division and won the First place.
I am here to share with you the step by step formula including workouts and diet that I used to come in SHREDDED, Plus So Much More!!!!

This Book will clear up the clutter and misinformation out there. So even if you are a female or male just trying to get ripped, lose fat and compete, this book is a must own!

An Outline for Learning the Art of Cane Fighting: In 25 Lessons

by translated] Matthew Lynch

Leboucher’s 1843 text on how to learn cane fighting in 25 lessons is a window into the evolution of La Canne. It is also a highly practical manual on how to defend yourself with a cane, and whether or not these 25 lessons turn you into a human threshing machine capable of delivering “150 cuts per minute!” as Leboucher claims, it will certainly spark a few ideas. The excellent illustrations of sporting Frenchmen (dressed at the height of Parisian fashion for 1843) braining, swatting, thrashing, and maiming one another with whizzing hardwood canes are sure to amuse and enlighten.

Prepperâ??s Paracord: 15 Survival Paracord Projects For Preppers With Illustrated Instructions

by Emily Wright

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Prepper’s Paracord: 15 Survival Paracord Projects For Preppers With Illustrated Instructions

Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that is used for various purposes. It was widely used during World War II and its purpose was to suspend lines. This rope is really smooth; therefore, it is considered ideal for different projects. This book has 15 tutorials for paracord projects for peppers with instructions and images. Paracord monkey fist, paracord knife, bottle wrap, key chain wrap, storage area and other things. There are numerous options for you to learn because Paracord is useful to secure a tent, make wraps between trees, hang tools from the belt, and make a tourniquet, sling, emergency belt and lots of other things. The use of this book will help you to understand the preparation of different items. This will be a great choice for preppers. You can learn important knots and experiment these knots.

This book offers:

  • Paracord Self-Defense Projects
  • Make Snares, Bottle Wraps, and Other Things
  • Fishing Rod and Paracord Knots

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