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Mile 445: Hitched in Her Hiking Boots

by Claire Miller

Not many people can say they met and married their spouse within thirty days of beginning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

But that’s exactly what happened to twenty-five-year-old Claire Henley Miller.

Mile 445 is the inspiringâ??and romanticâ??true story of how Miller left corporate life behind to embark on a 2,650-mile hike from Mexico to Canada. She is doing it alone, and the only gear she takes to survive the trek in the mountains of California, Oregon, and Washington fits inside her sixty-eight-liter backpack.

At the start of her five-month journey, she meets a handsome young man known on the trail as Big Spoon. Their paths keep crossing. The two quickly see a greater reason for their expedition than to explore the rigorous wilderness. They fall madly in love and get married. But their adventure is just beginning.

Told with rich vitality, Miller’s quest unfolds in mystical ways through deadly desert storms, 14,000-foot ascents, and decisions that will affect the rest of her life. This bold tale of courage and determination brims with humor and suspense as it reveals life, love, and loss in the rawness of the wild.

I come from the west of Vietnam – THAI THAO NGUYEN (Japanese Edition)


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Rock Stars Boxed Set…Murder, Manslaughter and Misadventure: The Lives and Deaths of John Lennon, Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley

by Joe Bensam

Why Buy This Boxed Set?

Get three great books in one handy volume. This compilation brings together the stories of three of the greatest legends of rock ‘n roll – telling the stories of how they lived, and how they died. You will read the tragic stories of:

  • John Lennon………….death by murder
  • Michael Jackson…….death by manslaughter
  • Elvis Presley………….death by misadventure

Rave Reviews

“This is an awesome collection! I have always been a huge music fan, and it is great to be able to read the story of all three of these superstars.”

“It’s so sad that all died in such awful ways. But these books tell their stories in an interesting yet sympathetic way.”

“Great to get all three of these in one set. I have been a John Lennon fan for years, and I’m into Michael Jackson and a bit of Elvis, too. This collection covers the lot.”

“Tons of great information about the story behind the famous names we all know and love, and some fascinating facts about the ways they died.”

What’s Inside?

Get all of these three bestselling books for your collection:

  • John Lennon – The Music, The Magic & The Murder
  • Michael Jackson…Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: The Truth About the Man Behind The Legend
  • Elvis Exposed: The Amazing Life and Tragic Death of the King of Rock ‘n Roll

Why Buy Now?

The lives and deaths of these three legends have shaped the world of music and entertainment, as well as molding the society we live in today. Get your copy to see how three individuals from ordinary backgrounds became superstars who changed the world.

vietnamese hot girls – NGUYEN THANH TRANG (Japanese Edition)



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The Royal Couples Boxed Set: Love, Marriage and Matrimony in the Royal Family

by Jessica Jayne

Why Buy This Set?
Nothing fascinates us commoners more than royalty, and the epitome of the modern royal family is that of the Windsors. In this extraordinary set, we have the tales of four of the most popular and controversial couples of the British Royal family for your instant delectation.

What’s Inside?

Book 1: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
Chapter 1 – The Future Queen
Chapter 2 – The Future Consort
Chapter 3 – The Courtship
Chapter 4 – The Wedding of the Century
Chapter 5 – Between Family and Duties
Chapter 6 – The Queen’s Coronation
Chapter 7 – The Queen and the Consort
Chapter 8 – The Modern Times

Book 2: The Story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Chapter 1 – The Heir to the British Throne
Chapter 2 – An Unwanted Child
Chapter 3 – The Courtship and the Engagement
Chapter 4 – The Fairytale Wedding
Chapter 5 – The Nightmare Begins
Chapter 6 – “Pop” and “Mummy”
Chapter 7 – The Couple’s Royal Duties
Chapter 8 – The Marriage Unravels
Chapter 9 – War of the Waleses
Chapter 10 – In Search of Love
Chapter 11 – A Tragic and Untimely Death
Chapter 12 – Prince Charles and Camilla: Happy Ever After

Book 3: Prince Charles and Camilla
Chapter 1 – The Prince of Wales
Chapter 2 – A Notorious Past
Chapter 3 – When Charles Met Camilla
Chapter 4 – The Third Wheel
Chapter 5 – A Royal Love Triangle
Chapter 6 – A Woman Scorned
Chapter 7 – Tragedy
Chapter 8 – Royal Mistress to Live-In Partner
Chapter 9 – Wife, At Last
Chapter 10 – Together Forever

Book 4: William and Kate
Chapter 1 – Prince Charming and His Princess
Chapter 2 – The Heralded Birth of the Prince
Chapter 3 -Middleton Bride: Not Your Ordinary Commoner
Chapter 4 – The Ex-Factor
Chapter 5 – From Friends To Lovers
Chapter 6 – A Royal Romance And The Big Split
Chapter 7 -The Royal Wedding At Last
Chapter 8 – Public Perception and Relationship with the Media
Chapter 9 – Royal Duties As A Couple

Why Buy Now?
This is a perfect opportunity to get the lowdown on these royal personalities in one package. Why wait?

Gordon B. Hinckley (Remembering Seven Prophets Book 6)

by Francis M. Gibbons

This book of personal reminiscences about President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910 to 2008), the fifteenth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, greatly enhances our understanding of one of the Prophet and the man. Based upon a decade of interviews given by Francis M. Gibbons, President Kimball’s trusted scribe and secretary to the First Presidency, this book offers a multitude of unique stories, anecdotes and insights about the Prophet which are nowhere else available. Gordon B. Hinckley is the sixth volume in a seven-part work entitled Remembering Seven Prophets.

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