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by Jules Verne

Explorers in a hot-air balloon land on an island, figuring that they must be the only inhabitants. However, they discover a bullet inside a wounded animal–one which must have been fired within the previous three months. The men propose to build a canoe so they can survey the island in search of other human life. Many adventures follow, one after another. They find a large chest filled with provisions and tools. Setting off in search of who might have left the chest, the travelers make their way through the Mercy River to the sea. During their trek, the men find remnants of the balloon they arrived in. 

Back at camp (Granite House) they find their ladder to the house has been removed–by invading orangutans. Soon the animals are defeated, except for one, whom they tame to become a house servant. The men construct a bridge over the river. They protect their abode by surrounding it on all sides with water. They undertake projects to make their colony habitable and comfortable. They create a hydraulic lift to replace the ladder. They build a seagoing boat for further exploration. Eventually they discover another human on Tabor Island, bringing him back to their now-well-stocked colony.

Sarahâ??s Hanukkah Miracle: Sarahâ??s Hanukkah Miracle

by Mercy Levy

Sarah Fleishman is a humble, beautiful, and faithful Jewish woman. After learning that her brother, Joel, was wanted for murder in Nevada, she leaves Boston before Hanukkah to find her brother.

While resting at a watering station, she meets a tough bounty hunter who is also seeking her brother. Sarah witnesses a goodness in the bounty hunter and decides to trust him when he offers to help her brother.

It isn’t long before Sarah’s delicate beauty captures the bounty hunter’s heart.

Finding a warmth and healing in Sarah that he needs, the bounty hunter comes to realize that he has fallen in love with a woman that only Heaven could have sent him.

But troubles soon follow. A drunk, a deadly bully, and a group of hired guns create problems that only kindness, courage and faith can overcome.

Will Sarah’s faith be tested to the limit or will she and the bounty hunter witness a Hanukkah miracle that heals broken hearts?

The Texas Bride: Mail Order Bride Collection

by Ponderosa Publishing

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These collection includes:

A Baby For The Bride

The Crippled Cowboy

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

The Barren Bride

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by Pierre Louÿs

Aphrodite is a French-language novel by Pierre Louÿs.

Set in Alexandria, the novel tells the story of Chrysis, a courtesan, and the sculptor Démétrios. A Galilaean with long golden hair (source of her Greek nickname), Chrysis is proud of her beauty and her skill at winning the devotion and servility of men. Démétrios, for his part, is worshipped by the women of the town, but has grown tired of their devotion. He has come to prefer his statue of the goddess Aphrodite even to his lover, Queen Bérénice, who posed for it. Chrysis is the only woman who does not care for him; piqued into desire by her resistance, Démétrios is spurred to commit theft and murder for her, to win the three objects she demands in return for her charms: a rival courtesan’s silver mirror, the ivory comb of an Egyptian priestess, and the pearl necklace that adorns the cult image in the temple of Aphrodite. 

After carrying out these errands, Démétrios dreams of the night of love that Chrysis has offered him; and while she falls in love with the man who was moved to crime for her, Démétrios rejects the real Chrysis, sufficed by his dream. She presses her desire, so he makes her swear, as he had, to do his bidding, before revealing what it is: to wear the stolen items in public. She does so, appearing on the Lighthouse of Alexandria in the role of Aphrodite, nude and with the items worn as the attributes of the goddess. Imprisoned and condemned, Chrysis drinks hemlock in the indifferent presence of Démétrios. He then uses her nude body as a model, posing it in the violent attitude in which he had seen her in his dream, to create the statue of Immortal Life.

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