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Never Let Anything Worry You

by Ian Timothy

The Potential of Selfness

The book â??Never Let Anything Worry You’ does not guide the reader how to build a barrier of inner strength to prevent worry from dissolving confidence and resolve. The book considers issues which cause anxiety. Philosophies within each chapter provide the reader with threads of thought which help to overcome unnecessary worry.

â??Never Let Anything Worry You’ is based on a multifaceted philosophy I call â??Selfness’. The philosophy can help individuals to become successful, by encouraging them to reflect on the methods used by successful people. How did I discover these methods? An investigative writer’s task is to sift through and verify information provided by interviewees. My interviews are focussed on the â??hows’ of success. Evidence that successful people follow similar patterns is discovered in the interviews. On a basic level, successful people accumulate facts, use intelligent reasoning and understanding the power of interaction.

No one succeeds without the support of others. To achieve, we must utilise communication, intelligent and critical thought, emotional stability and creativity. Within any material process, there must be trust and mutual profit for the connection to continue. Selfness and integrity are bound in a faithful marriage. There is little room for excuses or lack of commitment.

â??Never Let Anything Worry You’ examines methods used by successful people. There is a process to success. People who enjoy the experience of wealth will have followed a determined path. There is no doubt in my mind success has a formula. â??Never Let Anything Worry You’ reveals to the reader how to attain the mindset of happiness and the attainment of wealth. Cynics may claim this is impossible; I’d bet a pound for a penny happiness and wealth are not part of their lives.

The concept of â??Selfness’ asks us to make life as easy and simple as possible. Being happy is easier than being unhappy. You may disagree: I answer: you can be happy if you do not allow negative attitude or people into your life. You may reply â??This is not possible’ and I answer â??If this is a belief, you may well discover toward the end of your life it is a false belief’. â??Never Let Anything Worry You’ argues the case that refusing to interact with adverse situations and people will make you happy.

Selfness requires an understanding of essential individuality. Reflection on the meaning of ‘essential individuality’ guides us to understand the implications of the concept. To begin to understand the potential of â??Selfness’ ask three questions: 1) â??Do I desire to discover my essential purpose?’ 2) â??Do I accept if I owe nothing and never enter into any form of debt I become free to do as I desire?’ 3) â??Do I have an obligation to help those who will not help themselves?’ These questions will open the mind to the seeds of thought within the philosophy.

Do not confuse selfness with selfishness: One is an understanding of your essential individuality. In other words, understanding who you are on a deep and profound level. It is a journey which will provide incredible inner security and confidence. Selfishness is a means of heart which is an extension of greed. Greed is the need to possess and own people and objects beyond one’s practical needs. Selfishness is an inability to share or be fair or live within moral principals.

Selfness is an understanding of reality and living within self-imposed rules and limitations. The idea is to prioritise personal objectives. Although we do not have to fly solo; if the goals are shared with a partner, the outcome will be more readily achieved. I give examples of this in ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’.

Ian Timothy – December 2107

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