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Mail Order Nurse In Hot Water: A Pacific Northwest Adventure (Sweet Haven California Book 1)

by Sarah Christian

Armed with daring theories and her own dreams of starting a new life, Nurse Adele Hawkins travels to the untamed wilderness of northern California. Here she is thrust into tumultuous family politics, mystery, tragedy, and the arms of a rancher she shouldn’t want but can’t resist.

As the eldest son of a burgeoning dynasty, James Lincoln has carried a heavy burden keeping the ranch running ever since his father fell ill. Adele might be the one who can save him, but first James must wrestle with the threat this mysterious woman holds to the life he thought he would live.

With far too much weighing on their shoulders, James and Adele must fight for the dreams they’ve dared not chase.

The historical Pacific Northwest has never been so vibrant as it is in Sarah Christian’s Sweet Haven California series. Mixing the real history of the settlement of Humboldt Bay by European pioneers with fiction, the town of Sweet Haven is hailed as the Jewel of the Ultimate West, where the redwoods touch the sky and possibilities never end.

Sweet Haven romances tell the intertwining stories of the people of the Pacific Northwest who fall in love, fight for land and power, and establish dynasties that will outlast them all. Cowboys and mail order brides can be found here, but so too can lumberjacks, fishermen, and outlaws running from their pasts. Welcome to Sweet Haven.

The Betrayal of Lily Connors

by John Horst

Forty-two-year-old accountant and mother of two teenage girls, Lily Connors has enjoyed a pleasant life on her eastern shore horse farm. Everything is more or less as it should be until the body of Bear Connors, her husband of nearly twenty years, is discovered in a sunken Mercedes SUV titled to a shadowy export company in New Jersey. The corpse of a Russian sex trafficker has been found in Bear’s Suburban. With the assistance of an intriguing Russian FBI agent, Lily must solve the case before it takes the lives of those dearest to her. But nothing in Lily’s vast life experience has prepared her for the possibility of a fresh romance and the realization that someone from the church community could be involved in her husband’s criminal enterprises, or capable of murder. Relying on her faith and the support of her family, Lily learns the truth, finding a lasting love and a strengthened commitment to God.

The Final Call (Time To Wake Up Book 1)

by Annie Peterson

Jason Elliott made his decision to be part of the rapture when he was 12 in a one-room Christian school. Now a high-profile reporter on assignment in Israel, investigating the coming peace agreement, he and his team come to realize this age is rapidly coming to an end, and it was all foretold in the Bible. Satan does his best to derail him, but Jason maintains his Christian values even when targeted by white collar terrorists, as if to say: “Take that, Satan!”

When young Jason Elliott, a Christian and the most believable reporter in America (per the polls) lands the biggest undercover assignment of his career–investigating the upcoming Mid East Peace Agreement, he finds himself living in Jerusalem, where he accidently uncovers an assassination plot with white-collar terrorists that make him and his family their targets.

We begin the story with a glimpse into the future, to see the man Jason Elliott has become. The battle of Armageddon is days away and Jason hosts a daily radio talk show that brings together current world-wide news and two-thousand-year-old Bible prophecies.

As he answers caller questions, the ancient prophecies come alive… as if written last week.

Originally intended as an entertaining way of teaching Christian living and end time prophecy for high school students, I quickly learned The Final Call had universal appeal. Though the story-line and characters are fictional, the prophecies and Christian principles are straight out of the Bible… without any sugar coating. The story keeps the reader interested while they learn about the world around them and, more importantly, what is soon to come.
Contrasting with the Left Behind series, where the focus is on those who are ultimately lost, The Final Call focuses on the lives and stories of those who will make the rapture and be saved.

The Apocalypse Now: A Book of Revelations

by Lulu Galah

I am a ghost writer.

In life, I was a “radical lesbian feminist,” I amâ??and always will beâ??a practicing Catholic.

In 1999, I left Tammany College after a male student dressed as a woman threatened suit when I denied “her” a place in my class on Feminist Ethics. I had long limited enrollment in my Advanced Women’s Studies classes to birthed women only, maintaining that the presence of men there would inhibit frank discussion.

You know how I feel about men who attempt to become women without having the experience of growing up and suffering as women all their lives.

You know my credentials: Before obtaining my two doctorates in Sacred Theology and Existential Phenomenology from Olinger University, I received my B.A. with honors in English from Our Lady of the Flowers Seminary, my M.A. in Philosophy from The Papal College of Saints in Rome, and a D.Litt. in Renaissance Literature [in the first column] from Hudson University.

I taught classes at Olinger University from 1967 to 1999 including classes in feminist theology, feminist ethics, and deplorable patriarchy.

I am best known for my second non-fiction book, Beyond the Heavenly Father (1977). Beyond the Heavenly Father is the last book in which I really considered God a substantive, male subject. It is my attempt to explain and overcome misogyny in Western religion. It attempts to rehabilitate “God-talk” for the Women’s Liberation Movement by critically building on the writing of existentialist theologians such as Simone de Beauvoir.

In Meditations on Radical Feminism (1988), I showed how men throughout history have used, abused, oppressed, brutalized, vandalized, humiliated, tortured, raped, enslaved, beaten, castrated, murdered, stoned, mutilated, and beheaded women. I moved beyond my previous thoughts on the history of patriarchy to focus on the actual practices that, in my view, perpetuate patriarchy, which I consider a horrific, disorganized religion.

The Apocalypse Now is consistent with the theology I developed throughout my career. It is comprehensive, yet concise.

In The Apocalypse Now, I reveal through my ghost writing a dramatically new vision of your life.

Open Access Policy

You are free to share, copy, or redistribute the materials in this text in any medium or format. You are free to adapt, reuse, modify, transform, or build upon the materials in this text for any purpose whatsoever.

The Aletheian Journeys: The Helper’s Blade

by Lisa Mayer

The Helper’s Blade tells the story of Shawn Lawrence, who once thought he was nothing more than a regular guy. But that all changed when he learned the truth about his past, and that the invisible rapier around his waist isn’t the only secret his father kept from him. But simply saving his father’s legacy is not enough for himâ??he wants to save his life. It seems impossible, until he discovers that dark magic will allow him to travel back in time. With the help of Kata, a dark magic user, he journeys into the past, determined to kill Stassia before it’s too late. Now, Shawn will have to race against time, despite the fact that doing so will require him descending into the darkness he is sworn to prevent. His is a story of Conversion.

Another Backwards Christmas

by Brooke Williams

Rob Joleigh has been burned by Christmas too many times. He takes his freelance writing career seriously and his claim to fame happens to be de-bunking Christmas festivities in towns across America. When he lands in South Pole, Alaska, he has one plan in mind…to get to the bottom of the whole ‘Backwards Christmas’ idea and spoil the holiday for as many people as possible.

Holly Howard knows there’s more to life than leading Backwards Christmas tours in South Pole, but she’s happy with her job, town, and friends. The only thing missing is someone to share it all with, but in a small town, it’s hard to meet new people. When a handsome writer comes into town, she’s intrigued, and hopeful that he could be that person. But she has no idea he’s the famous “Jolly Robber.”

It’s not just any Backwards Christmas in South Pole, Alaska as the backwards celebrations rage and the town comes together to show their spirit in full force!

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