Free sports Kindle books for 18 Dec 17

Traveling Outdoor Trails: Hunting, Fishing, and Musings from Alaska to Montana

by Dave Vickery

A collection of tales from the great outdoors.

Just Run: What Every Beginner Runner Needs To Know (Runners Guide, Runners World, How To Start Running, Jogging For Beginners, Jogging For Weight Loss)

by Adam Muller

Are you just starting out as a runner, or is it something you’d like to do?

From experience, I know that a beginner runner has a million questions and never enough answers.

This Book is a good starting point for anyone who wants to hit the roads.

You’ll learn:

How to motivate yourself to begin running?
How to run?
What to do while running?
How to love running?
What are the real benefits of running?

(Runners Guide, Runners World, How To Start Running, Running, Jogging For Beginners, Jogging For Weight Loss, Jogging For Seniors)

Off-Grid Living Big Collection: Learn What Self-Sufficient Living is About: (Living Off The Grid, Self Reliance)

by Tommy Stokes

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Off-Grid Living Big Collection: Learn What Self-Sufficient Living is About

Book 1. Survival Food Storage: 20 Best Lessons How To Store Food And Water

Book 2. Fuel Storage For Survival: 15 Step-By-Step Lessons On How To Store Diesel, Gasoline, Propane and Kerosene For Disaster Preparedness

Book 3. Get Home Survival Guide: Best Survival Strategies How To Get You And Your Family Home When You’re In Town During Disaster

Book 4. Prepper’s Internet Connection: 20 Proven Tips How To Protect Yourself Online With a Memory Expert’s In-Depth Guide to Remembering Passwords

Book 5. Knife Training Methods for Self Defense: New Lessons of Knife Fighting To Protect Your family And Yourself

Book 6. Survival Medicine Handbook: 20 First-aid Lessons In Case Of Emergency + All Things You Should Have In Your Medicine Kit

Book 7. Survival Medicine Kit: Gold Collection Of First Aid Skills And Medications For Your First Aid Kit

Book 8. Survival Navigation: 20 Lessons How To Find Your Way In The Wilderness

Book 9. Off-Grid Power: 20 Tips On How To Generate And Use Alternative Sources Of Energy At Home

Book 10. Prepper’s Cookbook: Top 20 Easy and Tasty Survival Recipes in Mason Jars (Prepper canning, prepping)

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Runde Fünfzehn: Edition Single Shorty (German Edition)

by Rudy Namtel

Show Down auf der Nordschleife.
Es geht um den Formel-1-Sieg beim GroÃ?en Preis von 1965.
David kämpft im Rennen seines Lebens.
Eine fiktive Geschichte.

David durchlebt während des Rennens wichtige Stationen seines Lebens. Der Strecken- und Rennverlauf versinnbildlicht Höhen, aber vor allem Tiefen seines Lebens. Dann kommt es auf den letzten hundert Metern zum spannenden Show Down.

Ganz nebenbei lernt der Leser in dieser Runde den Streckenverlauf der alten Nordschleife kennen.

Die illustrierte Kurzgeschichte im Umfang von 16 Normseiten (ca. 24 Tsd. Zeichen) ist eine Auskopplung aus den Sammlungen »Der Nebelmann kommt aus dem Nichts – und nicht allein« (Print & eBook) und »Summertime Blues In Love« (Print).

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